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Best Professional Service Franchises For UK Franchisees

For a long time, professional services were scattered across dozens of industries and sectors, with no way to enumerate their impact on the economy. Thankfully, that has changed, and we can now club a wide range of such services under one “professional services” umbrella.

This is an enormously important sector to the UK economy, and has now been fully franchised by hundreds of franchisors. If you’re looking for professional service franchise opportunities for sale, you’re right where you need to be. On this page, you’ll find our selection of some of the best-known, established and promising businesses in this sector that are on the lookout for franchisee investors.

Professional Service Franchises Operate In A Growing Sector

Analysts and experts define professional service providers as businesses that offer secondary/tertiary expertise to other businesses. In essence, such businesses are B2Bs, with a focus on providing services.

PwC estimates that professional services account for 15% of the UK GDP and employ nearly 14% of the UK workforce. In other words, investing in professional service franchises allows you to work within a robust, important and consistently growing sector.

How Much Do Professional Service Franchise Opportunities Cost?

Franchise units in this sector are available across all investment levels.

Starting from as low as £5,000 for a commercial estate agency to going as high as £80,000 for a car hire franchise, you will find dozens of opportunities that suit your investment appetite, skills, experience and commitment.

Do You Need Prior Business Experience?

It’s advisable to have prior business experience since you’ll essentially be dealing with businesses, while also managing your own. On the other hand, it will also count in your favour if you can bring on board industry specific expertise. For example, an experienced estate agent buying a commercial estate agency franchise will already have a wide network of contacts to benefit from.

The Working Capital And Finance

The working capital required can be calculated in consultation with the franchisor and by preparing a thorough business plan. Banks and other lenders are willing to grant loans to professional service franchises. Typically, you will need to arrange 50-60% of the initial investment amount on your own.