Angela’s Swim School Takes Part In Landmark ITN Productions & British Franchise Association Collaboration

December 7, 2019

Angela’s Swim School, a swimming classes franchise business, is featured in the recently-launched latest collaboration between the British Franchise Association (bfa) & ITN Productions, a news and current affairs style programme titled Franchising the Next Generation.

Presented by national newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky OBE, ‘Franchising the Next Generation’ reveals the positive impact franchising has on individuals, business, society and the economy.

Angela’s Swim School was founded by former Olympic and Commonwealth Games swimmer Angela Wilson, who first represented Great Britain at the age of 15, and was involved in the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992. Fulfilling this dream spurned her to take her passion for swimming further, creating Angela’s Swim School in 2002, and franchising the business in 2014. Drowning is the third most common cause of death for young children, and Angela’s Swim School gets children to learn to swim in a fun environment.

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Her knowledge of swimming has led her to be on two All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) that support swimming, and she is also the Women & Enterprise APPG, championing increasing opportunities for women in business. Added to this, she has been a Lady Taverner the last eight years, raising around £4,000 for the Lord’s Taverner’s Charity, which helps disadvantaged and disabled children have access to sport.

Angela’s Swim School is one of four franchise systems covered as a separate news item in Franchising the Next Generation.

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Wilson was ecstatic to be able to participate in an important series that highlights franchising in the UK landscape and shows an industry that continues to evolve and consistently adapts to meet the needs of society:

She says: “Franchising has helped my business achieve quick growth by taking on passionate partners who share in my vision to bring quality swimming education across the UK. I am proud to be a part of a series that will help franchising attain the recognition that it deserves. For me, the motivation for starting Angela’s Swim School was to make swimming fun and accessible to children.”

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Pip Wilkins, QFP, Chief Executive of the bfa, said: “The industry continues to present strong growth. However, the association wants to ensure that this is sustainable through education and support of ethical franchising. The news item with Angela’s Swim School has a next generation theme with prospect franchisees, and shows how the industry adapts to societal needs.”

By Patrick Hulbert

Source: BDaily

Clip ‘n Climb looking to launch first ever franchise centres

December 2, 2019

Clip ‘n Climb UK, the market leader in fun climbing, is rolling out its successful model by launching franchise centres and concessions nationwide and is looking to launch a centre in Manchester.

Clip ‘n Climb, which has operated in the UK since 2011 is part of Entre-Prises UK Ltd – a subsidiary of the ABEO group. The brand presently has over 80 centres across the UK and achieves approximately £25 million cumulative turnover per annum.

Clip ‘n Climb plans to open 100 new franchise centres nationwide and will license its brand to independents and budding entrepreneurs as part of its progressive expansion program.

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A Clip ‘n Climb franchise incorporates a complete turn key leisure business model including design and installation for more than 40 indoor and outdoor climbing challenges designed to appeal to all age groups. The proposition for those who share Clip ‘n Climb’s values and principles is a comprehensive franchise training and support programme covering business planning, finance and safety. In addition they will receive exclusive discounts on equipment, maintenance checks, further training, early access to upgrades, new climbing wall releases, marketing support and additional booking system features.

For customers, the franchise centres will offer the same access to quality climbing challenges fit for the whole family with it’s unique auto belay devices. They will also have a branded cafe, party rooms and additional soft play areas.

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Vicky Coupe, Clip ‘n Climb franchise manager, commented: “Clip ‘n Climb has revolutionised indoor climbing. The theme park meets climbing wall concept offers a thrill and challenge to people of four years of age all the way up to 80+.

“We’ve seen leisure climbing grow in popularity since we installed the first Clip ‘n Climb centre in the UK and industry insights report a 40-50 per cent increase of indoor climbers in the last two years alone. With the news that sport climbing will make its Olympic debut at the games in Japan 2020 its popularity is set to soar and so it’s the perfect time to look for the right people in the right locations to share in our success.”

“Launching the franchise model marks a major milestone and cements our ambition to give even more people in the UK, especially in Manchester access to fun, safe, indoor climbing.”

By Nigel Barlow

Source: About Manchester

Cheshire children’s unconventional fundraiser earns huge sum for local charity

November 22, 2019

A swimming team from Cheshire, Puddle Ducks, has raised a huge amount of money for a children’s charity.

Puddle Ducks Mid Cheshire has raised over £1,000 for charity Children’s Adventure Farm Trust (CAFT) after completing its annual charity swim.

To make the feat even more impressive, the swimmers do it all in their pyjamas.

It is part of the PJ week, which raises awareness and money for different charities and CAFT benefitted massively from the effort.

Helping the terminally ill, disabled and disadvantaged children, the charity is based in a 17th century farmhouse and gives them a chance to play, laugh and be children.

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Rachel Bateson, franchise manager of Puddle Ducks Mid Cheshire, commented: “PJ Week is great fun and we are so glad that we have been able to support CAFT.

“It is a great charity which was chosen by our little swimmers.

“Swimming in pyjamas shows our swimmers that they will feel heavier, but that they are still be able to do the important lifesaving manoeuvres like kicking to the surface and reaching for safety.”

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Puddle Ducks swim at at Delamere Forest School, DW Fitness Macclesfield, DW Fitness Warrington, Holiday Inn Runcorn, Sandbach Boys School, Seashell Trust Hydro Pool, Seashell Trust Main Pool and Weaverham Pool.

For more information about Puddle Ducks Mid Cheshire visit here .

By Liam Beard – Live News Reporter

Source: Cheshire Live

Monkey Music launch a partnership with Nordoff Robbins with a magical musical gift this Christmas!

November 15, 2019

Monkey Music, a leading light in pre-school premium music education in the UK, believe that a partnership with Nordoff Robbins, the UK’s largest independent music charity, is the perfect partnership.

To celebrate, Monkey Music has commissioned the production of a brand new charity song, ‘Music is a Gift’, with all proceeds of sales going to Nordoff Robbins this Christmas.

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Celebrating 25 years of delivering over 4.8 million classes nationwide, Monkey Music understands the power of music, reflecting the life-changing work Nordoff Robbins do, providing music therapy to thousands of vulnerable and isolated people each year.

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This heart-warming song can be downloaded from the Monkey Music online shop for just £1.49 Music is a Gift and all proceeds will be given to Nordoff Robbins.

Every Donation Counts, so please click here to learn more about Nordoff Robbins work, and to make a direct donation.

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The song was specially commissioned by Monkey Music and written by Fiona Pritchard. Vocals: Niamh Perry. Guitar: Ollie Hannifan. Bass: Marcus Pritchard. Drums: James Pritchard. Producer: Kevin Pritchard.

Monkey Music

South Tyneside business recognised with second national award for yoga classes helping children’s mental health

November 5, 2019

A South Tyneside-based business which is helping improve children’s mental health in the borough has been recognised with a second national award.

Kalma Juniors classes, run by Kalma Baby South Tyneside – which introduces youngsters to yoga and mindfulness – was named the UK’s ‘Most Loved Sport’ in the competitive, What’s On 4 kids Awards.

The South Tyneside franchise triumphed against thousands of other UK businesses which offer sport and physical activities for youngsters, to claim the title and earn national recognition.

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Kalma Baby offers a range of yoga and mindfulness classes for babies, toddlers and children aged from six weeks to 16 years – and their parents.

The Kalma Juniors sessions, for 3-12-year-olds, are held in community centres, schools and groups across the borough on a weekly basis and are aimed at improving children’s physical and mental health.

Figures show that one in 10 children have a diagnosed mental health condition, says Victoria Thompson, who launched the franchise five years ago.

“With these tragic statistics and the fact that 75 percent of all mental health problems are established by the time a child is 18, children’s mental health is our highest priority,” she said.

“We are reaching out to as many schools as possible to try to turn this around, however early intervention is key.”

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Victoria is hopeful that the recognition will help them expand and offer more classes for children and young people across South Tyneside.

“For yoga and mindfulness to be awarded as ‘Best Loved Sport’ is just amazing, as yoga is not often recognised to many as a sport,” she said.

“We are hoping that these highly commendable awards help us open doors to more schools and organisations, to be able to deliver our services to the children who need them.

Victoria added: “We want to thank all the parents, our yogis, and our Kalma Baby team who have supported us every step of the way.”

Kalma Baby classes are held Monday-Saturday across South Tyneside.

By Sarah Sinclair

Source: The Shields Gazette

Kids gym operator Ninja Nation launches global franchise programme

September 29, 2019

Ninja Nation, the US-based operator of obstacle course gyms, is looking to take the concept global through franchising.

Targeting the family market, Ninja Nation facilities are equipped with a variety of obstacles catering for “ninjas of all ages and skill levels”, with the aim of providing a space to “play, train, and compete”. Each site also organises group fitness classes for adults, such as the HIIT-based H.E.R.O. Fit.

Ninja Nation currently has seven sites across the US with more in its development pipeline.

The company was launched partly on the back of the success of American Ninja Warrior – a hugely popular TV sports entertainment competition – which had increased interest in obstacle courses as an activity.

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According to founder Wayne Cavanaugh, the company has ambitious growth plans.

“When I started the company, I sensed there was a huge unmet need in the marketplace for a safe, fun and entertaining youth fitness alternative to traditional sports,” Cavanaugh said.

“We’ve been blown away by the market demand at our current locations for the highly differentiated sport experience that we have created at Ninja Nation.

“We’re looking forward to taking this the incredible Ninja Nation experience across the world with a talented group of franchisees who share our passion for youth fitness and positive community impact.

“We have the experience, the team and the plans in place to change over a million lives and we can’t wait to continue our growth with the launch of our franchising programme.”

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Ninja Nation’s leadership team is led by Cavanaugh, an entrepreneur who has experience in investing in and growing companies in several industries, including health and wellness.

Cavanaugh is joined by Geoff Britten – a champion and familiar face of the American Ninja Warrior programme, having featured in each of the 11 season of the show – and Lucas Clarke, the vice president of marketing.

“Our goal is to create over one million heroes,” Cavanaugh added. “That’s one million kids and adults pushing their minds and bodies to limits they never thought possible and doing so in our arenas. Play, Train and Compete.”

By Tom Walker

Source: HCM

Kip McGrath Education Centre opens in Crouch Street, Colchester

September 1, 2019

AMID a widely reported school funding crisis and ever-rising classroom sizes, one industry is flourishing.

The UK private tuition business – now worth a whopping £2 billion – is booming.

Those wise to this growth industry include Reenu Gupta, who has just opened a Kip McGrath Education Centre franchise in Crouch Street, Colchester.

Reenu moved to Colchester in 2015 with her family when her eldest daughter earned a place at Colchester County High School for Girls.

“Colchester is a very academic and competitive town and parents are keen to provide extra support for children who are struggling to catch up in a bigger classroom environment,” she said.

“For children struggling to catch up, private tutoring helps in providing that extra support.

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“It helps in improving performance and increasing confidence, which in turn helps them later in critical years like GCSE and A-levels.”

Reenu, a qualified teacher and part-time scientist, found extra tuition outside of school helped her two children to progress.

“I have been teaching my children at home and they both passed the 11 plus with flying colours,” she said.

“With my youngest now in secondary school, I was looking to continue teaching in small groups.

“This is when I started looking at options and found the Kip McGrath education programme to be very suitable.”

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Many parents will hire a private tutor to visit their own home, but Reenu believes working as part of a small group is more beneficial.

There is an added emphasis on supporting children through exam stress and the pressures of the social media age.

“It is less threatening for a student to be given space to process new learning without teacher involvement,” she said.

“They still have the security of constant help.

“In a small group setting students are encouraged to model each other’s positive behaviour and also build their self esteem by being role models for other students.

“Individual attention is still possible in a group of five.

“Students move far more confidently from a small group tutoring setting to a large classroom of say 25 to 30 students than from a one-to-one setting.”

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She added: “Pressure for me really translates into discipline and a small amount of discipline whether it is sports, education or any other activity, prepares us to face the competitive world.

“Private tuition provides that extra discipline, which is missing in a standard classroom environment due to the teacher to student ratio.”

Parents are increasingly looking to private tutors for support outside of the classroom and this support is arguably more accessible than ever.

An assessment at the centre is free of charge.

The child is graded in reading, English and Maths and their score is entered on a computer system which generates a lesson plan for each individual.

Lessons are provided by a qualified teacher in groups of five, with weekly homework given to each child.

However, it comes at a price and there is a common view that private tutoring grants well-off families an unfair advantage.

“Unfortunately this is negative perception about private tutoring,” said Reenu.

“I believe any bright student irrespective of the teaching environment would do well in life, but sometimes a lot of students need a bit of extra support and that is where the private tuition fills the gap.

“Private tuition also provides an affordable option for parents to provide that little extra their children need, without having to pay for expensive independent schools.”

Each 80 minute session at the centre costs £35.

Reenu believes private tuition is “augmenting” the quality of education on offer in the country.

“It is contributing to the basic function of the government and society as a whole to provide good quality education to children,” she said.

“It fills in the gaps in understanding of certain topics – which is difficult to achieve in a classroom where the teacher is trying to get through the curriculum while handling poor behaviour.”

To book a free assessment and further information, parents can call the centre on 01206 563798.

By Tom Dalby


Watford nursery registration fees funds Special Care Baby Units

August 30, 2019

A new nursery’s open day has donated parents’ registration fees to raise funds for a Special Care Baby Unit. Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery, a new nursery opening in Watford, has donated 50 per cent of registration fees from its open day held on August 16 and 17.

The money has gone towards the charity ‘Raise’, which will fund specialist equipment and room refurbishments for the special care baby units of Watford General, Hemel Hempstead and St Albans City hospital.

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Ritika Verma, who manages the new nursery alongside her husband Sachin Verma, has said: “The idea to own a day nursery came to me around three years ago following the birth of my second child and this desire became stronger day-by-day. Finding the Monkey Puzzle franchise, and having the support of their head office team, has been invaluable in our journey.”

“Being able to support the Special Care Baby Unit was an added bonus. Not only does it provide a vital service for our community, but we may also look after children that have directly benefited from the unit, so it’s great to be able to give back to our community.”

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Some purchases will include a kangaroo chair and a modesty screen, for parents to care for low weight or premature babies in private.

The Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries franchise has more than 60 childcare settings nationwide, making us the UK’s largest childcare franchise network and the third largest childcare provider overall.

By Joseph Reaidi

Source: Hillingdon Times

Bucks mum Laura wants kids to get into languages

August 20, 2019

A Buckingham mumpreneur is set to bring language lessons to kids in the area, after setting up a new franchise business that teaches French and Spanish.

Former school teacher, Laura Langley, 37, who lives in Buckingham will open a Kidslingo franchise in September, teaching French and Spanish to children from birth to age 11. Her offering will operate in areas around Buckingham, Bicester, Winslow and Leighton Buzzard.

Kidslingo is a children’s language franchise business that teaches French and Spanish to over 12,000 babies, toddlers and primary school kids through a national network of over 130 franchisees and tutors.

Its innovative approach is based on the science of learning, and uses a clever mix of music, games, Makaton, role-play, drama and storytelling. Kidslingo works with private families, preschools, nurseries and primary schools all over the UK.

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Prior to Kidslingo, Laura worked as a secondary languages teacher at Akeley Wood. She said:

After 14 years in secondary education, I was ready for a fresh challenge. Setting up a Kidslingo franchise seemed the perfect way to combine my love of languages and a passion for teaching.

Not only that, but it means that I can carry on doing what I love, without missing out on precious time with my own children. Learning languages is so important, and I am really excited about being able to inspire the very youngest of learners to love languages, through fun, interactive and memorable lessons.

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She said: “I have encouraged my own children to take an interest in languages, and seeing them both respond so well to learning Spanish from a young age at school really motivated me to pursue this opportunity to teach younger learners.

“If anyone is looking for language lessons that make the grade, please get in touch!”


Source: Bucks Herald

Little Voices making a big difference in Preston and Chorley

August 19, 2019

Founded in 2007 by current CEO Jane Maudsley, Little Voices is all about the holistic when it comes to performing arts. Something of a national phenomenon, the group – started in Jane’s home town of Blackburn – now has over 50 franchises dotted across the entire UK. From Newcastle to Bath, drama and singing lessons with distinction are never too far away.

The award-winning group also includes eight branches in Preston and Chorley alone, offering the North West’s up-and-coming talent access to tuition from the age of four to 18. And that expert teaching not only covers the classical elements of performance arts, but also in invaluable life lessons in team-work and social skills.

“Children who come to Little Voices build fantastic friendships and confidence for later life,” explained Jane. “With the world moving into a technical age of social media, we can’t get away from the fact that we all need good communication skills; here, children are used to walking into a room and making eye contact, shaking people’s hands, and presenting themselves.

“It’s physical, social, and mental,” added Jane, who read Music at the University of Sheffield, trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and now lives in Leyland. “It gets them out – they’re not sat watching TV or on their computer or phone. It’s all about using life-skills learned through drama and singing to pursue dreams in whatever career they choose.”

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And those careers include some real stars. At 22, M+LKPLUS founder Camilla Ainsworth was The Apprentice’s youngest ever finalist last year, while KidzBop member Mia Mcloughlin recently played Amanda Thripp in ‘Matilda The Musical’ in the West End and Cosette in Les Misérables in Dubai. The Little Voices touch is working wonders.

A core tenet of the group’s mantra is small classes. Whilst studying and training for their LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) exams, children are never taught in groups of more than eight so as to ensure that pupils get the benefits of both individual tuition and the skills which arise from working in a collective setting.

“I absolutely love educating children, and I saw a real need for kids to be taught in small groups in which they can be nurtured but also allowed to build team-skills and confidence,” said Jane of the group’s ethos. “I know we change their lives and make them feel happy and confident. And with funding for drama not what it used to be, we’re there to make a difference to the 9.1m children in the UK.”

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Rachel Bradshaw – the principal of Little Voices venues in Chorley, Leyland, and Preston – works with around 150 children every week on top of her work as a full-time secondary teacher. “I absolutely love it,” she said. “The small classes are a massive bonus: in some organisations they have up to 30 in a class and children just get lost. We really get to know the children and if anyone’s nervous, they soon come out of their shell.

“It’s lovely to get a message to say they’re the lead in the school play or they’ve got a report from school saying they’ve started reading out in class – we help them socially as well,” added Rachel, who lives in Buckshaw Village. “I got a lovely email this week from the parent of a child who was really shy. They were on holiday and her son had gone out and started chatting to them at the holiday club.

“She said he would never had had the confidence to do that before Little Voices. We let them believe in themselves.”

Now enrolling for September, Little Voices has and will always be about the kids. “I’m welling up just speaking about them,” says Jane. “We didn’t franchise to grow a big business, we grew the business to make a big difference.”

By Jack Marshall

Source: LEP