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Best Home Services Franchises For UK Franchisees

While large corporations can afford to create and sustain new demand from the scratch, small businesses often have to rely on existing market forces to get by and stay profitable. As a result, successful franchise businesses are often the ones that operate within a steady, predictable sector.

Home services franchises are a great example of this phenomenon. Many businesses in this sector have, just by catering to the existing demand very well, achieved success. On this page, we have listed home services franchise opportunities handpicked by our in-house franchising experts.

Home Services Franchises Benefit From Constant Demand

Due diligence and meticulous market research are the keys to avoiding common investment red flags.

A quick look at the nature of the industry that home services franchises operate in reveals many interesting details. There are more than 25 million homes in the UK, many of which regularly require home services like pest control, garden maintenance, plumbing, roofing, security and flooring. Moreover, nearly 70% of senior citizens in the UK are homeowners who happen to constitute an important demographic for home services businesses.

Home services businesses offer services that are of essential nature, meaning that their clients usually aren’t apprehensive about spending.

How Much Do Home Services Franchise Opportunities Cost?

Vibrant business sectors tend to offer a wide range of services to their customers. Home services, as an independent sector, is no exception to this. Businesses in this sector can range from small, hyperlocal locksmiths to large, district-wide landscaping experts and architects.

Thanks to this diversity, it’s difficult to arrive at an accurate investment range for these franchises. More often than not, an initial investment to the tune of £20,000 should buy you a small to medium sized franchise.

Working From Home

Renting a dedicated office location, especially for small businesses, can be a very difficult choice to make. When a large share of your revenue goes out just to pay the rent, breaking even becomes increasingly difficult.

Home services franchises solve this problem by letting you work right from your home. Since you (and/or your team) will be visiting job sites, it’s usually not necessary to rent an office.

You Don’t Need Industry Experience

As is the case with nearly every franchising sector, you don’t really need to be experienced in the industry. What you will, however, need is a combination of good business acumen, leadership skills and ability to market your services effectively.