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Best Health & Beauty Franchises For UK Franchisees

Whether it’s your local hair salon or a high-end spa, the presence of businesses that operate in the health and beauty sector is unmistakably mainstream. Much of the prime retail real estate is often taken up by such businesses – and that, in a way, is a testament to the profitability of such businesses.

If you’re looking for beauty franchise opportunities, you’re on the right page. You will find here a handpicked list of leading health and beauty franchises in the UK, so that you can compare and weigh your options.

Beauty Franchises: No More ‘Luxury’ Services

There was a time, not too long ago, when a spa would have looked much out of place in a small town – but not anymore.

Beauty services have come a long way, breaking out of the ‘luxury’ box. This, in turn, has allowed the industry to grow at a pace few would have deemed possible. The overall beauty industry in the UK, on its own, generates over £4 bn in revenue every year.

Close to 40,000 independent businesses are estimated to be a part of this industry. On the whole, the market penetration is still on the lower side, meaning that a new health and beauty franchise has the benefit of being on the right side of demand forces.

How Much Do UK Hair Salon, Health And Beauty Franchise Opportunities Cost?

There’s a significant difference between these franchises and other service-based franchise businesses.

A common trend reveals that in many cases franchisees are not just owners/operators – they actively take part in daily operations. In other words, trained professionals prefer to buy health and beauty franchises.

In that light, it’s understandable that small to medium sized health and beauty franchise opportunities cost to the tune of £30,000 in minimum initial investment.

Little Room For Home-Based Operations

If you’re looking for home-based franchising opportunities, the options available in this sector aren’t many. Choosing a prime location remains the key – and hence, it’s always a good idea to prefer franchisors that allow you to operate in an exclusive territory.

You Don’t Always Need Prior Experience

Running a health, hair salon and beauty franchise doesn’t always require you to be a trained professional (but it helps if you are). If you’re good at managing a team of professionals, health and beauty franchise opportunities are definitely worth considering seriously.