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Best Gardening Franchises For UK Franchisees

Gardens are more than just fillers for empty spaces – they add a character to their surroundings. If you have the proverbial green fingers, you know exactly what we mean.

Thanks to the immense value gardens add, there has developed a whole industry that caters to the gardening needs of domestic and commercial clients. Gardening franchises allow you to invest in such businesses. We have curated a definitive list of gardening franchise opportunities in the UK on this page.

Gardening Franchises Operate In A Lucrative Industry

Most people who are outsiders to the landscaping industry aren’t usually aware of the immense growth the industry has achieved in the last few years.

Britons have always loved having a back garden – not to mention a well-manicured front lawn. In fact, the total area of domestic gardens is approximately 4,000 km2 – large enough to cover the entire county of Somerset!

The gardening and landscaping industry in the UK turns over £5 bn annually, of which £1.5 bn is estimated to come from various garden maintenance and care services. In essence, gardening franchise opportunities have the benefit of operating in a lucrative, robust and scalable industry.

A Gardening Franchise Adds Value At The Local Level

Landscaping franchises can be divided into domestic and commercial segments.

Regardless of this division, it needs to be understood that a well-maintained garden adds a great deal of value to the property –perhaps the most prominent reason for businesses and homeowners to spend money on maintenance. Therefore, as a gardening franchise, you not only give your capital a great chance of breaking even and returning profit, you also add estate value to your territory while generating employment.

You Do Not Need To Have Industry Experience!

Running a gardening franchise is all about bringing customers on board and making sure they don’t leave. All profitable gardening businesses thrive on repeat customers – a fact overlooked by rookie investors.

In summary, to run a gardening business successfully, it’s not at all necessary for you, as the owner, to have relevant industry experience. It is, however, advisable that you have some prior experience/background in management, sales and/or marketing.

How Much Do Gardening Franchise Opportunities Cost?

A small-sized gardening franchise opportunity will require you to invest £5,000 to £10,000 upfront. Larger opportunities can cost you upwards of £35,000. You’ll find landscaping franchise opportunities across all investment levels on this page.