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Best Food Franchises For UK Franchisees

A quick walk down your local High Street is good enough to spot some of the biggest names in the global food arena – from Starbucks and Burger King to McDonald’s and Subway. Food franchises are a phenomenon nobody can ignore.

Quite naturally, when it comes to investing in a franchise business, they happen to be the go-to options for would-be franchisees. We have curated some of the most versatile, popular and promising fast food franchise opportunities in the UK right here, so that you can assess and compare your options in a systematic way.

Market Research Is The Key

Meticulous market research is the key to assess food franchise opportunities.

While most franchisees do not have the capital (or the experience) to buy franchises from the ‘bigwigs’, you can find plenty of other franchising opportunities that are exciting, profitable and affordable.

Brand loyalty dominates the food industry – and hence, it’s always a good idea to go with franchisors that can bring on board a proven track record, along with a recognisable brand name. On the other hand, lesser-known (and hence modestly priced) food franchise opportunities can also help you achieve massive returns on your investment.

How Much Do UK Food Franchise Opportunities Cost?

Buying a fast food franchise unit from a global corporation like McDonald’s is nearly impossible now. Even if you get the opportunity, you will need to invest over a million pounds just to get started.

We usually focus on opportunities that are more accessible. These usually require you to invest up to £100,000 in minimum initial investment (excluding the investment required to acquire/lease the location).

What Skill Set Is Required On Your Part?

Running a restaurant is more challenging than most first-time investors think. You will need to dedicate much of your time – even before and after working hours – to keep the operations running smoothly.

To run a food franchise successfully, it helps if you have previous operational and managerial experience.

The Future Is Bright – If You Get It Right

Innovations like carb-free fast foods and vegan fast foods are already disrupting this sphere. So, if you can avoid going against the grain and invest in a business that is future-facing, you can certainly establish a handsome stream of income for yourself. Well-established food franchises also fetch a good resale value.