Green Motion UK Reinstated on Holiday Autos

November 6, 2018

Green Motion U.K. franchise network will be reintroduced as a car hire partner on on a trial basis this week, as the company works to improve customer experience.

Working in partnership with Holiday Autos, Green Motion’s U.K. master franchise has worked with all of its franchise holders to implement major customer service improvements across its network of outlets.

New initiatives such as simplifying pick-up and drop-off, enhanced customer information, and communication have been put in place. These include a specially created video and reminder card placed inside the car to help customers ensure everything is in order on collection.

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Green Motion has also introduced the first handover agreement in the car rental sector that gives customers until 10 a.m. the next day to report any pre-existing damage. This gives them peace of mind, particularly if they collect a car after dark or in poor weather. It has also reviewed its damage matrix and reduced associated charges.

Source: Auto Rental News