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Best Fitness Franchises For UK Franchisees

Investing in fitness franchises is a great way for franchisees to build a steady, growth-oriented stream of additional income.

We have curated some of the most promising fitness franchise opportunities for UK franchisees on this page. Each opportunity brings on board its unique set of features, values and promises. Please read through our free franchising guides to understand how to assess franchising opportunities in order to give your investment the best chance of flourishing.

Is It A Good Time To Invest In A Gym Franchise?

As one can easily guess, the market for fitness services and products is huge. Average annual turnover for the UK fitness industry stands at over £4.7 bn. There are close to 10 million active gym memberships in the UK – giving us an idea of how this sector has grown itself into a ‘necessary’ industry, from a ‘luxury’ industry.

The most promising market aspect you need to be aware of, if you’re looking for fitness franchise opportunities, is this – the overall market still reflects only 15% penetration. So, the industry, in its present form, is barely scratching the surface, meaning that new fitness franchises have a fair shot at success.

How Much Does A UK Fitness Franchise Cost?

A typical gym franchise requires a significant dose of capital to get started, thanks to the retail service nature of the business.

Our review of numerous gym franchise opportunities in the UK reveals that a mid-sized franchise unit can be purchased for a minimum initial investment of up to £25,000.

Gym Franchises Require Your Time, Money And Attention

It’s very difficult to make a fitness franchise succeed if you aren’t fully invested in your business on all fronts – time, money and dedication.

We usually do not often come across home-based fitness franchising opportunities. Much of your initial investment will go towards securing a good location and licensing the business model from the franchisor. Regular operational expenses will involve rent, taxes, staff salaries, insurance, utilities and marketing. A well-run gym franchise business can hope to break even within the first 24 months of trading.

Do You Need Prior Experience?

As is the case with most service sector franchise businesses, you do not really need to be experienced in the fitness sector to run a fitness franchise successfully. Much of your job will revolve around managing the daily operations and acquiring customers. Therefore, we often see franchisees with sales and management backgrounds do well within this sector.