Three stores joining Vodafone franchise programme

March 3, 2020

Three stores across Somerset are set to become the latest additions to Vodafone’s franchise partner programme.

Local businessperson David Harris-Heffer recently took over the reins at the Vodafone Taunton and Yeovil stores, and the Vodafone Street store in Clarks Village is due to come under his management from the beginning of March.

In addition to creating new roles in the three stores, Vodafone says the move reflects its ongoing investment in the UK high street.

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David Harris-Heffer said: “I am incredibly excited and privileged to become a Vodafone Partner for my local area.

“Having lived and worked in the South West for over 20 years, I have a true understanding of how vital the high street is to local communities and to people of all ages.

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“We already have great team members in our stores, all locally based. But, we are also in the process of recruiting within each local community.

“These are exciting times for Vodafone and the people of Somerset, I am sure the best is yet to come.”

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Established in 2017, Vodafone’s franchise programme offers local entrepreneurs the chance to run up to three stores.

By Marco Ferrari

Source: Insider Media

Jobs boost for Sutton as Vodafone opens in Idlewells with flash dance

November 1, 2019

An impromptu flash mob descended on the Idlewells Shopping Centre to mark the opening of Vodafone’s newest store.

The new retail outlet is the latest addition to Vodafone’s successful franchise partner programme, which aims to at least transform vacant retail stores throughout the UK by the end of 2019.

The store, which is in a unit formerly used by Greggs until the baking giants moved to a larger shop, opened under the leadership of Louise Buxton, an experienced retailer who has devoted more than 20 years of her career to the telecoms industry.

It is the third partnership she has developed with Vodafone and business partner James Lambert, following successful Vodafone franchise openings in Retford and Rotherham.

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The new store will create a further five full-time jobs in the town.

For the store opening, visitors to the Idlewells Shopping Centre were treated to an impromptu performance by a flash mob, as well as a range of sweet treats supplied by nearby bakery Birds, whilst anyone visiting the store before October 31 will be given the chance to enter a prize draw to win Love2Shop gift vouchers worth £150.

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Louise Buxton said; “I’ve worked in the phones sector for much of my career, supporting a range of stores throughout the UK, however, I’ve always liked the idea of running my own business. Opening the new store in Sutton means new jobs in the local community and a chance for people living in the town to access advice and support on their doorstep.”

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Jay Lambert said: “We’re keen to play our part in supporting the local community. All the members of staff we’ve recruited, including our store manager Leeza Rossouw are based in the town and bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience. I feel proud that with the opening of our store in Sutton.”


Source: Chad

New St Austell Vodafone store opens in scheme to fill empty high streets

September 30, 2019

Vodafone has opened a new shop in St Austell as part of a scheme to buck the downbeat high street trend.

The mobile phone giant said it will take on the premises for at least 24 new shops as part of its franchise programme, as it ploughs investment into boosting its retail presence.

The new franchise stores will lead to at least 100 jobs and will involve an investment of approximately £5.5 million, Vodafone said.

Vodafone said it hopes the new stores, the first two of which opened this month in Morecambe, Lancashire and St Austell, will help to “breathe life” into ailing high streets by taking on vacant premises.

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It is hoped the new stores will help customers interested in new services such as 5G, and provide support and advice.

The company has more than 400 retail stores across the UK and has already added more than 50 new sites to its portfolio so far in 2019 as part of its major expansion plan.

It said it aims to open another 50 similar stores next year and is currently looking at suitable premises on the high street.

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This is the first time the mobile operator has extended its franchise to include empty shops, meaning there is no upfront cost to franchisees.

Nick Jeffery, UK chief executive of Vodafone, said: “As a business with its roots in the UK, we are keen to do what we can to help local communities, whether that is giving local entrepreneurs the opportunity to be their own boss of a retail store or extending our network to remote areas.

“New services have helped us become the fastest-growing home broadband provider this year and attract thousands of new mobile customers every week.

“With this momentum, we are looking to extend our high street presence so that we can provide face-to-face advice and support to even more customers.”

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Vodafone recently reported sliding first quarter revenues, driven by poor exchange rates, and revealed plans to spin off and potentially list its mobile towers business.

By Shannon Hards

Source: Cornwall Live

Vodafone to open 24 new stores in franchise expansion

September 19, 2019

Vodafone plans to expand its retail presence with the opening of 24 new high street stores in premises that were previously vacant.

The Newbury-based operator is expanding its franchise programme, inviting local entrepreneurs to manage stores with no up-front costs involved. Franchisees will be provided with devices to sell and will earn commission on sales.

More than a third of Vodafone’s existing 400 stores are franchises, with 50 added this year alone. The first two stores to open through this expansion are in Morecambe, Lancashire, and St Austell, Cornwall.

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Vodafone store

The expansion has two aims. The first is to strengthen Vodafone’s multi-channel approach by allowing customers who want in-person advice on a new contract or device to visit a physical location.

Although customers are able to research products and gain support online, Vodafone stores still attract 20 million visits a year and account for 70 per cent of pay-monthly sales.

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The second aim is to “bring life” to high streets across the UK following a wave of closures.

“As a business with its roots in the UK, we are keen to do what we can to help local communities, whether that is giving local entrepreneurs the opportunity to be their own boss of a retail store or extending our network to remote areas,” said Vodafone UK CEO Nick Jeffrey.

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“New services have helped us become the fastest growing home broadband provider this year and attract thousands of new mobile customers every week. With this momentum, we are looking to extend our high street presence so that we can provide face-to-face advice and support to even more customers.”

By Steve McCaskill

Source: Tech Radar

Business Opportunities UK – Should You Invest In a UK Business Opportunity?

June 25, 2019

Business Opportunities UK – the TOP 10 MUST KNOWS about finding and running successful UK Business Opportunities.

Investors looking to ‘start-up’ are always on the lookout for suitable business opportunities. What types of business opportunities exist out there, and what should you, as an investor, know before buying one?

“Business opportunity” is a term that is very loosely thrown around, especially in the franchising circuit. Businesses that want to diversify their revenue streams come up with ideas that may or may not work – and all these ideas are usually labelled and marketed as business opportunities. That, in itself, is the only negative point associated with such ventures.

But, for the time being, we will discount such practices and focus on what matters – legitimate business opportunities that can help you get started with your very own business.

Regardless of whether you want to set up an additional source of income or you want to be your own boss and lead your life the way you want to, grabbing the right opportunity at the right time is the only thing that matters in this context.

As it turns out, business opportunities and franchising have a lot in common – to the point that inexperienced investors often use these terms interchangeably. So, we will consider the potential of UK business opportunities from a franchising point of view, to add a new perspective to the discussion.

Let’s begin.

What Exactly Are Business Opportunities?

A business opportunity, in the easiest of terms, a transaction that helps the buyer start a business.

This transaction could be anything – leasing a machine, hiring a vehicle or licensing a technology.

There are further nuances to the concept of business opportunities.

For instance, many would classify a transaction that helps improve an already-existent business as a business opportunity. This broad definition has one problem – it brings any and every B2B transaction under this umbrella. At any rate, without being too pedantic, let’s just understand that a business opportunity is supposed to ‘unlock’ a viable, repeatable profitmaking channel for the buyer.

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Types Of Business Opportunities UK

We have already discussed the various types of business opportunities in the Knowledge Base section of our website. We will just quickly sum them up here.

Turnkey Operations

Turnkey operations are among the most popular business opportunities among inexperienced investors and first-time business owners.

A turnkey operation puts on offer everything one needs to start and run a particular business. The model is already developed, tried and tested by the seller – the buyer only needs to purchase it and get the business off the ground. In the same breath, let us make it clear that despite these opportunities being called ‘turnkey’, the investor may need to spend more time, energy, efforts and money on hiring staff, finding a suitable location, marketing and other operational expenses.

Turnkey opportunities can be found across all investment levels and sectors. Common examples include fitness businesses, payment processing businesses and retail businesses.


Many businesses that do not want to undergo the hassle of expanding their operations and investing money in marketing choose the licensing way. This allows them to ‘license’ their bespoke products/services/technology to the interested buyer. The buyer can then use the licenced product/service/technology for their own good, thus benefitting both the parties.

Common licencing examples include brand licensing, certification licensing, process licensing and so forth.


Distributorships represent the simplest, most widespread business opportunities.

A successful business can’t always afford to establish an efficient supply chain throughout the country. So, despite having an opportunity to capture the market, they end up ceding important ground to their competitors. To avoid such lapses, businesses bring on board local investors as ‘distributors.’ The distributors get exclusive rights to sell the product in their territory for a commission, and the business keeps the rest as additional revenue.

Common examples include tyre distributors, electronics distributors and industrial equipment distributors.


Dealerships are similar to distributorships – they only tend to cost higher.

The best-known example is perhaps that of auto/car dealerships.

Rack Jobbers

These represent business opportunities that are available to businesses/individuals that already own a retail location. Such space can be commercially leased to other businesses for product display, placement and advertising. A good example is vending machine placement at a busy retail location.


Other business opportunities include work from home opportunities and sales outsourcing.

When Is It A Good Idea To Invest In A Business Opportunity?

Investing in a business opportunity is much like investing in a franchise business – you need to get many things right to give your hard-earned money a fair shot at generating profits. The right place to start is, as always, knowing what you want, and getting your numbers right (our handy franchise market research guide is a relevant read).

Having studied hundreds of business opportunities and franchise businesses over the years, we have observed that investors who are sure-footed about their expectations are the ones who tend to fare better. This covers important aspects of business such as your readiness to commit to the business full/part time, your ability to raise finance as needed and your understanding of the sector.

For example, if you’re looking only for secondary/passive income, investing in a work from home opportunity might be a more favourable choice. On the other hand, if you’ve got a sizeable sum to invest and you’re willing to commit yourself full time to the business, you can go for a turnkey opportunity within your area of experience and expertise.

How Is Buying A Business Opportunity UK Different From Buying A Franchise?

Franchising is an ongoing working relationship between the franchisee and the franchisor. On the contrary, business opportunities signify just a one-off transaction.

Therefore, you cannot really expect any post-sales support or help from the seller when you’re buying a business opportunity. Additionally, there is more freedom afforded to you – you can choose to utilise the opportunity the way you see fit (while, when you buy a franchise unit, you’re expected to follow the franchisor’s business model).

This can also be taken to mean that business opportunities are more suitable for investors who have prior experience in running a business.

Less Hassle, Easy Process

Buying a business opportunity is usually much easier than buying a franchise. For starters, the seller (in most cases) has no expectations from the buyer other than the money. No interviews, no internal assessment and no long holds on the application – the entire process can complete within a matter of hours, in some cases.

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A Word Of Caution

Franchise businesses (by and large) are regulated in the UK. The BFA, for example, keeps a close watch on various developments, making sure that investors and franchisors don’t fall prey to scam and deceit.

Business opportunities, unfortunately, aren’t regulated in this way. The buyer/investor has to bear the full responsibility of their money, and hence, it becomes even more important to tread carefully. Engaging with businesses that enjoy credibility and good standing in the market is a good way of eliminating much of the risk.

How Much Does A UK Business Opportunity Cost?

The costs depend largely upon the nature and potential of the opportunity. An investment to the tune of £15,000 to £30,000 should suffice to secure a small/medium sized opportunity.

Top UK Business Opportunities

We are presenting a brief overview of some of the popular business opportunities UK, to give our readers an idea of what to expect:


  • Minimum Initial Investment: £1,499 (plus VAT)
  • Type: Distributorship
  • USP: High quality tyre sealants
  • Low start-up costs
  • Operate as per your convenience
  • Home-based opportunity
  • Additional income


  • Minimum Initial Investment: £9,995 (plus VAT)
  • Type: Work from home business opportunity
  • USP: Utility rates optimisation
  • Generate passive income
  • Work full/part time
  • Work only with referrals and introductions, no cold calling

Business Opportunities – The Takeaways

  • Conduct a thorough check before you invest.
  • Understand how business opportunities differ from franchises.
  • Know your requirements and expectations.
  • Prioritise opportunities that fall within your skillset/domain.