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Best Security Franchises For UK Franchisees

Security businesses have proven themselves to be not only effective but also immensely scalable in a rather unlikely industry.

As things stand today, security franchise opportunities are spread over a wide range of businesses – from local locksmiths to cutting-edge data security businesses. As an investor, you’re likely to come across several opportunities that fit your investment appetite and other criteria. On this page, we have compiled a comprehensive list of leading security franchise businesses, across all locations and investment levels.

Security Franchises Are Evolving

It wasn’t too long ago that only smaller businesses, constricted in terms of services on offer, would show any willingness to allow franchisees on board. Thankfully, that is rapidly changing.

Running a security franchise means that you get to operate in a thriving, sizable industry that offers numerous opportunities for technical and technological disruptions. The security industry in the UK, on the whole, generates over £1.5 bn each year, employing more than 10,000 people in the process. Sure enough, there is enough space in the industry (especially at local levels) for new franchise businesses.

How Much Do Security Franchise Opportunities Cost?

The investment required to get started with a franchise in this sector typically depends on the brand value of the investor and the business model. Conventional, straightforward businesses (locksmith businesses, for example) are less capital intensive than more advanced, state of the art businesses (cyber security agencies, for example).

Our study of dozens of security franchising opportunities available across the UK shows that as a franchisee you will, in most cases, be required to invest a sum of £25,000 to £80,000 upfront.

Making The World A Safer Place

Security businesses cater to domestic as well as commercial clients. The biggest share of revenue for such businesses comes from safety and security services that are meant to pre-empt crimes like burglary, theft and intrusion.

As a result, security businesses contribute towards making their territories safer – a rewarding feeling that many franchisees rate very highly.

Raising Money To Buy A Franchise Unit

All established, popular franchisors offer third-party franchise finance to qualifying franchisees. If you wish to work with a franchisor that doesn’t offer finance assistance, it’s possible to get business loans from banks and other private lenders. A franchise loan usually covers 40-50% of the initial investment.