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2-in-1 local franchise opportunity working in partnership with Make-A-Wish Foundation UK, providing high quality sweets, snacks and activity packs to workplaces and leisure establishments. Suits individuals or couples.

Limited time offer £2,899 plus stock buy back guarantee

Our market leading charity sweet franchise is the only franchise in the charity sector that offers both snacks and children’s activity packs.

Therefore our franchisees experience ZERO competition with these popular packs from any other charity franchises!

This guarantees, within this sector, that YOU will be the only franchisee in your area able to offer these packs to customers in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, dentists and hundreds of other such places where snacks are not wanted!!!
We have the best and most interesting range of over 120 lines including high quality sweets, flapjacks, crisps, cakes and healthy gluten-free and sugar free options to make sure we are meeting today’s trends. Add in the activity packs and you have the most diverse package in this market that helps us outsell our competitors.
We offer a refund on stock if for any reason you cannot continue and this is clearly stated in our franchise agreement. Furthermore, you can leave anytime you want without any penalties.
We can launch your business by physically siting 300 boxes for you in the first 2 weeks (package 2) using our own dedicated siting team to ensure that your business is booming fast.
For a limited time, we have reduced our price to just £2899. This includes 7280 sweets/snacks/activity packs, 350 display boxes, coin counter, branded clothing, ID badge and consumables.
Everything sells competitively at £1 and offers great value to your customers.
Note: Please be weary of adverts that suggest selling items for £1.20 is more profitable. This is absolute nonsense. It usually means paying an inflated price to the franchisor and hoping your customers will also pay an inflated price for similar products that are £1!

Dissatisfied franchisees from several of our competitors have transferred over to Snack Aid. This fact confirms that we are the number one company to work with in this business.

We are the only charity sweet company offering bespoke software to automate and print off your rounds in an efficient route order with just one click. Its makes running your business so much easier.

Leave when you want, penalty free – No minimum order or fees.

We have a very fair franchise agreement and offer unrivalled franchisee support.
With such limited risk, we have made it very easy for you to join our team and enjoy a fantastic work-life balance. Join today and change your life! Ultimately you will not get a better package for this price!


We are a leading company in the fundraising snack sector and are the exclusive snack selling partner of the very popular children’s charity Make-A-Wish Foundation UK. Our products are sold from Make-A-Wish branded boxes, which are situated in various workplaces, retail and leisure establishments throughout local areas. When customers buy a snack or activity pack they help raise money for Make-A-Wish as well as provide an income for our franchisees who supply the local service.
Anticipated income is up to £30,000 per annum.

How It Works

We give you a large exclusive territory and provide you with stock and display boxes on competitive terms; the price includes the charity donation too, so all the money you collect is yours to keep.
In the first few weeks, your business will start to be built by having boxes placed in workplaces or anywhere that people visit e.g. offices, school staff rooms, pubs, hairdressers, shops etc. Depending on which package you choose, you can either place the boxes yourself or have them physically sited for you. Customers buy the products for £1 each and place their cash in the concealed moneybox. Every two or three weeks, you return, remove YOUR cash and restock with more products – it’s that simple!

Dual Franchise: Our market just got bigger

As well as the snack box sector, we have now opened up a market exclusive to just our franchisees with a product that has proven itself to be in great demand; children’s activity packs. These packs contain 3 colouring/sticker/puzzle books plus crayons and unlock businesses which would be inaccessible with our competitor’s packages, such as cafes, restaurants, surgeries, dentists and childrens play areas. Often in these establishments, families visit with children who may need some entertainment whilst their parents eat, drink or wait for an appointment. At £1 sale price, the activity packs offer great value and convenience and only Snack Aid can offer you the supply you need to fulfil this part of the market.


  • Refundable stock. No fees of any sort. Free delivery. Flexible hours.
  • We are a genuinely decent and friendly company that has your best interests at heart. As all our franchisees know, we will look after you.
  • Simple bespoke database to automate your rounds (only available from Snack Aid). Removes the headache of calculating when your customers are due a delivery and prints off your weekly rounds in an efficient route order with one click, making your business significantly easier and more profitable.
  • Unlike most companies, the amount we pay to the charity is uncapped.
  • We are the only company using laminated display boxes to ensure they last and look newer for longer.
  • Our in-house professional canvassers do high quality work and snack boxes are only left in suitable customer premises.
  • You only pay for stock and display boxes.
  • All charity is good, but it is very important in this sector to have a well known children’s charity displayed prominently on your boxes as this will help ensure your business is successful, particularly long term. The well known Make-A-Wish branding on your snack boxes will ensure that you are well represented in this capacity and this will have a positive effect upon your sales.
  • We offer more products than other companies, over 120 lines. Our products are excellent. They have to be, otherwise our business would fail as it’s all about repeat sales. Included are healthy, gluten and sugar free options, activity packs, hand-baked flapjacks, cakes, crisps and bespoke sweet mixes.
  • Simple business to run, full training provided and no experience is necessary.
  • Free franchise pack including an expensive electronic coin counter/sorter, charity branded clothing, database, ID badge, stationery and more.
  • Free newsletters to insert in your customers boxes to give them regular feedback.


Try Before You Buy

Before you decide to join us, you will first accompany a franchisee for a few hours to experience the business ‘hands on’. You will then visit us at our office and receive a very in depth understanding of this business so you can decide if its right for you. You will be under no obligation to enter into an agreement unless you feel completely comfortable, in regard to both your expected income and what running your business will entail.

Franchise Packages

There will be nothing more to pay out for other than additional stock and occasional display boxes. As our financial success rests solely upon the orders we receive from our franchisees, we are only successful if they are, which is your guarantee that we will do all we can to make you successful.
Package 1 – The franchisee sites the boxes.
£2,899 plus VAT offers a mix of 7280 sweets, flapjacks, cakes and activity packs plus 350 Make-A-Wish display boxes. Full training and free starter package included
Package 2 – 300 boxes sited for you plus 50 spare display boxes.
£4,399 plus VAT includes the cost of finding and physically siting the boxes with customers and offers a mix of 7460 sweets, flapjacks, cakes and activity packs. Full training and free starter package included

What We Require From You

You will need to operate the business on a full time basis, have a friendly pleasant personality and a desire to be successful. All you need to get up and running is some storage – a garage or spare room is ideal (or alternatively you can rent storage space cheaply) and a dependable car.

Next step

If you are keen to discuss Snack Aid franchise opportunity, please click the button below.

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Pleased I choose this franchise and I enjoy working for myself. Training and support really good. Flexible business and good earnings once you get up and running.

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