York teacher, Emma Bini, cleans up after career swap

August 9, 2019

A TEACHER from York has swapped her career in education for a new domestic housekeeping franchise business – Bright & Beautiful.

Emma Bini, who lives in Bishopthorpe, is now the owner of Bright & Beautiful Wetherby, which is based in York.

Prior to launching the franchise, Emma dedicated her time to teaching modern foreign languages (MFL) in secondary schools where she specialised in French and Spanish. Following her time studying in Spain, Emma spent a year teaching in Venezuela before returning to Yorkshire and teaching in Wakefield.

After 13 years of working in education and juggling a young family with work, Emma decided that she wanted a change of career that would allow her to take control of her destiny. She chose to buy a franchise as she had always wanted to be her own boss, and felt that the managerial and organisational skills she had gained from leading seven other MFL teachers would be transferable and invaluable to the day to day running of her own business.

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Emma is accompanied by her team of three local professional housekeepers, all of whom have been carefully selected, referenced and DBS checked, and they will work in teams to ensure reliability and client peace of mind. The teams will deliver a bespoke and tailored service that offers cleaning, tidying, laundry and ironing and will only use eco-friendly products and equipment to ensure they protect the health of their clients, their children and the team.

Emma said: “When I first decided to make a career change, I initially considered starting up a business on my own, but quickly realised that my lack of business experience would hinder my potential. Franchising seemed to provide the perfect balance of having the freedom to grow my own business, while receiving the support and expertise that I was missing.

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“Having had some unsatisfactory cleaning experiences myself, I could certainly see the demand for a reliable client-facing company. When I heard about Bright & Beautiful’s level of professionalism and their eco-friendly and ethical ethos, I just knew it would be a perfect fit. I’m so excited to get this business going and to begin delivering a world class service to my local community.”

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Bright & Beautiful Wetherby, which launched on August 1, covers York, Wetherby, Boston Spa, Tadcaster and the surrounding areas.

Emma joins the growing national network of more than 65 franchisees each building their own local business.

By Daniel Willers

Source: York Press

Bright & Beautiful’s first mother and daughter duo

July 31, 2019

The housekeeping service Bright & Beautiful has welcomed its first ever mother and daughter franchise team, Jane and Katie Brookes.

The pair who have taken the Basingstoke territory will be offering eco-friendly cleaning, tidying, laundry and ironing services to clients across the town, in addition to serving further customers in the Hampshire area of Andover and North of Winchester.

Before launching her new business, Jane worked for 30 years in policing in addition to carrying out a number of major home renovations, including building her own house. Her daughter, Katie, has experience in the hospitality sector and has worked closely with her mother on the design and management of a new build project, as well as recently completing a psychology degree.

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Jane explains that she had been a Bright & Beautiful client herself and loved the way that the housekeeping team always left her home feeling like a hotel.

“When I was considering a new career, the chance to run a business with Katie combined with our mutual love of houses and interior design, made the decision to launch our own professional and ethical housekeeping firm a very easy one,” enthuses Jane.

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Jo Vorwerg, franchise recruitment manager of Bright & Beautiful, said: “Demand for professional housekeepers has been on the rise in the UK for the past decade as our lives become ever busier. As a result, we have seen an increasing number of franchise owners like Jane and Katie who are leaving professional careers to start their own new business in this booming sector.”

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‘A winning team’
“We are so pleased to welcome our first mother daughter duo to the network and the combination of Jane’s organisational and people management skills, combined with Katie’s knowledge of psychology to deliver great customer service looks set to make them a winning team,” added Vorwerg.

Launched in the UK in 2007, Bright & Beautiful says it now has over 60 franchisees employing more than 700 people and delivers over 10,000 home service cleans per month.

Source: Franchise World

Ovenu celebrates 25 years of successful trading at AGM

July 30, 2019

Ovenu, a UK leading oven valeting franchise, celebrated 25 years of successful business at its recent annual general meeting (AGM) with its 100-strong network of UK franchisees in attendance.

Established by Rik Hellewell in 1994 from an initial pilot scheme, Ovenu has grown to become an international franchise company that operates territories throughout the UK, Australia, New Zealand as well as in Europe.

It was five years later in 1999 when Hellewell implemented the franchise model and Ovenu began taking on its first franchisees, which included Paul McCormack (Ovenu Basildon) and Adam Penniston (Ovenu Wokingham).

During the AGM, 39 of the 51 franchisees who have been with the company for more than 10 years, were celebrated and presented with a commemorative pin to mark their dedicated service. Between the cohort of franchisees, they have a combined 500 plus years of service.

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Ovenu now plans to expand further in the UK and across its global operations with new franchise territories.

Hellewell said: “I am incredibly proud of how Ovenu has grown and developed over the last quarter of a century from an initial concept to the international brand it is today.

“Our business model has been tried and tested over the last 25 years. It has provided our franchisees with tremendous value for money, excellent returns on their investments and allowed them to establish their own small businesses.

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“Nothing gives me more joy than when I hear that a franchisee has enjoyed the level of success that they wanted when I first sat down with them at the start of their franchising and Ovenu journey.”

‘Very humbling’

Hellewell added: “To have such a large percentage of our franchisees, who have been with the company for at least 10 years, is very humbling and demonstrates the sustainability and confidence in the brand and business model.

“We are now expecting to carry on this positivity, expanding into new areas – in the UK and abroad – and will hopefully celebrate even more milestones in the future.”

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The Ovenu valeting process involves dismantling key components of an oven such as the door, interior panels, fan and shelves and placing them into design-registered tank equipment, which uses safe, non-caustic products to clean the oven parts.

The whole process takes around three to four hours and leaves the oven, hob and exterior in immaculate condition.

Source: Franchise World

Clean break in store for Chorley salesman with franchise

July 15, 2019

A SALESMAN who swapped pneumatics and hydraulics for oven cleaning is hoping to reap his own rewards.

Peter Truesdale, 39, has launched Chorley-based Ovenu, after more han a decade with Preston’s Tom Parker Ltd.

And he already has plans to widen his valeting franchise, once he has a firm hold on demand in Chorley and Leyland.

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He said: “After a long time in sales I wanted to improve my work-life balance and be my own boss.

“I believe working directly face-to-face with homeowners and providing excellent service will bring greater job satisfaction.”

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The process Ovenu uses sees individual components cleaned in patented tank system.

By Peter Magill

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Source: Lancashire Telegraph

FiltaFry grows its UK operations

June 14, 2019

FiltaFry Franchise UK – FiltaFry’s parent company has acquired a large grease and drain management company to further increase its UK presence.

FiltaFry’s parent company, Filta Group, has announced that it’s in the process of acquiring a commercial kitchens grease and drain management firm in the UK following a great year for the company.

Watbio Holdings provides grease and drain management solutions to commercial kitchens across the UK and FiltaFry has entered into a multi-million-pound agreement to acquire the firm. The exciting acquisition follows a fantastic 2018 for FiltaFry, which saw it expand by issuing a master franchise license for FiltaFry Germany and welcome onboard ambitious new franchisees across the UK and Europe.

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The company also enjoyed strong trading throughout the year, with profits and revenue steadily increasing across the months, thanks in part to the integration of company GMG in late 2017 which specialises in FOG management for commercial clients. This gave profits and revenue a healthy boost, adding to the success that FiltaFry’s own franchisees experiences throughout 2018.

The acquisition of Watbio should be completed in early 2019 and will bring even more skilled and dedicated individuals into Filta Group’s network. Van-based franchise FiltaFry now has more than 422 mobile cooking oil filtration units operating across Europe and hopes to continue its success into 2019 by welcoming even more franchisees into the business.

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FiltaFry’s unique franchise opportunity offers the potential for unlimited growth, a strong base of repeat clients and virtually no competition thanks to its truly innovative total fryer management system. With clients ranging from schools, universities, hospitals and airports to local pubs, takeaways, stadiums and even offices, the potential for profit and success as a FiltaFry franchisee is endless. Add the environmental benefits of providing the oil filtration services and you’ve got a franchise that’s ripe for continued success year after year.

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FiltaFry picks up a Green Key

June 1, 2019

FiltaFry has been recognised for its eco-friendly and sustainable oil-filtration services by a widely respected organisation.

FiltaFry’s German operation has been recognised for its sustainable services and the positive impact that they have on the environment.

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The ‘Green Key’ programme, which is an environmental certification system for tourist attractions across the world, gives its stamp of approval to businesses that operate sustainably. It primarily looks at places such as hotels and leisure parks, but the German Association for Environmental Education (DGU), which awards the certification across Germany, judged FiltaFry as worthy of recognition. It’s one of the first supply companies to be recognised by the programme for its services, which include innovative oil filtration and total fryer management solutions.

Speaking about why it felt the van-based franchise was worthy of recognition, Robert Lorenz, Coordinator of the DGU, said:

“We recommend FiltaFry’s very effective and beneficial services because we think that not only does it make life easier for restaurant kitchen staff, the fryers are always clean and the oil is always flawless, but also because up to 50% of the oil can be conserved through regular on-site filtration. In this way restaurateurs are making a measurable contribution to environmental protection and even saving costs.”

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FiltaFry Europe’s Managing Director, Jos Van Aalst, said that the recommendation was a fantastic achievement for the franchise.

“To be recommended by the German Association for Environmental Education really means a lot to me personally. It is also a major milestone for our company and all franchisers. Numerous hotels and leisure parks such as Wunderland Kalkar are already customers of ours, profiting from a multitude of benefits. They can now also impress their guests with their sustainability.”

Since it was founded in 1996, FiltaFry has been bringing its unique total fryer management service to customers across the UK and Europe.

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Eco-friendly housekeeping business launches first Welsh franchise in Newport

May 28, 2019

Bright & Beautiful a national domestic housekeeping service provider and part of Neighbourly, the world’s largest franchisor of home service brands, has launched its first franchise in Wales this month as part of a national expansion programme.

Adelaide Morgan will be running the professional housekeeping business, delivering eco-friendly cleaning, tidying, laundry and ironing services to clients across the Newport and neighbouring areas.

Adelaide joins the Bright & Beautiful team of more than 60 franchise owners after a 10-year career in social care.

She plans to create a number of jobs for local men and women over the coming months.

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Adelaide said: “Having tried a number of cleaning companies myself I know just how hard it can be to find one that delivers what they promise.

“That initial frustration was what drove me to research housekeeping franchises and Bright & Beautiful’s reputation, testimonials and ethical values ticked absolutely all the boxes. I’m enormously excited to be bringing this award winning brand to Wales for the first time and to be bringing a business of this quality to my community.”

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Jo Vorwerg, franchise recruitment manager at Bright & Beautiful, said: “We are delighted to be extending the reach of Bright & Beautiful yet again and to be launching the network into Wales for the very first time.

“The business opportunities we offer are highly attractive to professional men and women seeking a new career direction. Our reputation, growing presence in the marketplace and awareness opportunities like our Discovery Days are putting us on an impressive growth trajectory for 2019 and we look forward to welcoming many more Welsh franchise owners to our team.”

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Launched in 2007, Bright & Beautiful is a national network of franchisees building their own local business, employing more than 700 people, with a multi-million-pound turnover and delivering more than 10,000 home service cleans per month.

By Jo Barnes

Source: South Wakes Argus

FiltaFry launches yet another European franchise

May 14, 2019

FiltaFry has welcomed yet another franchisee and continues to strengthen its European business.

FiltaFry has been celebrating its latest franchisee’s grand opening and looks forward to welcoming even more ambitious business people into the company. Ben Rabel, who is from the Upper Bavaria area, has just opened for business and will be serving customers all across Weilheim, Garmisch-Parenkirchen, Lake Starnberg, Landsberg and as far across as the Austrian border.

Rabel explained how he made the decision to become a franchisee of FiltaFry. He admitted that he’d been interested in franchising for a number of years, but never quite found the right opportunity to tempt him into making the plunge. However, as Ben moved into his 30s, he became more focused on finding a franchise that would enable him to become his own boss.

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“In the context of my family history, having my own company was always my goal,” says Rabel.

However, after spotting the opportunity that van-based franchise FiltaFry were presenting, he was quickly convinced that it was the right franchise to join.

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“I had my eye on a few franchise concepts and finally FiltaFry convinced me, and I made a decision within a couple of weeks. More sustainability in the catering and tourism industries is a very personal concern of mine, and it’s becoming more and more important, especially for holidaying families with children. That’s why I see very good prospects for me as a FiltaFry entrepreneur in our region, despite there being no large city in my area that I could service. We are delighted to finally be able to get started.”

He said that the business would be a family affair, with even his two-year-old son keen to get involved with things by modelling the FiltaFry hat and looks forward to many years of profitable business as his own boss.

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Former Farmer Reaps Benefits After Switching Career Paths

April 16, 2019

A former farmer is reaping the benefits of success after switching careers to provide a hygiene service to local businesses.

Tired of long hours with little reward, Charles Williams invested in a hygiene supplies service and he’s never looked back.

Now 28 years later he has grown his Chemex franchise to a £400,000 turnover operation and supplies hundreds of businesses across the South Cheshire, North Shropshire and The Wirral franchise territory. Charles provides a hygiene advice and training service backed by more than 600 specialist products from his base in Ashton near Chester.

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His customers include nursing homes, schools, shops, pubs, restaurants and hotels across the region. His success has won him a special achievement award from Chemex to recognise the outstanding customer service he has provided to ensure local businesses don’t fall foul of hygiene laws.

He is also the company’s longest serving franchisee.

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Michael Graham, Managing Director of Chemex, said: 

“Charles is a wonderful example of how to be successful in business. He provides outstanding customer service and goes the extra mile to ensure his customers’ requirements are fully met. It was a brave step to switch from farming to a completely new career, but Charles has shown great commitment and dedication to build a highly successful business.”

Charles said: 

“Investing in a Chemex franchise is the best decision I have ever made. It has completely changed my life. Since leaving farming my work life balance has improved dramatically and my social life has grown with many of my loyal customers becoming friends. The business continues to grow and I’m enjoying life. I like being out on the road meeting new people and building new relationships.”

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Berkshire franchise company, Chemex, celebrates 25th Anniversary with record breaking turnover

April 16, 2019

Chemex, a Berkshire hygiene supplies franchise company has double cause to celebrate after reaching 25 years in business and achieving record turnover.

Stephen and Margaret Crinks have grown their Chemex franchise to a near £750,000 a year business with four employees since starting from scratch 25 years ago.

The franchise business supplies hundreds of customers across Berkshire and North Wiltshire with a hygiene consultancy service backed by 600 products.

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The couple recently invested in a 2,200sq ft franchise service centre at Great Bedwyn near their franchise territory in Marlborough to help meet demand from its growing customer base which covers the M4 corridor.

Stephen and Margaret’s success has been praised by Chemex Managing Director Michael Graham who said: 

“Stephen and Margaret are a wonderful example of how to be successful in business. They provide exceptional customer service and help hundreds of businesses across West Berkshire and North Wiltshire to maintain a first-class hygiene regime.”

Mr Graham said the franchise had built up an excellent reputation and supplied prestigious clients such as the three-star Michelin restaurant The Fat Duck at Bray run by Heston Blumenthal.

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Stephen Crinks said: 

“It is very satisfying that so many top-class establishments rely on us to make sure they have the best possible health and hygiene regime. We have grown the business year on year and although we work hard, I enjoy every minute. Each day I get to meet lots of wonderful people many of whom have been loyal customers for many years. I also owe so much to Margaret who provides the all-important admin and organisation which has been vital in enabling the business to flourish and grow.”

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