Leading Services Franchise Fantastic Services Announces EWIF Membership as Part of Its Mission to Support Women in Franchising

May 23, 2019

Fantastic Services is a market leader in the domestic services industry in the UK and has a significant share on the services market in Australia as well. The company, founded in 2009, has recently launched its Master Franchise opportunities in both the UK and Australia. Supporting gender equality, the company has become a member of EWIF.

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Jenny Farenden – Franchise Marketing Director at Fantastic Services (Photo: Business Wire)

Ever since it was founded in 2008, the Encouraging Women into Franchising organisation has set its main goal as encouraging women to look into buying a franchise or to franchise their existing business, and to help franchisors add more women to their network and workforce.

Franchising offers a great opportunity for women to find a balance between their family and work, offering flexible work hours, distant management of teams and business, and great opportunities for business growth.

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EWIF is dedicated to organising and running regular regional meetings around the UK to allow franchisors, franchisees and prospective franchisees to meet, network, discuss best practices and hear from a range of industry experts. The organisation also holds an annual national conference and an annual awards ceremony to recognise the achievements of women in franchising, and offers a number of free services for females looking for advice and guidance in the world of the franchise industry.

Currently, EWIF has over 130 members, with their number rapidly growing, and Fantastic Services becoming the latest organisation to join.

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Fantastic Services is an international property maintenance services provider based in London, UK. The company was founded in 2009 and since then has developed over 25 high-end services suitable for both domestic and commercial property owners. With a focus on innovation and technology, Fantastic Services has shown itself to be a fast-growing franchisor as well – there are over 400 franchise units across the UK, the USA, and Australia. The company recently launched a Master Franchise development programme with a feasible goal of reaching other international locations.

Becoming a member of Encouraging Women into Franchising is a great way of showing that Fantastic Services is pro-gender equality and believes women can be as great franchise owners and partners as men. The company strives to support and add to the constantly growing number of young female business owners who join and invest in the franchise industry.

As part of its commitment to support female in franchising and female business owners, Fantastic Services is working closely with Women in Business and will be attending the exhibition in Farnborough later this year.

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The property services business sector in the UK is a £163 billion industry and it is hungry like never before for reliable service providers. Statistics show that the annual growth for the last 5 years is 3.56%. At the moment, around 1.2 million people are employed in that sector.

You can find out more about Fantastic Services here: https://joinfantastic.com/master-franchise/

About Fantastic Services

Fantastic Services is one of the leading service providers in London, the North West and the South East. With 25+ services in their portfolio, they are easily the “one-stop shop” for all home, garden, and office needs. Currently, about 300 franchise partners and nearly 2,000 technicians operate under the brand name in the UK alone. Over 300 branded vehicles cross the streets of London.

Source: AP News

Lancashire based Drain Doctor celebrates 25 years in the North West

May 1, 2019

Lancashire based Drain Doctor Plumbing, is celebrating 25 years in business, with plans to build on its success across the North West.

Business owner Kevin Preston began his career at his grandad’s plumbing business in Blackpool and then went onto run it in 1994.  It was at this point that Kevin had a change in career, not industry, and bought a Drain Doctor franchise as he believed there was growth potential and opportunities to upscale the business at a later stage.

After discussing it with his wife, and now business partner Dawn, the couple bought Drain Doctor Preston, and then a few years later expanded into Blackburn.  Seeking further growth, the Preston’s joined forces with Nick and Lisa Birtles, who owned two franchise areas in Cumbria, and together they combined their businesses to form Drain Doctor North West. Additional growth then followed into Manchester Central, Warrington, Bolton, and more recently Leeds and Wakefield.

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“Forming the joint venture has been pivotal to our success in the past few years,” said Kevin. “Together we have more ideas, a greater risk appetite, and we get more done.  We are repeatedly looking for ways to expand our Drain Doctor business so we can continue to provide a world class 24/7 plumbing and drainage service to all our customers.  By working with our franchisor, Neighbourly, we can also identify the right opportunities and develop key strategies of growth.

“In 25 years, we have achieved a huge amount and we are immensely proud of the business we have created.  Today, we have 21 operatives – the technicians out on the road dealing directly with customers, seven support staff – the day-to-day operations behind the business, and nine franchise territories across the North West. Our revenues have grown exponentially over the years, and last year alone, we grew significantly in turnover, which is testament to the fantastic team we have in place. Ultimately, our joint goal is to grow the Drain Doctor franchise to a large enough size that we can put in a level of management that will run the business, allowing us to step back and enjoy success from afar. Hopefully a beach somewhere!”

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By Philip Ghayour

Source: Business Lancashire

Home Services Franchise UK – Should You Buy UK Home Service Franchises?

April 16, 2019

Home Services Franchise UK – the TOP 10 MUST KNOWS about finding and running successful UK Home Services Franchises.

Home services franchises UK operate in a sector that can rely on steady, consistent market demand. Should you, then, invest in a home services franchise UK?

While discussing franchise market research, we made an important point: a franchise business that operates in a robust sector has, despite having to face strong competition, the advantage of sizeable, reliable demand forces. A retail franchise UK, for example, always has better a better chance of returning significant profits thanks to the inherent scalability advantage.

On the other hand, a very specific, micro-niche franchise sector (magazine franchises, for example) provides faster, easier returns that are still hamstrung by the size of the market.

Essentially, buying a franchise is all about balancing your priorities. In that sense, a home services franchise UK provides a solid, robust option for franchisees that are looking for small to mid-sized investment options.

As you can easily guess, home services franchises UK operate in a sector that is never really going to run out of demand – as long as there are homeowners, you will be needed. That, regardless of the way you choose to look at the prospects, is a bright start to this discussion.

We will, in this post, see what UK home services businesses are, what sort of investment is required to buy and run one, how long a typical home services franchise UK takes to break even, and what the risks to your investment are.

Market Overview For A Home Services Franchise UK

It’s difficult to summarise the market conditions faced by a home services franchise UK, thanks largely to the fact that such businesses are spread across dozens of industries and sectors within these industries.

For example, a domestic pest control franchise is as much a home services franchise UK as, say, a gardening franchise. At this point, it should suffice to say that UK home services businesses benefit immensely from the diversity of this spread.

There are over 25 million homes in the UK – spread evenly across the country. Of course, the concentration of the demand is always going to be higher in densely populated areas. However, the most important number in this regard is the age distribution of homeowners.

70% of UK seniors (aged 65 and more) are homeowners – the premium, first-choice target demographic for every home services business UK. (Source: Statista)

In essence, depending on the sub-sector you choose for your home services franchise UK, the demand and supply calculations will change drastically. To learn more about franchise opportunities in most of these sectors, do follow our UK franchising blog. In addition, the franchising news section of our website has you covered about the latest updates and news in the world of UK franchising.

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What Does A UK Home Services Franchise Do?

There’s no rigid definition that can contain the scope of UK home services businesses.

Typically, a home services franchise UK is expected to offer a specialty service (or a set of services) to individual homeowners and landlords. Larger franchises work with home owners’ societies and businesses (hotels, schools, dorms and so forth).

Can You Run A Home Services Franchise UK From Home?

As the name clearly suggests, all UK home service businesses operate in the service sector – as do most franchise businesses out there. The nature of this sector allows franchisees to operate their business from a home office, as long as the operations are at a smaller, easily manageable scale.

For example, many home improvement franchises UK set up a small home office, hire a team of qualified professionals and run their daily operations out of a van – a recurring concept as far as franchise businesses go.

If you are interested in work-from-home franchise opportunities, do read through our review of home-based franchises UK.

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How Much Does A Home Services Franchise UK Cost?

It’s really difficult to arrive at a range that perfectly captures the level of investment required for franchisees to buy a UK home services business. Depending on the nature of the sector you choose to operate in and the value brought on board by the franchisor, this number tends vary quite a bit from one end of the spectrum (£3,000) to the other (£100,000+).

You will, in most cases, be required to raise funds to the tune of £20,000 if you’re looking to buy a franchise unit from a well-established, reputed and successful franchisor.

Much of your initial investment in a home services business UK will go towards the franchise fees – a one-off investment that allows you to license the business plan, brand and other relevant assets put on offer by the franchisor.

Other recurring expenses involved in the running of UK home service businesses are much the same as any franchise business. These include investments towards buying a van, equipment, inventory (if applicable), staff salaries, taxes, insurance and utilities. You will also need to invest smartly in marketing. Established franchisors take it upon themselves to handle the marketing for their franchisees, albeit for a recurring fee.

Top Home Services Franchises UK

Here’s our brief overview of some of the most popular franchises in this sector. Please get in touch with the respective franchisors to know more about these opportunities.

1. Cleanhome

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £7,995 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Cleaning services for the domestic sector
  • No need to have prior experience
  • Best suited for franchisees with management and sales background
  • Primed for fast growth
  • Full training provided
  • Business support and launch assistance
  • Can be run from home
  • Associate BFA Member

2. Leading The Way

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £8,995 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Pet care provider
  • An ideal part-time/full-time franchising opportunity
  • Small investment, poised for faster growth
  • Best suited for franchisees who are passionate about pets
  • Full training
  • Assistance with obtaining relevant credentials and licences
  • Low overheads
  • Provisional BFA Member

3. The Pest Company

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £16,295 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Domestic pest control services
  • An end-to-end management franchise
  • High percentage of repeat customers
  • Ongoing support
  • Full training on offer
  • Exclusive, large territory allocated to each franchisee

4. Home Instead Senior Care

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £41,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Premium homecare services
  • Full training provided to your caregiver employees
  • 10,000+ satisfied clients
  • Ongoing business and marketing support
  • Home-based franchise opportunity
  • Full BFA Member

UK Home Service Franchises – The Takeaways

  • Go through our blog for detailed reviews on each segment within the home services industry.
  • Pay attention to how your marketing budget is spent and what returns you get on each pound spent.
  • Strive for quality – the decisive factor that separates a successful home services business UK from an unsuccessful one.
  • Work with a franchisor that offers the most in terms of growth potential and support.

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If you operate within the home services industry, we would love to hear from you. Send in your experiences here, and stand a chance to have your business featured on our franchise success stories page.

Newly launched Horsham business delivers top-notch customer service in first week

March 21, 2019

One week of trading and already outstanding customer reviews, Drain Doctor has reason to celebrate the launch of its new business, providing a 24/7 plumbing and drainage service to local homeowners and businesses in and around Horsham.

Drain Doctor owner Will Melliard, who has practised customer care for over 19 years, is determined to bring a world class customer experience to the region by delivering an unforgettable service every day to every customer they work with.

Prior to the acquisition of his new Drain Doctor franchise, Wil began his career working for Harley Davidson as a mechanic, followed by positions in customer service and aftersales for over a decade. He then took a career change and went into the plumbing sector as a business manager, and then as a general manger in drainage to focus on enhancing the customer service.

The Horsham based Drain Doctor has two technicians, two support staff and two branded vans, which are fully equipped with new high-pressure water jetting units and CCTV drain survey equipment. Will’s wife, Becky, will also be involved in the marketing side of the business.

Born and bred in Horsham, Will wanted a new challenge and business opportunity that allowed him to achieve his goals without having to start from scratch. He chose to go down the franchising route and make an investment in a sector which was recession proof and with a brand that was well-known and growing fast. Drain Doctor fitted the bill as it was part of ‘Neighborly’, the world’s largest franchisor of home service brands, with a strong company ethos and Code of Values founded on integrity, respect and customer service.

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Will said: “Having worked in the plumbing and drainage industry for the past decade, I understand the importance of providing great customer service in order to set your business apart from others. I believe this to be the lifeblood of any organisation and it will be a priority for my new Drain Doctor business. I hold firm to a set of values centred around integrity and honesty and this will set the tone for my style of management and engagement with both colleagues and customers.

“I am really looking forward to getting stuck in and being a key player in the local West Sussex community, where I will deliver, not only best in class customer service, but also reinvent the reputation of a tarnished industry. The future is exciting and having the wider support, expertise and resource available from Neighborly and other Drain Doctor franchisees, gives me both confidence and peace of mind.”

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Pierre Jeannes, Vice President of Operations for Drain Doctor, added: “We’re proud and delighted to welcome Will to our close network and are looking forward to supporting him throughout his exciting new journey with us. With William’s proven experience in customer service and the plumbing and drainage industry, coupled with his commitment and enthusiasm to make the business work, he exemplifies the kind of franchise owner that we look for across our industry and shows others the fantastic possibilities that exist in our growing network.”

When Will’s not busy with Drain Doctor Plumbing, he enjoys his fitness, playing the piano and spending time with his two young children.
Drain Doctor is the UK’s leading full service combined commercial and domestic plumbing and drainage organisation with over 50+ franchise locations, providing a national service across the UK.

For further information about Drain Doctor and the services it offers, visit Drain Doctor Horsham or call 01403 336 155.

Source: The District Post

Former UK Soldier Brings Discipline to New Drainage Business in Cardiff

January 20, 2019

With a background of military discipline and self-control, former soldier Shaun Bartlett is now applying his skillset to launch his first new business venture, a Drain Doctor Plumbing franchise, covering Cardiff and its surrounding area.

Prior to the acquisition of his new plumbing and drainage franchise, Shaun wanted a new challenge and business opportunity in a totally new environment to both the army and blue chip organisations, where he previously worked in sales looking after both corporates and small and medium sized businesses.

The new office, which is based in Cardiff, is ready to start trading from 7 January 2019.  Shaun and his Drain Doctor Plumbing branded van, which is fully equipped with new jetting units, cameras and the latest technology, is available to help local commercial and domestic customers’ with their heating, plumbing and drainage needs across the region.

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Not wanting to start a new business from scratch, Shaun chose to go down the franchising route and make an investment in a sector and with a brand which was well known and was growing fast.  Drain Doctor fitted the bill, particularly as it was part of Neighborly, formerly Dwyer Group, one of the world’s largest parent companies of home service brands, with a franchise network of over 3,500 franchisees worldwide.

Shaun Bartlett, said:

“The military training and sales experience I have gained over the years will prove invaluable for the running of my new franchise, and enable me to bring a variety of transferable skills and qualities to the civilian workplace.  For a while, I knew I wanted to start up my own business and be in charge of my own destiny, so that’s when I looked into franchising.  Having done my due diligence, I chose Drain Doctor Plumbing as it gave me a great opportunity to go into business delivering a service that I am passionate about to the community.

“I am not daunted by the challenges that lie ahead and I am now really looking forward to getting stuck in and being a key player in our city.   I am very excited to be the new franchise owner of Drain Doctor Plumbing Cardiff, and knowing I have the wider support, expertise and resource available from Neighbourly and other Drain Doctor franchisees, gives me both confidence and peace of mind.”

Pierre Jeannes, Vice President of Operations for Drain Doctor, added:

“We’re proud and delighted to welcome Shaun to our close network and are looking forward to supporting him throughout his exciting new journey with us.  With Shaun’s proven experience in the army and success of working in sales, along with his commitment and enthusiasm to make the business work, he exemplifies the kind of franchise owner that we look for across our industry and shows others the fantastic possibilities that exist in our growing network.”

When Shaun’s not busy with Drain Doctor Plumbing, he enjoys playing rugby and spending time with his son and partner.

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Drain Doctor is the UK’s leading full service combined commercial and domestic plumbing and drainage organisation with over 50+ franchise locations, providing a national service across the UK.

Source: Business News Wales

New service location for Junk Hunters in Birmingham, rubbish removal franchise

December 14, 2018

Junk Hunters Birmingham, a franchise rubbish removal and recycling company has announced their expansion into servicing Birmingham, England. The new location is said to facilitate teamwork, faster communication, and help the company better serve the community with the best rubbish removal services.

Junk Hunters Birmingham is noted as one of the most successful and fastest growing companies for rubbish removal in Birmingham. The excellence, passion, and drive they exude in the delivery of their services have been a marvel to many businesses, households, and communities they serve. They understand the virtue of cleanliness and exhibit that virtue through matchless waste management.

They are well equipped with efficient trucks, equipment, and various resources to effectively collect, recycle, and dispose of waste. The team is thoroughly trained with all the skills and systems needed to follow to deliver their work with excellence. They provide cost-effective services for residential, commercial, and house clearances in Birmingham.

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“We recycle over 80% of all waste collected from building sites, residential spaces or commercial properties,” says, Erald Ratnathilaka, manager of the franchise. “To make services cost effective, we use bigger trucks which can collect more waste, offering incredible value to their customers with a 2-hour guaranteed slot for delivery.”

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The following entails the services offered by Junk Hunters Birmingham: building waste removal, residential waste collection, garden clearance, commercial waste collection, and house clearance. Junk Hunters Birmingham adopts a simple, but effective process for their services:

  • Quote: booking can be done online with a free no-obligation quote.
  • Truck Arrival: after booking confirmation they send out their team at a pre-approved time slot.
  • Loading & Sweeping: the team collects and sweeps off all waste in the house or office.
  • Recycling & Disposal: Waste is recycled and disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way.

Junk Hunters Birmingham is located in Alvechurch, England. Residents and businesses in Alvechurch and the surrounding areas looking for professional and cost-effective rubbish removal services can contact them via phone at 0800 233 5865, or via email at erald@junkhunters.co.uk. For additional information about their services, visit their website.

Source: Digital Journal

Father and son team up in drainage business

September 8, 2018

Having spent over two decades running his own heating and plumbing organisation, Steve Lawless has teamed up with his son, Myles, and they are about to embark on their first business venture together as a new Drain Doctor franchise covering Stafford and Stoke-on-Trent.

Utility 360 Launches New Franchise Business

August 15, 2018

Utility 360, one of the UK’s most successful business energy management companies, has launched a brand new franchise aimed at expanding its UK operation.

Utility 360 ensures all its customers get value for money on their energy expenditure, namely gas, electric and water. It believes in an honest, open approach and continually strives to provide the highest levels of customer service. The business, which is based in the North West of England, has built up strong relationships with all the major UK utility suppliers since its launch in 2010. This, along with its bespoke 360 software, enables the company to offer its customers the very best energy deals available.

In the first year of business a franchisee would be expected to generate a net profit of around half of their initial investment. By year 4 there is a net profit potential of £71,000+ per annum. These projections are based on actual performance from existing sub brokers with the Utility360 network and provide an indication of potential earnings.

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Initial investment starts at £19,995 + VAT, and franchisees must have £10,000 in liquid funds. The franchisor will help you secure the rest of the funds required through available franchise financing routes. Franchisees will benefit from the trusted Utility 360 brand and be given their own exclusive territory. All investors will be put through an intensive induction programme and be supplied with ongoing training and support. Franchisees will also be given assistance with initial lead generation and access to Utility 360’s IT systems, including its bespoke 360 software.

Source: London Post

Junk Hunters opens outside the capital in Birmingham

July 5, 2018

A London-based waste removal franchise, Junk Hunters, has chosen Birmingham as the location for its first operation outside the capital.

The Birmingham branch will cover the city and surrounding areas stretching out to Solihull, offering its rubbish collection service to households and businesses.

Junk Hunters’ commits to recycling and reusing as much waste as possible that it collects from customers and says it currently recycles 75 per cent of all items, with plans to reach an 80 per cent target in the coming years.

Harsha Rathnayake, chief executive of Junk Hunters and area manager, Romesh Gilles, believe that Birmingham has plenty of demand for a quality junk clearance service and that last year’s council bin strikes may see more businesses willing to use a private provider to collect and recycle their unwanted items.

Rathnayake founded the company in London in 2009 with a second-hand tipper truck and £160. The company says the business now has a turnover of more than £1m a year with a fleet of vans and over a dozen employees.


Junk Hunters sees its commitment to recycling and reusing waste and top-quality customer service as being an essential part of the business, with frequent repeat customers a main driver to success. The company says that the branded and clean vehicles, guaranteed delivery slots and uniformed, polite staff have also been central to business growth.

‘Junk is big business’
Rathnayake said: “Following a successful nine years in London, we’re delighted to launch in Birmingham. Junk is big business that continues to grow. Businesses and domestic customers always have waste they need to clear, and they want a reliable company who will clear their rubbish and dispose of it responsibly.

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“Unwanted junk leads to fly-tipping which damages the environment. There is a real need for a responsible operator in Birmingham who is committed to disposing of unwanted items properly. “We aim to recycle and reuse as much of the junk we collect as possible. Some gets sorted and sent to the recycling plant; items from house clearances and office clearances that can be reused get taken to charity shops or facilities where the items can be resold.

“We’ve worked hard since I launched the business to grow it to where it is today and during the last five years we have seen profits rise annually. Junk is not a glamorous business but it’s an industry that provides a vital service and one that we are passionate about.

“We want customers in Birmingham, both domestic and commercial, to enjoy the levels of service we’ve been providing in London for almost a decade.”

The company will collect a wide range of unwanted items from households, building sites and commercial premises including IT equipment, office furniture and industrial waste. The service also offers householders an advantage over using skips for rubbish disposal, which can often be left unsightly outside awaiting collection.

Junk Hunters is planning to open up to nine other branches this year with new centres scheduled for Surrey and Slough, followed by further sites in the East Midlands, London, the South East, Wales and Yorkshire.

Source: Franchise World


April 17, 2018

Entrepreneur and BQ alumni Harsha Rathnayake is looking to expand his waste removal company across the UK by franchising his business model. Waste removal company JunkHunters is seeking to establish a network of franchises across the UK, and since launching, have been inundated with enquiries.

Potential business owners from the Midlands, London, South East, Wales and Yorkshire are all in discussions with the London-based company.

The first five franchises are due to launch this Spring in South West London, East London, Birmingham, Surrey and Slough with five further outlets operational before the end of the year.

The company, founded by Harsha Rathnayake in 2009, is giving people the chance to grow a successful business using the Junk Hunters model.

Since he set up the business with a second-hand Ford Transit tipper truck and £160, Harsha has seen it grow to almost a £1m a year turnover company with a fleet of vans and a dozen employees.

The company is now looking for other business people to build on their success and help create a first class waste removal company covering all over the UK.


Current projections estimate a gross profit of around £278,000 after five years for each franchisee.

Junk Hunters CEO Harsha Rathnayake said: “Franchising for us is about seeing the business grow and allowing other business people the chance to grow with us.

“Becoming a Junk Hunters franchisee is not only about building a business that provides an attractive income, it’s also about providing a valuable service which will have measureable benefits to the environment and your local community.

“Rubbish or ‘junk’ as we prefer to call it is big business that continues to grow. Particularly during the last five years of trading we have established a successful business whose profits have continued to grow year on year.”

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Rathnayake added: “Junk is not a glamorous business but it’s an industry that provides a vital service and one that we are passionate about. We expect Junk Hunters franchisees to show that same passion.

“The reputation of our brand is extremely important so potential owners need to be committed to everything we stand for, from being an excellent employer to having business acumen and a drive towards exceptional customer service.

“Our current projections under a franchised model estimate a gross profit of around £278,000 after five years for each franchisee, not bad when your line of work is other people’s rubbish.”

Source: BQ Live