Why choose a Franchise as your next career move?

August 16, 2019

In today’s fast paced world, businesses encounter demanding challenges with increased risk and often, high uncertainty. Anyone considering their long-term business strategies and goals should minimise their exposure to these factors as much as possible. In the last four years, the UK franchise industry has grown by an incredible 10%, meaning this sector now contributes over £15 billion pounds to the UK economy. However, despite this impressive growth and over 550,000 people now employed in the franchise industry, a franchise business tends to come as an afterthought for many business people and would-be entrepreneurs.

Despite this lack of consideration, why is franchising becoming such a popular option? Really it comes down to three things; reducing risk; a wide variety of business opportunity and an increased chance of success. This is all achievable provided you’re prepared to put the work in.

A diverse future ahead Franchising has evolved significantly over the last 30 years. While it was once renowned with fast food giants such as McDonalds and Subway, there are now thousands of franchise brands that cover an abundance of business models and styles.

Today, franchising also goes beyond just selling physical products. Services such as cleaning and consultancy are all rapidly growing opportunities, as are home-based businesses. Our own story here at Zero Dry Time is testimony to the rising popularity of franchising in the Cleaning services sector.

The UK has in excess of 26 million households and many hundreds of thousands of businesses that require carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Proven successful track record Investing in a business with a demonstrable demand for its product or service and a history of success, significantly reduces a franchisee’s exposure to risk. Successful franchise companies tend to be those with clear business processes that consistently deliver positive results to their customers.

An established brand Anyone who has built a business from the ground up will at some point mention developing a strong brand. This can be a slow and exhausting process. One of the biggest advantages of franchising is that you are buying into an already well-established brand that has a perceived value in the eyes of their consumers.

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Again, this increases the business’s likelihood of success and subsequently reduces the risk factor.

Training and support Sometimes people forget that it’s in the company’s interest to give it’s franchisees the greatest possible chance to succeed. Most people who set up their own business must learn through trial and error, or at the expense of a business coach. They need to understand and learn the franchise’s values, business model and processes.

Beyond initial training, a good franchise continues to support its franchisees, helping them building better, more profitable relationships as they go. A reputable franchise continuously launches new products and marketing strategies to further support franchisees, making more sales collateral available, allowing franchisees more time to focus on building their customer base.

Like any other business, franchises can’t predict situations beyond their control, such as Brexit, fluctuating exchange rates and market volatility, but they are an excellent option for people interested in starting a new business, who want to reduce their risks and significantly increase their chances of success.

By Sarah Chapman

Source: BDaily

Franchise Brands profit up 27% amid higher fee revenue

July 26, 2019

Repairs and maintenance franchiser Franchise Brands booked a 27% rise in first-half profit underpinned by higher fee and direct labour income.

Pre-tax profit for the six months through June rose to £1.8m, as revenue rose 19% to £20.1m.

The company declared an interim dividend of 0.30p per share, up 43% on-year.

‘Franchise Brands has delivered a strong performance in the first half of 2019 driven primarily by Metro Rod’s accelerating rate of growth,’ executive chairman Stephen Hemsley said.

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‘All of our profitable, cash generative B2C brands have seen a substantial improvement in franchise recruitment compared to the challenging second half of last year.’

‘ChipsAway is increasingly well positioned for the rapid changes underway in the automotive sector in particular in relation to ADAS and the growth of electric and hybrid vehicles.’

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‘The outlook for the group therefore remains very positive, with the combination of accelerating organic growth and the potential for prudently financed, earnings-enhancing complementary acquisition opportunities giving us the confidence of delivering further significant growth in earnings and dividends in the current year and beyond.’

At 2:41pm: (LON:FRAN) Franchise Brands Plc share price was +6p at 90p

Source: Shares Magazine

Bid to make Scottish franchising a £1 billion industry

July 24, 2019

The British Finance Association has an ambition to take value of the franchising sector in Scotland above the £1 billion mark.

The ambition was announced as the BFA outlined plans for the Scottish Franchise Week which will start on 9 September.

The BFA said that there was an implied turnover of franchising in Scotland currently of £800 million in 2018.

These are part of figures for 2018 suggesting that the industry was worth £17.2 billion to the British economy each year – a figure that is up by more than £2 billion since 2015.

UK franchising also employs around 710,000 people with just more than 50 per cent of those in full-time employment.

The Scottish Franchise Week will include seminars for both prospective franchisees and franchisers on Tuesday 10 September.

This will be followed by an educational forum and social evening on 11 September and on 12 September franchise opportunities will be presented at a business breakfast at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Glasgow on Thursday 12 September.

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BFA CEO Pip Wilkins said: “There are so many opportunities in Scotland for a diverse range of franchising systems to thrive and I am particularly determined to ensure that we achieve a new record and boost the industry into the billions in Scotland as soon as possible.

“Franchisees across the UK are reporting 93 per cent profitability and six in 10 franchised units turn over more than £250,000.

“ I think this proves that the franchise model, if followed properly, leads to successful, sustainable and profitable businesses.

“We need to get this message out across Scotland and shout about the huge success stories.”

By Ken Symon

Source: Insider

Winners of bfa HSBC Franchise Awards Announced

June 28, 2019

The 2019 bfa HSBC Franchise Awards took place on June 27 at the Vox, Birmingham.

Designed to celebrate excellence in franchising from both franchisors and franchisees, the 32nd instalment of the awards, hosted by the British Franchise Association (bfa), saw franchising giants such as McDonald’s claim an accolade, as well as companies only recently starting their franchising journey, such as Radfield Home Care.

Two of the biggest awards on the night, the Franchisor of the Year and Franchisee of the Year, went to Driver Hire and Kev & Amy Popat, Right at Home, respectively.

The winners of the awards are as follows…

Franchisor categories

Franchisor of the Year (gold): Driver Hire
Franchisor of the Year (silver): OSCAR Pet Foods
Franchisor of the Year (bronze): Window to the Womb
Emerging: Radfield Home Care
Brand Awareness & Innovation: énergie Fitness
Leadership & Culture: McDonald’s Restaurants
Social Enterprise: Wiltshire Farm Foods

Franchisee categories

Young Female: Jennie Mills, Rainbow International
Young Male: Craig Bishop, Snap-on Tools
Business Transformation: Ed Pockney, Driver Hire
Customer Engagement: Kev & Amy Popat, Right at Home
Multi-unit: Mark Sadleir, Window to the Womb
Lifestyle: John & Elaine Warburton, Barking Mad
Franchisee of the Year: Kev & Amy Popat, Right at Home

Driver Hire, which claimed the Franchisor of the Year award, and saw one of its franchisees win Business Transformation, has been shortlisted for the Franchisor of the Year accolade 13 times in the last 14 years, winning for the second occasion, proving itself as champions of ethical franchising.

Pip Wilkins, CEO of the bfa, believes that the strength of the applications this year were indicative of an industry that is thriving:

“Congratulations to everybody who won an award, and to all those shortlisted. The franchising industry is showing record growth. There are more franchise systems than ever, and there are more females and young people becoming franchisees.

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“Franchising is able to adapt to societal shifts in culture and needs too, which is a major advantage for businesses in the industry which thrive through change. The franchisees and franchisors that were shortlisted really reflect this. The sector is looking exceptionally healthy.”

Andy Brattesani, UK Head of franchising, HSBC, added: “As lang-standing supporters of the awards, it is always fantastic watching the industry come out in force.

“Well done to all of the winners, and the categories show how diverse the industry is, both in terms of the breadth of services provided by companies, and also the opportunities this allows for franchisees to optimise their lifestyle and work culture.”

Source: Yahoo Finance UK

Online And Internet Franchise UK – Should You Buy UK Internet Franchises?

June 26, 2019

Internet Franchise UK – the TOP 10 MUST KNOWS about finding and running successful UK Internet Franchises.

‘Online’ businesses are in better health today than ever. Given the astonishing rate at which the internet has disrupted every sector, is it now the right time to invest in an internet franchise UK?

The impact of the internet on our lives doesn’t really need to be talked about – it’s there for everyone to see. Few aspects of modern lifestyle remain untouched by the digital revolution, from banking and shopping to eating and entertainment. It’s no wonder then that businesses across industries and sectors have been enthusiastic about adapting to these trends. Even the smallest of businesses can now boast of their ‘online presence’, complete with a handy website, local business listings and aggregated reviews.

In tandem with these changes, franchising has evolved – not just in its reach and market penetration, but also in its adaptability. The internet has made communication barriers obsolete, and that has allowed more and more businesses to franchise their operations across the length and the breadth of the country.

This brings us to the point in question – online and internet franchises UK. This is a young and somewhat niche sector, but that hardly means it doesn’t have its perks. In fact, some of the most consistently profitable franchise businesses have been internet franchises. Low levels of investment required to get started – and, more importantly, the ability to work from home – are two important enablers of this success.

In this article, we will discuss what a typical UK internet franchise does, how its operations work and how much it costs to buy one.

An Overview Of The Market For Internet Franchises UK

Before we get into the details of how an internet franchise UK works, it’s important to well and truly understand the size of the market, how it’s evolved and what opportunities it might present in the coming years.

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  • The most important trend you need to know is the one you’re already familiar with – the access to internet is now cheaper, more widespread and easier to obtain than ever.
  • In 2018, approximately 90% of the adults in the UK were active internet users. At the same time, the percentage of adults who had never used internet was the lowest – at just above 8%.
  • The 16-34 age group represents the heaviest dependence on the internet. Almost every Briton belonging to this age group is a daily internet user (99%).
  • Barring Norther Ireland to some extent, the internet has now penetrated every corner of the UK.
  • A significant share of the active internet users in the UK are also regular ‘consumers’ of internet-only services. For example, nearly half (46%) of the adult internet users in the UK use video streaming services on a regular basis, while online shopping has already become a ubiquitous phenomenon.
  • Similarly, people’s reliance on the internet to avail offline services/products has also increased. For example, 86% of internet users look up a local business’ reviews online before visiting the establishment.

Sources: Hubspot, Brightlocal, We Are Social UK, Office For National Statistics

It’s clear that the internet now plays a huge role in deciding how, how much and on what the consumers will spend their money. More relevant here is the fact that this gives ALL businesses – local, national and online-only – to spend generously on various internet features and products (think of a regular website – it takes at least a few hundred pounds to get started with a proper one!). In other words, this provides a positive, future-facing environment for internet franchises UK to grow in.

What Does An Internet Franchise UK Do?

We have already discussed how computer and IT franchises UK work. The business model used by most internet franchises UK is similar, in that they offer highly specialised (usually B2B) services to their customers.

For the sake of clarity and ease, we can divide UK internet franchises into two broad categories:

A. Internet As A Product Businesses

Internet as a product businesses occupy a small section of the overall pie. The best example of such businesses are internet service provider franchises. Many private companies act as agents of global telecom and ethernet providers, franchising their local units with the help of individual investors (franchisees).

Such businesses are, unfortunately, on the regressive trajectory. Consequentially, such franchise opportunities are few and far between.

That brings us to the next type.

B. Internet As A Service Businesses

Providing a variety of digital and online services is the USP of internet as a service businesses. Quite literally, there’s no limit to the possibilities here. Starting from small-scale, local businesses like digital marketing and web design, we can go all the way up to high-profile IT maintenance and cloud services. As we discussed in the introduction part of this article, every business – however small or large – can use such services, and hence, investing in an internet franchise UK has the potential to provide high ROIs.

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Do You Need To Be A Tech Expert To Invest In A UK Internet Franchise?

One of the biggest positives of franchising is that it brings on board enormous flexibility. While you need to have that elusive entrepreneurial spirit,  you don’t necessarily need to have the industry-specific skills to succeed.

In other words, you don’t have to be a tech expert to get started with an internet franchise UK. All you need to make sure is that you have sound business acumen; the ability to communicate effectively with your clients and the franchisor; and the smarts it takes to lead a small group of talented staff.

How Much Do Internet Franchises UK Cost?

Since UK internet franchises, for all intents and purposes, are ‘service sector’ businesses, the investment level required lies at the lower end of the overall franchising spectrum.

In most cases, a small/medium sized internet franchise can be purchased for a total initial investment of no more than £20,000. Larger franchise units may require you to put a working capital to the tune of £50,000 or more.

Top UK Internet Franchises

For reference, here’s a quick overview of some of the most popular internet franchises in the UK.

Eazi Sites

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £7,995 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Bespoke website development packages for businesses
  • Freedom to work part/full time
  • Home-based opportunity
  • Thorough live training, free course material and learning packages
  • Ongoing support
  • No coding skills required


  • Minimum Initial Investment: £15,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Virtual assistants for businesses
  • Home-based opportunity
  • Full training on offer
  • Recruitment support
  • Marketing and business assistance
  • Customer service support
  • BFA Associate Member

Activ Net Marketing

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £9,995 (plus VAT)
  • USP: New-age digital marketing
  • Home-based opportunity
  • No digital marketing experience required
  • Opportunity to be your own boss
  • BFA Associate Member

V9 Group

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £4,999 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Payment processing for local businesses
  • Work in the lucrative financial sector
  • Low start up costs
  • Marketing support
  • Exclusive territory

Internet Franchises UK – The Takeaways

  • Low start up costs mean that the barrier to entry to low. So, be careful while assessing and vetting various franchise opportunities.
  • Do refer to the detailed franchisor profiles present on our directory page.
  • Go through our important franchise market research tips.
  • Prepare a full-contingency business plan if you plan on applying for a loan.
  • Talk to active franchisees before you invest.

Business Consulting Franchise UK – Should You Buy UK Business Consulting Franchises?

June 26, 2019

Business Consulting Franchise UK – the TOP 10 MUST KNOWS about finding and running successful UK Business Consulting Franchises.

Business consulting has evolved to the point that it is now one of the most important contributors to the overall UK economy. Given its spread and relevance, is it the right time for franchisees to invest in UK business consulting franchises?

If you have gone through our series of free franchising guides, you’d know that franchising is a business model that is extremely good at adapting. It works equally well for product-oriented businesses like retail and service oriented sectors like financial. This high degree of adaptability and flexibility is one of the main reasons behind the success of franchising.

From that perspective, the role franchising has played in helping a 100% service-oriented sector like business consulting grow becomes worth investigating. The nature of this sector and its common business models provide a fertile ground for franchising to take over = and taken over it certainly has. Thousands of consultancy businesses in the UK have now successfully transposed the idea of franchising onto their proven business models, creating a large pool of UK business consulting franchise opportunities.

In this post, we will take a brief look at what business consulting means, how the sector fares in terms of numbers, how business consulting franchises UK work, how much a typical business consulting franchise UK costs and what franchisees need to know before going through with the investment.

Understanding Business Consulting Franchises UK And The Market Overview

At franchise4u, we publish articles and guides that are aimed at educating the investors who want to enter the world of franchising. Our series of franchising blogs is a great starting point for this education. And, as has been our way of doing things, we start the assessment of franchise sectors with the assessment of the industry they operate within.

So, before we go onto discussing UK business consulting franchises, let’s look at the numbers that matter.

  • The business consulting sector is, quite undoubtedly, a service sector leader in the UK. According to various estimates, the overall size of this sector touches (or even, surpasses) the £80 bn mark. (Source: uk)
  • Of this, close to £10 bn is estimated to come from management consulting businesses.
  • This also makes the UK business consulting sector the second largest in Europe.
  • Over the last few years, the sector has experienced steady, predictable growth, making it ripe for investment. According the numbers provided by consultancy.uk, the YoY growth rates stand at 6-10% (2013-2016). (Source: Management Consultants Association)

business consulting franchise uk

  • The business consulting industry is divided between many sub-sectors. The largest among these is the financial sector, represented by businesses like audit firms and tax consultancy firms. Surprisingly, the next place is taken up by the the overall public sector. (Source: Management Consultants Association)
  •  Data from ALM (US) puts even more emphasis on the important of management consulting. Their analysis shows that the size of the UK management consulting sector may well be over £21 bn. (Source: uk)

These numbers are enough to convince that a typical business consulting franchise UK has the good fortune of operating within a healthy, globally relevant and future-facing industry. This, indeed, is a positive sign for franchisees looking to invest in UK business consulting franchises.

What Is Business Consulting? What Does A Business Consulting Franchise UK Do?

Business consulting is an umbrella term that covers all businesses that provide valuable consulting services to other businesses. In other words, consulting businesses are B2Bs that focus on transferring knowledge, expertise and experience in various fields. The best example of such businesses are commercial audit firms.

This also means that consultancy businesses are secondary/tertiary dependents on the growth of other businesses. Quite naturally, the best time to invest in consultancy franchises is when the economy is entering the ‘boom period’.

“While the present phase in the UK economy is fraught with uncertainty, it must be noted that consultancy businesses have more or less weathered the storm, exhibiting promising numbers over the last three years.”

What Do UK Business Consultancy Franchises Really Do?

The business operations depend largely on the niche the franchisor business belong to. In general, consulting businesses share their expertise with their clients on an as-needed basis. Larger, more established UK business consulting franchises have the luxury of being retained by their clientele.

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How Much Do Business Consulting Franchises Cost?

This is perhaps the most burning question in your mind, if you’re looking to invest in business consultancy franchises UK.

We have said, on multiple occasions, that service sector businesses are cheaper to franchise. Since consultancy businesses belong wholly to the service sector, it can be assumed that you will need to invest a lower amount to buy a franchise unit from them than, let’s say, product-based retail franchises.

Our study of UK business consulting franchises reveals that franchisees typically need to invest anywhere between £10,000 and £40,000 to get started. Many other service sector franchises (like commercial cleaning franchises) share this range with UK business consulting franchises.

Much of this investment is directed towards the initial, one-off franchise fee. The franchise fee allows you to licence the franchisor’s brand name, business model and other bespoke offerings. Other components of the initial investment go towards securing the territory, setting up an office, hiring staff and so forth.

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Can You Run A Business Consulting Franchise UK From Home?

Small sized business consulting franchises can indeed be run from home, provided that the franchisor allows such operations. The most common example in this regard is that of tax consultants who run their business in their spare time, providing their advisory and expertise services remotely. (Learn more about home-based franchise opportunities here).

In other cases, you will be required to set up an office, preferably in a business district.

Do You Need Business Experience To Run A Business Consulting Franchise UK?

There are two angles to this question:

  1. The expertise and experience in your field
  2. The expertise and experience in running the business

You will, undoubtedly, need to have competent expertise and experience in your field, because your revenue will revolve around it. On the other hand, it’s not always necessary to have prior experience of running your own business (although having it at your disposal certainly helps).

The important trait to have in order to run any business successfully is the ability to learn quickly. If you’re business-minded, you can learn the ropes in no time, maximising the market worth of your skills.

Top UK Business Consulting Franchises

Just to give our readers an idea, here’s our list of some of the top business consultancy franchises UK. Please note that the details provided here are subject to change, and we advise our readers to contact the franchisor directly for further details.

(You may also want to go through more business consultancy franchise opportunities listed in our Franchise Directory)

Brilliant Customer Service

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £14,950 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Customer service expertise for businesses
  • High margin business model
  • High growth rate
  • Opportunity to work part/full time
  • Can be run from home
  • Full training provided
  • Business assistance provided

Business Doctors

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £39,500 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Business growth and troubleshooting experts
  • Valuable brand name
  • Website, marketing and IT support
  • Exclusive territory
  • Can be run from home
  • Full training provided
  • Business assistance provided
  • Finance assistance through a third-party
  • BFA Full Member

Expense Reduction Analysts

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £44,900 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Cost optimisation experts
  • Internationally renowned brand name
  • High earning potential
  • Relatively low overheads and operating expenses
  • Can be run from home
  • Full training on offer
  • Marketing and IT support
  • Bespoke “Start Up” programme for franchises
  • BFA Full Member

Chrysalis Partners

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £27,950 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Business coaching and consulting
  • High margin business model
  • 5-day residential training programme
  • Ongoing training and unlimited business support
  • Relatively low working capital requirements
  • Full training provided
  • Can be run from home


  • Minimum Initial Investment: £69,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Business growth and tactical coaching
  • In business for over 25 years
  • A network of 150+ active franchisees (Action Coaches) in the UK
  • Global presence, International network of 1,000+ Action Coaches in 40+ countries
  • Can be run from home
  • Full training on offer
  • Ongoing business support
  • BFA Full Member

Business Consulting Franchises UK – The Takeaways

  • UK business consultancy franchises are ideal for investors with medium investment appetite.
  • Operations can be run from home in most cases.
  • Thorough franchise market research is required before shortlisting your options.
  • Talk to existing franchisees before investing.
  • Consultancy franchises are tough to scale, unless you’re willing to work full time.

Business Opportunities UK – Should You Invest In a UK Business Opportunity?

June 25, 2019

Business Opportunities UK – the TOP 10 MUST KNOWS about finding and running successful UK Business Opportunities.

Investors looking to ‘start-up’ are always on the lookout for suitable business opportunities. What types of business opportunities exist out there, and what should you, as an investor, know before buying one?

“Business opportunity” is a term that is very loosely thrown around, especially in the franchising circuit. Businesses that want to diversify their revenue streams come up with ideas that may or may not work – and all these ideas are usually labelled and marketed as business opportunities. That, in itself, is the only negative point associated with such ventures.

But, for the time being, we will discount such practices and focus on what matters – legitimate business opportunities that can help you get started with your very own business.

Regardless of whether you want to set up an additional source of income or you want to be your own boss and lead your life the way you want to, grabbing the right opportunity at the right time is the only thing that matters in this context.

As it turns out, business opportunities and franchising have a lot in common – to the point that inexperienced investors often use these terms interchangeably. So, we will consider the potential of UK business opportunities from a franchising point of view, to add a new perspective to the discussion.

Let’s begin.

What Exactly Are Business Opportunities?

A business opportunity, in the easiest of terms, a transaction that helps the buyer start a business.

This transaction could be anything – leasing a machine, hiring a vehicle or licensing a technology.

There are further nuances to the concept of business opportunities.

For instance, many would classify a transaction that helps improve an already-existent business as a business opportunity. This broad definition has one problem – it brings any and every B2B transaction under this umbrella. At any rate, without being too pedantic, let’s just understand that a business opportunity is supposed to ‘unlock’ a viable, repeatable profitmaking channel for the buyer.

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Types Of Business Opportunities UK

We have already discussed the various types of business opportunities in the Knowledge Base section of our website. We will just quickly sum them up here.

Turnkey Operations

Turnkey operations are among the most popular business opportunities among inexperienced investors and first-time business owners.

A turnkey operation puts on offer everything one needs to start and run a particular business. The model is already developed, tried and tested by the seller – the buyer only needs to purchase it and get the business off the ground. In the same breath, let us make it clear that despite these opportunities being called ‘turnkey’, the investor may need to spend more time, energy, efforts and money on hiring staff, finding a suitable location, marketing and other operational expenses.

Turnkey opportunities can be found across all investment levels and sectors. Common examples include fitness businesses, payment processing businesses and retail businesses.


Many businesses that do not want to undergo the hassle of expanding their operations and investing money in marketing choose the licensing way. This allows them to ‘license’ their bespoke products/services/technology to the interested buyer. The buyer can then use the licenced product/service/technology for their own good, thus benefitting both the parties.

Common licencing examples include brand licensing, certification licensing, process licensing and so forth.


Distributorships represent the simplest, most widespread business opportunities.

A successful business can’t always afford to establish an efficient supply chain throughout the country. So, despite having an opportunity to capture the market, they end up ceding important ground to their competitors. To avoid such lapses, businesses bring on board local investors as ‘distributors.’ The distributors get exclusive rights to sell the product in their territory for a commission, and the business keeps the rest as additional revenue.

Common examples include tyre distributors, electronics distributors and industrial equipment distributors.


Dealerships are similar to distributorships – they only tend to cost higher.

The best-known example is perhaps that of auto/car dealerships.

Rack Jobbers

These represent business opportunities that are available to businesses/individuals that already own a retail location. Such space can be commercially leased to other businesses for product display, placement and advertising. A good example is vending machine placement at a busy retail location.


Other business opportunities include work from home opportunities and sales outsourcing.

When Is It A Good Idea To Invest In A Business Opportunity?

Investing in a business opportunity is much like investing in a franchise business – you need to get many things right to give your hard-earned money a fair shot at generating profits. The right place to start is, as always, knowing what you want, and getting your numbers right (our handy franchise market research guide is a relevant read).

Having studied hundreds of business opportunities and franchise businesses over the years, we have observed that investors who are sure-footed about their expectations are the ones who tend to fare better. This covers important aspects of business such as your readiness to commit to the business full/part time, your ability to raise finance as needed and your understanding of the sector.

For example, if you’re looking only for secondary/passive income, investing in a work from home opportunity might be a more favourable choice. On the other hand, if you’ve got a sizeable sum to invest and you’re willing to commit yourself full time to the business, you can go for a turnkey opportunity within your area of experience and expertise.

How Is Buying A Business Opportunity UK Different From Buying A Franchise?

Franchising is an ongoing working relationship between the franchisee and the franchisor. On the contrary, business opportunities signify just a one-off transaction.

Therefore, you cannot really expect any post-sales support or help from the seller when you’re buying a business opportunity. Additionally, there is more freedom afforded to you – you can choose to utilise the opportunity the way you see fit (while, when you buy a franchise unit, you’re expected to follow the franchisor’s business model).

This can also be taken to mean that business opportunities are more suitable for investors who have prior experience in running a business.

Less Hassle, Easy Process

Buying a business opportunity is usually much easier than buying a franchise. For starters, the seller (in most cases) has no expectations from the buyer other than the money. No interviews, no internal assessment and no long holds on the application – the entire process can complete within a matter of hours, in some cases.

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A Word Of Caution

Franchise businesses (by and large) are regulated in the UK. The BFA, for example, keeps a close watch on various developments, making sure that investors and franchisors don’t fall prey to scam and deceit.

Business opportunities, unfortunately, aren’t regulated in this way. The buyer/investor has to bear the full responsibility of their money, and hence, it becomes even more important to tread carefully. Engaging with businesses that enjoy credibility and good standing in the market is a good way of eliminating much of the risk.

How Much Does A UK Business Opportunity Cost?

The costs depend largely upon the nature and potential of the opportunity. An investment to the tune of £15,000 to £30,000 should suffice to secure a small/medium sized opportunity.

Top UK Business Opportunities

We are presenting a brief overview of some of the popular business opportunities UK, to give our readers an idea of what to expect:


  • Minimum Initial Investment: £1,499 (plus VAT)
  • Type: Distributorship
  • USP: High quality tyre sealants
  • Low start-up costs
  • Operate as per your convenience
  • Home-based opportunity
  • Additional income


  • Minimum Initial Investment: £9,995 (plus VAT)
  • Type: Work from home business opportunity
  • USP: Utility rates optimisation
  • Generate passive income
  • Work full/part time
  • Work only with referrals and introductions, no cold calling

Business Opportunities – The Takeaways

  • Conduct a thorough check before you invest.
  • Understand how business opportunities differ from franchises.
  • Know your requirements and expectations.
  • Prioritise opportunities that fall within your skillset/domain.

The BFA has been at the heart of franchising, so why no longer?

June 10, 2019

Companies all over the world are assessing their relevance in today’s markets, ensuring products and services are fit for the consumer and implementing plans, processes and teams that support agile development environments and the British Franchise Association (BFA) is no different.

It is no secret that in recent years the BFA has come under fire for its ‘dated operation’ and to be honest I’d be inclined to agree with the statement.

The challenge for the current BFA leadership team and one we are pleased to accept is the transformation to a business that aligns as the natural strategic partner to any franchisor and their franchisees, delivering strategies that add significant value and facilitating market leading campaigns that put UK franchising on the map and in the minds of the next generation.

What’s our ‘why change’?
First and foremost franchising standards are everything, without them franchising would struggle to maintain the low failure rates, perception would hugely impact people’s appetite to invest and it is highly likely that consumers would think twice about where they spend their money.

That’s not to say that we believe franchisors are not capable of operating to high standards without the BFA, but it is certainly true that many require support and guidance to help them navigate the ups and downs of franchisor network development.

Of the 99 per cent of franchisors applying for membership some require a form of adjustment to their core framework in order to obtain accreditation and many go on to seek advice and guidance throughout the duration of their membership with us.

We don’t just keep our eye on the UK, the BFA sits on both European and global franchise councils to ensure we are well versed in opportunities and threats that arise globally and could impact the UK industry.

The UK developer accreditation has been born out of identification of unethical franchising trends globally, so in order to protect the UK industry we now liaise with international brands looking to enter so they fully understand the landscape and expectations in the UK.

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Knowledge is power and with power we can influence
This message is critical to the future of franchising and whether you are a new franchisor, or 40 years into your network development, this is the reason to consider joining the BFA.

We have numerous examples of mistakes being made to the detriment of the industry and this intelligence drives our educational strategies, so what are they?

  • Free online education for franchisees and franchisors to support their knowledge of franchising prior to deciding on investing. This results in higher quality entrants.
  • Classroom and evidenced based training to help franchisee support teams, resulting in better franchise understanding and development structures.
  • High quality member conference programmes which deal with leadership, culture, sales, performance management, digital strategies and everything impacting the success of franchise businesses. Without dealing with the generic business trends franchising cannot expect to compete.
  • Industry surveys to identify trends, and support the strategic decisions of people operating in the sector. We also use this to present franchising in the media.
  • The Franchise Gym is set up to help maximise business performance in franchising, offering franchisors and their networks low-cost flexible solutions during development and change projects. Although in pilot phase this will officially launch this year in September.
  • The BFA, in collaboration with The Franchise Trust have built an employability programme to support different demographics into the workplace to secure a future in franchising. Our members and their franchisees will have the opportunity to support this initiative and see a collective franchise industry reduce UK unemployment.
  • If the BFA’s education could influence the UK’s academic agenda franchising would be in the minds of all youngsters going through this system – so that is what we are doing. An interactive video for school children, college franchise fairs, lecturer sessions in universities and potentially a new franchise module being designed by the BFA and a leading business school – watch this space.

Promotion for all who commit to the cause
The cause is the opportunity to build a strong industry that self protects within the collective to provide enviable circumstances for growth. In order to provide an ethical and fair approach to this there are a few rules:

  • If you wish to be involved you must practice what you preach and support the industry at large, this requires your commitment to the association to further broaden the reach and representation.
  • In recent years we have transformed the PR agenda to communicate not only in franchising but into businesses, sectors and regions to drive a growing awareness. Although we do promote the association through these channels we use evidence based case studies and our member brands to substantiate our messages.
  • Franchise guides have been produced and targeted digital campaigns run to expand reach using only our accredited advisors and franchisors.
  • Our website features numerous materials for people to be inspired by franchising and we are producing more opportunities for franchisors and their franchisees to benefit from the resources and partnerships we are building – our new website will be live in October.
  • This is of course the age of partnerships and this means that we are working hard in the background to create valuable opportunities that benefit franchising and our members – you will see some of our projects come to fruition over the coming months.

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Is the BFA team up to the job?
The association’s management team has 80 plus years of experience in franchising both at the coalface as franchisees, leading strategies for franchisors and of course driving standards and education in the industry as confidents, advisors and influencers.

We are on a journey of transformation and want the industry to join us in leading the direction. So in answer to the question posed in the title of this article – the association no longer sits at the heart of this industry, it is at the forefront representing, innovating and leading the way, ready to support the next generation of franchisors, franchisees, business leaders and influencers, and help current members do the same.

My final thought
A quote from Henry Ford, ‘Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.’

By Emily Price – chief operating officer at the BFA

Source: Franchise World

Neighbourly hosted its third European Reunion in the UK

June 4, 2019

Neighbourly, the home services company, hosted its third European Reunion in the UK in Manchester, which brought together over 350 franchisees from four countries across its service brands.

This year’s event themed ‘First Class’ celebrated the success of its franchisees from each of the brands in the UK, Ireland, Austria and Germany at an awards ceremony, and gave franchisees the opportunity to network and share best practice.

Neighbourly also announced its new plans for all of its brands in the year ahead, which now total eight after recently acquiring the UK kitchen makeover franchise, Dream Doors.

Mike Bidwell, Neighborly’s (a holding company of 22 service brands including the U.S. and Canada) chief executive and president, said: “Neighborly has had another strong year of performance, continuing to execute on our plan for growth in Europe and North America. We are now the world leader of franchise brands focused on repairing, maintaining and enhancing homes and properties.

“This year’s European Reunion has been a fantastic success for not only ourselves as a franchisor, but for all our franchisees. It has been one of the largest gatherings of franchise owners in Europe, and we wouldn’t of wanted to be anywhere else, Manchester, the home of culture, music and sport.”

Neighbourly in Europe consists of eight brands – Aire Serv, Bright & Beautiful, Countrywide Grounds Maintenance, Drain Doctor, Dream Doors, and Mr. Electric, plus Locatec and Rainbow International in Germany and Austria.

Award winners
The Neighbourly Reunion Award Winners 2019 were:
UK Franchisee of the Year – David, Denise and Mike Baddeley (Drain Doctor)
Philip Young (Countrywide Grounds Maintenance)
Julie Dunne (Bright & Beautiful)
Martin and Alex Smith (Dream Doors)

Source: Franchise World

Petpreneurs On the Rise: Why Pet Franchises Are A Real Growth Sector

May 10, 2019

Pet Franchises UK. I have a confession. I am a “Crazy Dog Lady”. I am the proud owner of a nearly ten-year-old, diabetic, partially-sighted West Highland Terrier who I often unashamedly refer to as “my third baby” (I also have two children). My dog is well and truly spoiled and treated as one of the family.

I’m not alone in this behaviour. In the U.S nearly half of American households own dogs. That’s an estimated 90 million canine pals. Here in the UK, we’re also a nation of animal lovers.

“There are 900 million dogs in the world and 9 million of these are in the U.K. In fact, 26 percent of the U.K population own a dog. Running a pet based franchise business means that you can combine a passion with a dream – a winning formula!” says Jo Middleton, founder of U.K-based Dog First Aid Ltd, an animal first aid franchise business offering franchise opportunities since 2017.

The statistics certainly support what Ms Middleton says. Even though the pet population in the UK is officially declining (apparently a drop from 71 million in 2013 to 54 million in 2017), the overall spending on pet services, care and products significantly increased in the same period – from £3.8 billion in 2013 to £4.5billion in 2017.

It’s not surprising therefore that pet-related businesses have been cropping up left, right and center over the past decade, and that many of these have emerged into the world of franchising. From pet sitting and dog walking to animal grooming, pet waste removal and animal photography, treats for hungry hounds and animal first aid, there’s a business out there to cater for the need and whim of every pampered pooch or mollycoddled cat.

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And, as if to prove a point, Husse the Swedish pet store franchise has leapt a massive 23 places in the rankings over the past 12 months in a list of the apparent Top 100 Global franchises of 2019, now ranked at number 43.

So the statistics really do “bark” for themselves. But what is it particularly that makes the world of animal services so attractive for both franchisors and would-be franchisees?

The first element is scalability and teachability. The beauty of most pet-related businesses is that they are simple and straightforward enough to be replicated by another person in another geographical area. A new franchisee can be trained and be up and running, earning money from their business quite quickly, making it a win-win situation for both franchisor and franchisee. The nature of a pet-related business also means that it’s unlikely to be significantly affected by regional or geographical variations, making it a model that is likely to be suitable for expansion on a significant scale if all of the other elements for success are present and correct.

The second is passion. If an individual is looking to invest hard earned cash into a business as a potential franchisee, then many will use their own passions and interests as a starting point. The statistics above clearly show that there are a huge number of animal lovers out there for the taking. A pet franchise allows the opportunity to build a business around a love for animals – and possibly also to bring your own pet along to work for the ride! Tying in with this is the fact that most pet business franchisors will therefore be able to have a fairly clear idea from the outset as to the type of person that their particular franchise opportunity will attract and who their Ideal Franchise Persona will be. This helps greatly when it comes to successful franchisee recruitment.

Another significant factor in the success of pet franchise businesses must be lifestyle factors, and in particular the hunt for the ideal (often elusive) work-life balance. More and more of us are looking for flexible working opportunities and opportunities where we can work from home and choose the hours that we work. Many of the pet franchises available allow the franchisee to operate the business from a home office – where you can work with your own cat or dog curled up at your feet!

Inextricably linked in with the aforementioned point would be cost. Although some pet franchises will inevitably involve significant costs and premises, many do not. In the franchise world, many pet franchises are perceived to be relatively low cost and low risk which widens the pool of potential franchisees. And in times of financial uncertainty, when we consider the annual spending figures referred to above, pet businesses appear to be viewed as pretty “recession proof”. It seems that although we may be cutting back on other luxuries in life, we’re not compromising when it comes to our pets.

One other factor that must favor pet service franchisors is the fact that pet businesses are becoming increasingly legislation-heavy. This is, of course, a good thing as the protection of our much-loved animals is at stake. However, the rules, regulations and license requirements that must be complied with when setting up an animal care business could be daunting to anyone looking to enter the marketplace as an independent operator. Joining a franchise network means that the franchisee can (hopefully) be confident that all of the necessary legalities have been complied with.

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In the fast-growing pet franchise marketplace, franchisors will need to keep innovating in order to remain relevant and competitive. However, for pet lovers with a passion for business, it seems that franchising really could be a route to entrepreneurial success.

By: Fiona Simpson

Source: Forbes