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Best Education Franchises For UK Franchisees

Strengthening the education sector through public and private partnership has been a game changer for many economies, including ours. As things stands today, the UK education system can proudly claim its place among the best in the world.

However, there’s still a long way to go, and that’s where private ventures come into the picture. Many businesses in the education sector have successfully adopted the franchising template, creating a chain of profitable franchise units. On this page, we have compiled a list of some of the most promising education franchise opportunities, spread across a variety of business models, investment levels and locations.

Education Franchises Lead By Example

The largest share of franchise businesses in the education sector consists of tutoring businesses.

Such businesses benefit from extraordinarily strong demand forces – nearly 27% of school-going children in the UK are thought to avail private tutoring services. The overall tutoring industry is estimated to turn over £5 bn each year, a staggering number for a fragmented industry.

Education franchises allow the tutors earn a decent income throughout the year. The ongoing hourly rates for private tutors comfortably exceed the £20-£35 range, going as high as £40-£50 for sports tutors. The demand sees a sharp uptick during the summer months.

How Much Do Education Franchise Opportunities Cost?

The cost of an education franchise depends solely on the reputation and credibility of the franchisor. Other ancillary factors like the business model, the subjects taught and the demographics of the location in question also play a role.

Typically, franchisees need to invest £8,000 to £20,000 upfront to get started. This investment accounts for the licensing of the brand, training, other know-how and the one-off franchise fee.

Running Your Franchise From Home

Education franchises have a distinct advantage of allowing you to run the business right from your home. Most private tutors visit the students’ homes for pre-scheduled sessions. This adds enormous flexibility to your business, giving you enough room to focus on other ventures, if you so wish.

You Don’t Need To Be A Tutor

To run a successful education franchising business, you need not be a trained, qualified tutor. As is the case with most other franchise businesses, you can hire a team of qualified tutors and limit your role in the business to a managerial level. That said, any sales, marketing and business experience you bring on board will give your business an edge.