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Best Pet Franchises For UK Franchisees

If you’re looking for pet franchise opportunities, you’ve already got a couple of things going for you – the first is the demand, and the second is the willingness of pet owners to spend freely. On this page, we have listed leading pet business opportunities spread across a wide range of locations and investment levels.

2018 data revealed that approximately 45% of UK households have at least one pet. In other words, close to 12 million UK households have pets. This is the primary target market for all UK pet franchises.

Dogs and cats, quite predictably, are the most popular pet choices for UK families. In 2018, UK pet owners spent over £4.6 bn on pet accessories, healthcare and services.

How Much Do UK Pet Franchise Opportunities Cost?

Pet businesses, in most cases, are reasonably priced. If you’re investing in a brand-new pet franchise unit in a new, virgin territory, you will be required to put £5,000 to £15,000 in minimum initial investment.

Most franchisors offer training, certification assistance, dedicated territory, marketing assistance and ongoing customer service. Some franchisors may also be willing to add a resale quote in the franchising agreement.

Do You Need Prior Experience To Run A Pet Franchise?

Not really. As is the case with most franchise opportunities, you only need to be able to make the investment and oversee the operations. It’s always a good thing if you’re passionate about pets and are willing to go an extra mile to offer exceptional services.

Breaking Even With Pet Franchises

An approximate estimate shows that a well-run pet business opportunity can expect to break even within 12-30 months of trading. The break-even period entirely depends upon the market conditions, competition and the quality being offered.

Can You Run A Pet Franchise From Home?

Some pet opportunities – especially the product-based businesses – can be run from your home office. If you’re running a kennel or offering pet healthcare/boarding services, you may need to operate from a dedicated location that’s licenced by the local authorities.