Success is in-store for easyStorage’s new franchisees with help from d&t

January 14, 2021

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou is best known for creating easyJet in 1995 when he was just 28 years old. He has since developed and retained ownership of the ‘easy’ brand which has now been extended and licensed to many other sectors – all dedicated to offering consumers more value for less.



easyStorage is a member of the ‘easy’ family of brands and was founded in 2018 by Tim Slesinger (CEO) and Nigel Dawson (franchise director), offering the no-frills, well priced approach to storage. Its success is based on the fact that this rapidly growing industry, in its current form, can be inefficient and therefore more costly than it needs to be.

Unlike traditional self-storage, easyStorage brings easyPods to customers’ doors. Items are loaded there and then, the easyPods are closed using security seals and taken to an easyStorage secure storage facility.

And, unlike walk-in self-storage, easyStorage takes advantage of storing high in its warehouses, using cubic meters that are often otherwise wasted. Each pod is priced sensibly and on an ‘as needed’ basis. As a result, storage plans provide a cost-effective alternative to renting lockups or other storage space. Customers can still visit and access their items by booking an access visit at their local facility.

In September 2019, chartered accountants and business advisory experts d&t, were asked to work with potential new franchisees interested in joining easyStorage to help them with their business plans. Since then, easyStorage has now appointed d&t as its head office accountancy practice as well as providing the QuickBooks license and support for the whole franchise network.

Karolina Jankos, head of operations at d&t explains: “One of the services d&t offers is assistance from our expert advisors for business planning for franchisees. Although the franchisee does the basic ‘information gathering’ including research on competitors, SWOT and risk analysis, we help with evaluation and number crunching to ensure franchisees have a viable and workable plan particularly when it comes to the finances.

“We look at the projections for the next three years, profit and loss, cashflow and balance sheet. If franchisees need to raise finance to buy the business, then we build in loan repayments into the forecasts. It is important to be able to check projections against reality so now easyStorage has franchisees that have been trading long enough, we can use this data to ensure plans are realistic.”

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Discovery days

Louise Harris, QFP, head of strategic partnerships at easyStorage confirms: “I worked with d&t before I joined easyStorage on another project and liked their approach. d&t staff now attend our franchise discovery days where possible to gain a deeper understanding of our business which helps when it comes to planning. When candidates are ready to proceed, we introduce them to d&t for assistance with the business planning aspect of their franchise application.

“easyStorage has only been running for a few years but we already have franchises in place across the UK. We are currently recruiting for new franchisees in strategic locations, particularly the Midlands and the North and in Cornwall. For this reason, we don’t have long trading histories to help with forecasts. Therefore, we supply the background and work to date trading history figures which are updated regularly along with data from our pilot franchises.”

Harris added: “There are many aspects that need to be worked into the forecasts, it maybe that a potential franchisee already works in the sector or a neighbouring territory is already doing well and has done extensive marketing, this can all influence how quickly a new franchisee will get off the ground. d&t works with the potential franchisees to factor in these points and develop a realistic, workable business plan.

“d&t has experts in tax planning, accountancy and financial planning so I know franchisees are in safe hands when we introduce them to the team to develop viable business plans for the future.”

Phil Archer, asset finance manager at d&t confirms: “2020 was certainly a challenging year in every respect. However, we have worked with more than half a dozen new easyStorage franchisees in the past 12 months, who have either opened or are set to open shortly. The detailed financial plans we have supplied to ensure forecasts and cashflows are realistic, have been used to go on to secure borrowing such as vehicle finance or other bank loans essential to start the franchise.”

Karolina Jankos, head of operations at d&t concludes: “It has been a pleasure working with the new franchisees for easyStorage so far and we have more business plans in the pipeline with other candidates. We are looking forward to seeing how those plans evolve into real life as new franchisees continue to join easyStorage in the future.”

Source: Franchise World

Self-storage company easyStorage launches franchise in Dorset

November 9, 2020

A SELF-storage company that brings “pods” to customers’ doors has welcomed its first franchisees based in Dorset.

Family and business partners Spencer Bowley, Anita Bowley and Connor Budny will run easyStorage, covering the county and its neighbours Hampshire, Wiltshire and Somerset.

easyStorage, part of a family of brands founded by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, promises affordable self-storage to individuals and businesses.

It brings ‘easyPods’ to customers’ doors and takes them away to a storage facility, where they can be stacked high and deep for maximum efficiency.

The company says the method saves space in depots and it can pass on the savings to customers.

Spencer and Anita Bowley have run other businesses in the area, while Spencer’s son Connor is a marketing graduate setting out on his first business venture.

Their storage facility is in Bournemouth but they plan to have other locations across their territory.

Nigel Dawson, franchise director and co-founder at easyStorage, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Spencer, Anita and Connor to our franchise offering in the UK and welcome them to the easyStorage team.

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“They will be providing their customers in the south of England with affordable mobile storage from their base in Dorset and their ambition and drive is well-suited to the easyStorage brand.

“Our comprehensive training and investment in smart technology means they can really hit the ground running and we look forward to the launch of their business franchise.”

Mr Bowley said: “As multi-business owners we are really excited to start this new venture with a product, brand and USP (unique selling proposition) we really believe in.

“We heard about the opportunity through a business network we regularly meet with and it was too good not to pursue. It will be the first time my son, Connor, is part of the business and he has hit the ground running. We are a strong family business with the attention to detail and drive needed to make everything we do as successful as we can, and our new easyStorage venture will be no exception.”

By Darren Slade

Source: Bournemouth Echo

easyStorage welcomes its first franchisees in Scotland

October 13, 2020

easyStorage is pleased to welcome its first franchisees in Scotland, Tariq Din and Shkoor Anwar, who will expand the reach of easyStorage’s no-frills, mobile storage facility. The depot based at Glasgow, will serve both the public and commercial businesses.

easyStorage, part of the easy family of brands founded by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, promises affordable self-storage, up to half the price of traditional storage facilities with an online fixed price booking service. The company explains that unlike traditional self-storage, easyStorage brings easyPods to the customer’s door, where items are loaded onboard and transported to a secure facility.

By using easyPods, its storage depots are able to store more, as they can be stacked high and deep for maximum efficiency without wasting valuable real estate. With better space utilisation, easyStorage says it is then able to pass the savings it makes on to customers.

In addition, through easyStorage’s collection and return service, customers don’t have to do all the lifting and packing, resulting in a convenient service. Customers can also access their items whenever required at an easyStorage facility, with their easyPods transferred to a viewing area.

Prior to embarking on their venture, easyStorage says that the new franchisees have accumulated vast experience in sales and operations within retail, hospitality and business sectors, with multiple brands and FTSE companies and are the 14th franchisees to join the network.

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Nigel Dawson, franchise director and co-founder of easyStorage, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Tariq and Shkoor as our newest franchisees and the first in Scotland to join the easyStorage team. They will be providing their customers in Glasgow with great customer service and a unique, well-priced storage solution.

“Our investment in technology, franchise support infrastructure, along with a well-known and trusted brand means that a franchise with easyStorage is able to launch from a position of strength.”

Din and Anwar’s easyStorage depot at Glasgow will be able to hold over 500 easyPods and will offer 24-hour security. Commenting on why they chose the franchise the pair said: “We were seeking a business model and brand that would have strong recognition and synergy with a product that would appeal to us and provide customers a great service.

“easyStorage fitted the bill; offering a business model that is stable and resilient, especially in the current climate and we are also delighted that we will be bringing easyStorage to Edinburgh next year.”

The company is looking to expand further and explains that its franchise is designed to offer a relatively low cost entry, with no requirement for franchisees to have their own warehouse initially, as it will provide storage facilities. easyStorage says that franchisees are given comprehensive training in business management and smart technology and have the chance to shadow existing franchisees.

Source: Franchise World