Wendy’s burger chain looking to open 20 restaurants in the UK – starting as early as next year

October 22, 2019

It’s a huge hit with foodies in the US. Now, popular burger chain Wendy’s has its sights on opening in the UK.

The fast food joint, famous for its square-shaped burgers and its Bacon Jalepeno Triple Cheeseburger, is reportedly exploring the possibility of opening 20 restaurants in unnamed locations.

The company is believed to be scouting out potential locations, with the first restaurants opening in the next 12 to 18 months.

If it does come to our shores, it won’t cost you much more than your standard fast food meal. A bacon double stack, four piece nuggets, small fries and a drink comes in at $5 across the pond.

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As reported in the Mirror , the company has started looking for sites and franchise partners in the UK.

This would represent the first step into Europe for the Wendy’s, which is the third biggest burger chain in the world behind McDonald’s and Burger King.

According to documents seen by The Mail on Sunday, Abigail Pringle, president of the international division and chief development officer, said: “The United Kingdom will be out beachhead to European expansion. We believe it is a growing market and it has lots of great growth ahead of it.

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“We also know that great American brands have been successful. Burger brands have been unbelievably successful there. But we believe that we can challenge those brands.”

By James Andrews and Robert Fairnie

Source: Chronicle Live

Warrens Bakery closure adds to Royal Avenue retail woe

October 22, 2019

THE Warrens Bakery outlet on Belfast’s Royal Avenue is understood to have closed after less than a year trading, with the loss of all 10 jobs.

The Cornwall-founded company only opened in December in the former home of Asher’s Bakery.

At the time it said it planned to open “many” new stores in Northern Ireland.

But in the last week it appears to have pulled down the shutters in Belfast amid fears the company is struggling.

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In July Warrens, the world’s oldest commercial pasty maker, which has more than 50 shops in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, made 66 staff redundant in the south west of England as part of a “restructuring exercise”.

No-one from the company would response yesterday to an Irish News request for a comment about its Belfast franchised operation.

But a worker in an adjacent business, who said he was a frequent customer of the Warrens store, said “the shop hasn’t been open for maybe a week or more”.

Warrens’ closure adds to more than a dozen empty units in Royal Avenue, once Belfast’s main shopping thoroughfare but which was described recently as “an embarrassment to retail in a European capital city”.

When it opened in December, bakery spokesman Carl Mortimer told the Irish News: “We’re really excited to be working with our franchise partner in Northern Ireland and delighted to open our first of what we hope will be many stores here.

“Northern Ireland represents a great opportunity for us and we look forward to bringing a little bit of Cornwall across the water.”

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The new store initially created eight jobs, and it is thought at least two more staff were recruited.

The prime Royal Avenue site was vacated by Ashers last October after owner Daniel McArthur decided not to renew the lease, citing a lack of footfall as a direct result of the Primark fire the previous August.

Voted the UK’s top craft bakery in 2018, Warrens Bakery dates back to 1860 and describes itself as the world’s oldest pasty maker.

It is also recognised for its famous range of breads, freshly-made sandwiches, sweet and savoury treats, tasty breakfast goods and on-the-go snacks.

In 2017 the company said it was looking to open 1,000 new shops over the next decade, replicating the success of its rival Greggs.

But in a challenging sector, where raw materials, transport and other costs have risen significantly, the bakery has struggled.

Its results for this year to June 30 have not yet been filed.

But in its previous trading year Warrens increased its sales to more than £17 million but saw losses widen from £31,200 to £915,400.

By Gary McDonald

Source: Irish News

UK’s Domino’s Pizza franchise to exit four international markets

October 18, 2019

Britain’s Domino’s Pizza Group will exit its international markets, where it has been facing mounting losses.

“We have concluded that, whilst they represent attractive markets, we are not the best owners of these businesses,” outgoing chief executive officer David Wild said.

The company, which is a franchise of US-based Domino’s Pizza Inc, said third-quarter group system sales rose 3.4 per cent to £313.5 million (€361 million) on strong demand in the UK and Ireland.

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The British company owns Domino’s operations in Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and is a minority shareholder in the Germany operations as well.

However, it reported a 2.7 per cent dip in international system sales, which have taken a hit from macroeconomic events, including declining tourist numbers in Iceland.

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Europe’s economy has slowed this year as the US-China trade tensions weakened global growth, and consumers and businesses in and around the United Kingdom worried about the impact of Brexit on jobs and incomes.

The company, which has 57 stores in Norway, said it had implemented a turnaround plan in the country during the quarter, but early signs have been mixed and improvement in sales were weaker than expected.

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The decision to exit these markets comes a few months after the company announced the retirement of its CEO Wild, while in the midst of trying to resolve a profit sharing row with disgruntled franchisees in the UK and Ireland. – Reuters

Source: Irish Times

American Fast Food Giant Wendy’s Wants to Serve the U.K. Some Spicy Nuggets

October 16, 2019

Wendy’s is the latest American fast food chain to have a crack at the fragile U.K. restaurant market. International president Abigail Pringle used strangely World War Two-influenced language in telling investors that Britain would be the brand’s “beach head for European expansion,” according to Propel.

Wendy’s operates over 6,000 sites across the globe, and pulled out of its U.K. restaurants in 2000 to concentrate on its home market. The fast food brand is best known for:

1. Spicy chicken nuggets. These are not McDonald’s’s recently-released damp squibs of chicken, whose heat is the dull nag of a hangover headache; these are hot, with a proper cayenne burn. Eater critic Ryan Sutton named them America’s best chicken nuggets in 2017.

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2. Twitter stunting. The Wendy’s Twitter account does not f— around. It spent an entire day roasting people on 4 January this year. It released a mixtape dragging its competition.

3. Twitter stunting about spicy chicken nuggets. Wendy’s took those championship nuggets off the menu in March 2017, before unfurling a hypebeast campaign spanning a lifetime non-spicy nugget giveaway in exchange for Twitter engagement; a spicy nugget campaign featuring Chance the Rapper in exchange for Twitter engagement; and a Google Calendar invite for the relaunch in exchange for Twitter engagement.

4. Not Twitter stunting about labour practices. Wendy’s has blamed income equality for sales stagnation despite its starting wages being as low as $8 an hour; it has refused to sign up to the Fair Food Program that regulates against abuse in the agricultural industry.

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5. Frostys. The drink-dessert hybrid — in particular its black-and-white, chocolate and vanilla, off-menu serve, captivated Eater critic Ryan Sutton and former staffer Daniela Galarza in a ranking of America’s best fast food desserts.

If and when Wendy’s opens a new U.K. restaurant or franchise, it will join cult-followed, anti-LGBTQ chicken chain Chick-fil-A and fast franchising burger chain Five Guys, as well as Shake Shack, McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC. Smaller U.S. success stories, like NYC’s The Halal Guys and chicken wing slingers Wingstop have also made moves on London, as favourable franchising finances and willing investors capitalise on an uncertain U.K. restaurant market.

The first U.K. opening(s) are planned for the next 12 — 18 months.

By James Hansen

Source: London Eater

Eggfree Cake Box set to open in Ashford town centre

October 14, 2019

A vegetarian cake shop is coming to Ashford. Eggfree Cake Box – which sells a range of eggless cakes – is set to expand its offering in the county, as it already has stores in Dartford, Folkestone, Gravesend, Maidstone and Strood.

Bold purple shutters and the company’s signage has gone up in Ashford’s Lower High Street as the store prepares for its new opening.

The franchise, which sells birthday cakes, wedding cakes, muffins and cupcakes, started out with a small shop in East London in 2008.

There are now more than 120 cake shops across the UK.

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All products are 100% egg free as the founders of the company follow a strict lacto-vegetarian diet.

In 2017, a Click and Collect service was launched to enable customers to order personalised cakes and collect them within an hour.

Boxes of cupcakes in a variety of flavours, colours and designs are also on offer, as well as the company’s iconic ten-inch giant cupcakes.

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The company’s website says: “Our busy modern lifestyles mean very few of us have time to bake our own or even pre-order cakes, which is where Eggfree Cake Box comes in.

“The Eggfree Cake Box is dedicated to producing the highest quality eggless, vegetarian cream cakes for all occasions.”

By Georgia Woolf

Source: Kent Online

US chain Chick-fil-A lands in Reading

October 14, 2019

Controversial US chain Chick-fil-A has opened its debut UK restaurant.

Berkshire Live​ reports that the group, known for its fried chicken sandwiches and nuggets, launched in Reading’s The Oracle shopping centre this week.

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Chick-fil-A, pronounced chik-fil-AY, has been testing the water in the UK for some time with a pop-up in London’s Islington in 2015 and Edinburgh last year.

The company was founded by S. Truett Cathy in Atlanta in 1967 and now trades from over 2,000 locations across the US.  

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But it has faced controversy over its founders’ religious beliefs and reported donations to groups​ with a record of anti-LGBTQ discrimination.

Chick-fil-A’s first international restaurant under franchise opened in Toronto in September and was met by protests from LGBTQ activists.

All the brand’s US restaurants close on Sundays, Christmas and Thanksgiving, though it is unknown if the Reading site will also do so.

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US chains have historically had a mixed reception in the UK. Though Five Guys is on track to break 100 sites​ this year, brands such as MOD Pizza and Smashburger have struggled to make a similar impact.

By Sophie Witts

Source: Big Hospitality

Spudulike sites reopen under new owner

October 14, 2019

A number of Spudulike sites have reopened under a new owner, two months after the baked potato chain entered administration.

Global potato supplier Albert Bartlett has revived eight shopping mall restaurants in in York, Manchester, Livingston, Glasgow, Bluewater, Norwich, Bridgend and Leeds.

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A total of 37 sites closed when the chain entered administration in August.

The reopened outlets feature a lower-priced and ‘upgraded menu’, made using Albert Bartlett potatoes.

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A statement on Spudulike’s website says: “We’re excited to announce that Spudulike is back. If you’d been missing your favourite baked potato fix, you can now find us again at selected shopping centres across the UK.

“Over the years, Spudulike has had several owners and has operated as a franchise and managed operation. However, an exciting, new era dawns as our much-loved brand becomes part of the Albert Bartlett portfolio – which means top notch spuds, baked the way you love, at lower prices that will make you smile.”

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Spudulike opened its first outlet in Edinburgh in 1974.

By Sophie Witts

Source: Big Hospitality

Hooters deny rumours of restaurant opening in Coatbridge

October 10, 2019

HOOTERS have been forced to deny they are opening their second outlet in the UK… in Coatbridge.

The American restaurant empire, famous for its attractive female staff in skimpy outfits, has branches all across the US and in Europe.

And this week, a rumour was sparked that the chain was coming to Monklands after an image was shared of an ‘Opening Soon’ poster outside the former post office on Coatbridge main street.

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The dubious snap drew a series of responses from Glaswegians – with one user hitting out with the hilarious put-down: ‘Shut it, yer maw works in Hooters.”

But the manager of the UK’s only Hooters down in Nottingham has nipped the latest tittle-tattle in the bud.

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He said: “Nope. As the UK’s only franchise we have the right to refuse, and they would have to go through us first to open it. We haven’t heard.

“It would be great for the brand, but unfortunately it’s not true.”

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The former post office was bought over by Blackpool-based chain Amber Taverns earlier this year and is set to be converted into a community pub.

By Ian Bunting

Source: Daily Record

Muffin Break celebrates as it rises to 65 UK stores

October 4, 2019

The café bakery chain, Muffin Break, is celebrating its 18th birthday in the UK as it opens its 65th store in Colchester, Essex, following a succession of openings on the south coast of England at Poole and Hastings.

Having evolved over the years to meet changing consumer tastes its offering focuses on quality ingredients and the preparation of its signature muffins, which are baked on-site each day by its bakers.

Muffin Break says the latest market insights suggest that on-premise sales and visits amongst Britain’s bakery chains and independents are up by more than 19 per cent. This indicates that its sector is in a strong place for the future, adding that it is well positioned to meet its projected store growth of 15 sites a year to 2022.

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Joshua Nixon, head of estates at Muffin Break, reflecting on the progress of the market, said: “Say ‘bakery’ and people tend to have quite a fixed view of what this means, but at Muffin Break we’re offering something that little bit different.

“Our collective sites bake around 3,000 sweet and savoury muffins from scratch every day, these sit alongside our all-day food and drink offering. Our product range is really versatile which means we’ve been able to respond to the latest market trends, from the growing demand for vegan baked goods, to those that are allergen free.

“What’s more, we offer security to franchise owners by providing a robust and reliable platform to build their businesses on. We hope that our opening in the town of Colchester will encourage potential owners to see the success of bakery and explore the benefits of franchising in this rapidly growing market.”

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Muffin Break offers over 200 muffin flavour combinations, including gluten free and dairy free ranges. In addition to muffins, customers can chose from other items ranging from a freshly made Avocado Smash Croissant to Italian Flatbreads.

Originating from Australia, the first UK store opened in Derby in 2001 and today worldwide the company has grown to over 300 stores.

Source: Franchise World

Papa John’s franchisee has the right ingredients for success

October 2, 2019

Nazim Vadiwala joined Papa John’s as a franchisee in October 2018. Initially, he took over the Leith Walk store in Edinburgh.

Nazim who worked for a rival pizza firm for 10 years, now manages Leith Walk plus the Papa John’s in Whitley Bay on the North East coast, with the help of operations director Syed Salman and teams of local staff.

Nazim explains: “Syed and I worked together for many years and we often discussed the possibility of running our own business but frustratingly there was simply nowhere to go within the company we were employed by.

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“From our regular competitor checks we knew Papa John’s had an exceptional product and the company’s ‘BETTER INGREDIENTS. BETTER PIZZA’ promise, which means only the finest ingredients and fresh dough – never frozen – are used to create the top-quality pizzas, really ‘goes down well’ with customers.

“We believed Papa John’s fantastic pizza combined with our industry experience plus our dedication and enthusiasm meant we had all the right ingredients to run our own successful pizza delivery store.

“We were delighted to gain funding from RBS last year, following the submission of a detailed business plan to buy a Papa John’s franchise. The Papa John’s team have been really supportive setting us up well to start and grow our business.

“I know, I can always phone Phil Gaffer, franchise sales and business development manager, at any time if I need any help and overall, the back-up and support provided has been second to none.

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“Since taking over Leith Walk, we have put our plans into action and worked hard to grow sales through marketing and providing the very best pizza and service to our customers. I’m delighted to report sales growth is right on target and up 20% in Leith Walk since takeover and 35% in Whitley Bay.

“With this summer tourist season well underway, Whitley Bay is beginning to show sales figures to rival some of the top selling stores in the UK!”

‘Hands-on’ in the business
Nazim continued: “I think it’s important to be ‘hands-on’ in the business, so I spend a lot of time in-store talking to customers and helping the staff. I might be creating a text promotional campaign one day, providing a helping hand to make pizzas or, delivering flyers if that’s what needs to be done. I love chatting to new customers and inviting them to come and try the best pizza in town!

“I’ve extended the opening hours of Whitley Bay which is paying dividends and in the busy summer season we will also open at lunch times too. To make a store successful it is important to follow Papa John’s guidelines and combine this with some great marketing and a team of well-trained, motivated staff to create a great customer experience overall.”

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Phil Gaffer, franchise sales and business development manager confirms: “We are often approached by employees from across the QSR industry exploring the possibility of running their own outlets.

“Since joining Papa John’s, Nazim has demonstrated the skills and drive to not only run a successful store but that he recognises the difference between operating a store and owning a business. Nazim has clearly shown that he has the foresight and passion to start building an asset of value and in doing so, create wealth for himself and his family, by investing in Papa John’s.

“I am always enthused by people like Nazim who have chosen the positive route to start building a successful business with Papa John’s and I look forward to supporting Nazim as he expands with more stores in the future. Where else other than Papa John’s in the QSR industry can a talented individual like Nazim realise his aspirations of owning his own business?”

Source: Franchise World