KFC Celebrates Reopening 500 Stores With a Video Montage of Your Sad Fried Chicken Efforts

May 22, 2020

KFC has announced the reopening of 500 of its restaurants, meaning you can get your finger licken’ chicken delivered straight to your door and stop trying to crack the Colonel’s recipe. Your attempts suck anyway, and KFC knows it.

The brand dropped the news alongside a a YouTube video celebrating your attempts at recreating KFC’s crispy chicken at home; even though the recipe is a secret, there have been a few recipes that claim to have figured it out. But you’ve still got to cook the chicken to perfection, which is where it all went a bit wrong looking at your attempts. Good effort though!

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Paula MacKenzie, general manager at KFC UK and Ireland, said:

“Five hundred restaurants reopening is a huge milestone. It’s credit to the hard work of all of our amazing teams in restaurant and we wanted to celebrate the moment.

“We’ve loved seeing the nation’s homemade efforts whilst we’ve been away, so including a few of them in our new ad is the perfect tribute. Some of the creations looked incredible, some less so… now that we’re back on delivery, probably best we take it from here!”

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You heard her. Leave it to the professionals. Unless the professionals aren’t opening back up in your area. You can check out whether you can put the deep fryer back into the recesses of the cupboard from whence it came after consulting the website.

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The chain was amongst the first of the fast food giants to open its doors for delivery last month, starting off with just 11 stores and a limited menu. The franchise intended to get 100 locations in the UK back up and running for delivery by May 4, and seems to have avoided the issues Burger King and Five Guys encountered with a rabid, MSG-starved rabble rolling up for takeout with all the decorum of a zombie horde that’s had a whiff of brains. Maybe the Colonel’s fare attracts a slightly more civilised crowd, or they’ve just been biding their time before going bonkers. We’ll have to wait and see.

By Shabana Arif

Source: Gizmodo

KFC to reopen 80 more restaurants for delivery across UK

April 30, 2020

KFC is to reopen 80 more restaurants for deliveries as it becomes the latest fast food chain to ramp up its plans in response to the coronavirus lockdown.

The fried chicken chain has gradually opened 20 of its sites over the past two weeks for deliveries only.

It said it will now reopen an additional 80 restaurants across the UK this week, taking its total to 100 by Monday.

The chain, which has over 900 sites nationwide and employs around 24,000 people, shut all its restaurants last month due to the coronavirus lockdown.

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The raft of reopenings comes as rivals including Burger King and Pret a Manger also push forward in restarting operations for deliveries.

McDonalds said on Tuesday that it is carrying out tests behind closed doors this week in preparation for reopening sites.

KFC said it will serve a “limited menu” to help smaller kitchen teams maintain social distancing, while “stringent processes and hygiene measures” are in place.

Paula MacKenzie, managing director for KFC UK & Ireland, said: “I’m really proud of the way we, with our franchise partners, have been able to carefully get some of our restaurants back open for delivery over the last two weeks.

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“This next stage allows us to continue to provide wider access to hot food for those who need it most, whether that’s key workers after a long shift or those working from home who need a quick, affordable dinner for the family.

“I’m hugely appreciative of our team members who have returned to work – it’s a challenging time for everyone, but we’re so glad to play our part in helping to feed the nation.”

Food will be delivered through Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats, it said.

The company also said it will continue to donate meals to the NHS and key workers, committing to deliver 10,000 meals a week in partnership with Deliveroo.

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Meanwhile, Burger King said on Wednesday that it hopes to open at least 350 of its restaurants by the end of June as part of a staggered reopening after the lockdown.

It has already announced plans to open 12 restaurants out of its current crop of 500.

Speaking to the BBC’s World At One programme, UK chief executive Alasdair Murdoch said: “We would anticipate that by the end of June, we will be getting towards 350 and 400.

“We see that some of the others will be difficult to open – some are in airports.

“At this stage none of us really have the visibility on when they might do.”

He said a scaled-back menu would allow staff to socially distance while making the food, with the arrangements being put into place for drive-through restaurants, and with trials set to start on how to reopen high street walk-in locations.

Source: Evening Express

KFC reopens 11 branches around the UK for deliveries – and it’s giving free meals to NHS staff

April 17, 2020

KFC fans can now get their hands on the colonel’s fried chicken once more as 11 branches around the UK have reopened for takeaways.

The fried chicken chain is also dishing out free meals for NHS staff and other key workers.

KFC had initially closed all of its restaurants and stopped delivering takeaways by March 25.

It followed Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing on March 20 that all non-essential shops and businesses must close.

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Restaurants are still allowed to deliver takeaways, but at the time KFC said it would shut its doors to “protect the wellbeing and safety” of staff and customers.

KFC has more than 900 branches in the UK and employs around 24,000 members of staff – us its store locator tool to find your nearest.

But now it’s confirmed 11 branches have reopened for deliveries only, and it plans to reopen more over the next few weeks if it can do so “responsibly”.

You can now order from these branches via Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats, but you can’t order directly from the KFC website.

Just bear in mind that delivery via Deliveroo varies depending on how far you live from the retailer, while on Just Eat and Uber Eats it varies by restaurant.

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KFC is also operating a limited menu to “help keep things simple” and prevent the need for team members to cross work stations.

Staff have designated working zones two metres apart marked by tape on the floor and operating with just one person per station.

Those packing orders have to wear gloves, while KFC has also placed taped markings on the floor to keep delivery drivers apart.

It adds that returning to work is on an opt-in basis, and only those who can travel to work without using public transport have been asked to come back.

This means there will be fewer staff in branches.

Where staff can’t or don’t want to return to work they will get 80 per cent of their wages paid, up to £2,500 a month, under the government’s furlough scheme.

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KFC adds that reopened stores last week donated over 3,000 meals to NHS and key workers via Deliveroo.

It now plans to provide 100 free meals from each open restaurant every Tuesday to those on the frontline.

Deliveries will be made directly to hospitals, care homes and supermarkets with orders of 50-plus being prioritised.

If you’re responsible for a team of key workers, you can email heretodeliver@deliveroo.co.uk for the next steps.

A KFC spokesperson said: “Over the last week, we’ve reopened 11 of our restaurants in the UK.

“They’re open for delivery only and are serving a limited menu, operated by fewer team members with new procedures in place to help ensure we’re following social distancing guidelines.

“There’s still a need for affordable, accessible food at this time – so we want to do our part.

“We’ve also donated thousands of meals from all our open restaurants to those on the frontline, including the NHS and key workers, in partnership with Deliveroo, and will continue to do so each week whilst the situation continues.”

The fried food specialist recently came under fire for its finger lickin’ TV advert after coronavirus spreading complaints.

By Helen Knapman

Source: The Scottish Sun

KFC donates food to 2,000 NHS workers in Essex

March 29, 2020

HARD-working NHS staff were boosted thanks to a free meal as KFC restaurants made huge donations.

Restaurants across Essex donated more than 2,000 meals to NHS staff across Basildon, Southend and Broomfield hospitals.

The 18 chicken shops in the county, managed by Kefco Sales, have closed in the past week following government guidance to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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However, the franchise did not want to let the chicken go to waste, so had the teams cook and deliver stock to 1,000 people in Southend Hospital, 500 in Basildon Hospital and 750 at Broomfield Hospital.

In total, the teams sent out 7,701 pieces of chicken to a variety of organisations including hospital staff, care homes, fire services, teachers, the food bank and a homeless shelter.

Warren Miller, people capability coach at Kefco Sales, said: “Throughout the evening and early hours of the morning I was looking through Facebook community groups.

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“I managed to get a list of names and locations that we could safely drop off large quantities of chicken.

“By 8amTuesday when our restaurant teams arrived, we had a plan on where we were going to deliver, and how much was needed.

“We had nine restaurants involved in the cooking and delivery. The teams were smaller than usual as we were only planning on cleaning the restaurant for closing initially, but luckily other team members jumped on board, and this became a joint team effort to help.

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“The team have been so supportive of our efforts helping the community. We couldn’t have got anywhere near making deliveries to everyone we did without their enthusiasm for making this work.

“Closing in situations like this is difficult, so it was amazing to give back to our community before we did.”

By Ellis Whitehouse

Source: Echo News

KFC fast food giant plans to potentially open in Wokingham

February 3, 2020

A POPULAR fast-food restaurant is rumoured to be opening its doors in Wokingham. KFC has plans to potentially open a new franchise in Elms Road after posting a job advert online.

The store is recruiting staff for a branch in Wokingham which says it is located near the new Elms Field development.

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The job adverts show they are looking to recruit staff for a range of positions, such as team leaders, cooks and managers.

KFC is famous for its unique Kentucky fried chicken which is coated in a tasty light batter.

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The Colonel’s seasoning recipe is a secret which is why people love KFC so much because it is ‘like no other’.

There are also full and part-time roles for customer service representatives, who will take orders, serve food and help keep the diner tidy.

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KFC has been contacted for a comment.

By Isabella Perrin

Source: Bracknell News

KFC to open hundreds of new outlets ­­— including one in Bolton

September 20, 2019

KFC has plans to open dozens of new outlets across the North West — including one in Bolton.

The fast food giant has published a list of target areas to open restaurants across the country, with Bolton East among the 543 places named for a potential franchise.

Other nearby areas listed on KFC’s target locations list are Darwen, Leyland, Tyldesley, Swinton, Salford, Sale, Altrincham and Oldham.

Cllr Debbie Newall, who represents Breightmet, said: “I just think, with anything like this, if it brings jobs and opportunities to the area it is something we should consider.

“For example, they have done one in Farnworth and it was being very well received by residents as it is bringing jobs and a high standard of fast food to the area.”

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Restaurant bosses are due to open the Farnworth franchise by the end of the year and a metal frame has now been erected on land between King Street and Albert Road.

That restaurant will create 40 jobs in the area ­— 20 full time and 20 part time.

A spokesman for KFC said: “We have bold ambitions to have over 1,000 stores in the UK and Ireland by 2020.

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“We are looking to build over 50 new stores a year.”

KFC was introduced to the UK in 1965 with its first branch in Preston, but today it operates 850 outlets in the country.

Cllr Roy Davies who represents the Darwen East ward, said he would welcome the fast-food giant to the town if they decided to open a restaurant.

He said: “We have got a lot of restaurants in Darwen but we want to have more businesses that would make people come into Darwen and that is what would happen with this.

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“We want to make people live in Darwen and shop here and, with the likes of KFC coming here, they will want to come back.

“We have got to make decisions that when shops close, do we want it to be another takeaway or would we like to have a restaurant like KFC?”

Source: The Bolton News

KFC in Epsom will open on Monday after 25-year absence

August 18, 2019

KFC is returning to Epsom after a 25-year absence.

Franchisee owners Iceking will run the world-famous fried chicken outlet on Epsom High Street.

The store is expected to open for business on Monday (August 19) at midday.

Iceking said they would be giving away 25 free meals to the first 25 people who entered the store on the day.

Commercial Director at Iceking Angelina Mouralidarane told the Comet the opening was particularly special due to the personal connection she and her family had to KFC’s presence in Epsom.

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“The first IceKing franchisee Jonathan — my father — first worked for KFC in Epsom over 20 years ago during the ’90s.

“Then it closed and KFC has not been in Epsom for the 25 years since then.

“So there’s a sentimental value to the brand with my father returning to open up this store in Epsom — it’s where he first had contact with the franchise,” Ms Mouralidarane said.

The Iceking director revealed that so far the new KFC outlet was employing 30 people in Epsom and hoped to create more jobs going forward.

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“We want to help the community and we’ve created over 30 jobs at the shop already,” Ms Mouralidarane pointed out.

She also revealed that they planned to donate £1,000 to Love Me Love My Mind, a mental health charity based in Epsom.

“We wanted a charity that was specifically about Epsom and serving that community.

“We also wanted to help a charity that might not have the means or get as much exposure as others do,” she said.

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The opening of the KFC outlet in Epsom was mooted in April last year, but stalled after Epsom and Ewell Borough Council (EEBC) initially opposed the plans.

The branch will be located at 17 High Street, Epsom.

By Orlando Jenkinson

Source: Surrey Comet

Jobs boost as KFC opens in Fort William later this year

May 8, 2019

KFC UK – Twenty new jobs will be created in Fort William when an international fast food store opens its doors later this year.

KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken, is currently recruiting for staff – with salaries of up to £26,000 for working in the branch in the Lochaber town.

Councillor Allan Henderson, from Fort William, said the project showed the overall confidence in the town, and the continued investment from business.

At the start of the week plans were announced to build a soap factory in the Lochaber capital.

The KFC outlet – which has planning permission for a drive through, restaurant and take away – is on the A82 north of Fort William, at North Road – next to Poundstretchers and a nearby Costa Coffee drive through and cafe.

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Developers have been working on the plan for the business for more than five years.

Managerial jobs at the outlet have now been advertised via HiJobs and The Press and Journal.

In a statement, KFC franchise operators Herbert said: “The Herbert Group are KFC’s largest franchise with 156 restaurants across the UK and Ireland and is growing each year.

“KFC has over 900 restaurants in the UK and employs more than 25,000 people.

“Fort William is the next chapter in our investment.

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“We are now recruiting for staff members and we are looking for someone very special from the area to be our manager, and assistant manager.

“We want passionate business leaders who want to make a difference.”

It is expected the business will be opened in late summer, and more than 20 permanent jobs will be created.

Councillor Allan Henderson said: “It is great to see the business finally taking off.

“This KFC has been in the pipeline for some time – but the best news is that it will be creating permanent well-paid jobs.

“Once these projects start they get underway very quickly. The roof is almost on – so I imagine it will only be a matter of months before it is up and running.

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“The other thing that a national business like this coming to town does is grows the confidence of others that this is a place that is thriving and ready to do business.

“It also fills those unsightly gaps in the roadside.”

By Louise Glen

Source: Press and Journal

KFC to close its Cribbs Causeway restaurant as The Mall suffers second blow in a day

February 21, 2019

KFC has confirmed it will be leaving The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, just hours after McDonald’s revealed they would also be closing its store.

A spokesperson has this afternoon announced the popular fried chicken franchise would be shutting up shop at Bristol’s largest shopping centre next month.

Although the chain will be leaving The Mall itself, another store just minutes away at The Venue is set to stay open.

A KFC spokesperson said: “A KFC spokesperson said: “Unfortunately we’re having to close our restaurant at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway at the end of March.

“We’re currently in consultation with our team members at the restaurant and we’re aiming to offer all of them roles across our other seven Bristol restaurants.

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“For fans in the Cribbs Causeway area who still want to enjoy a KFC, we have a restaurant at The Venue right next door to The Mall.

Earlier today, McDonald’s also confirmed they would be leaving The Mall with doors closing permanently on March 9.

A spokesperson confirmed all staff working at the outlet would be offered positions at other nearby franchises.

The Mall at Cribbs Causeway refused to comment on the reason for the departures of the two fast food restaurants, and have instead chosen to draw attention to new arrivals at the shopping centre.

A spokesperson said: “We do not comment on market speculation or discussions with individual operators.

“A vibrant mix of restaurants is very important for The Mall, and we are welcoming new brands Chopstix and local favourite Chandos Deli to Cribbs Causeway.

“We look forward to announcing more exciting names in the near future.”

Source: Bristol Post

Year-old KFC franchisee ranked the chain’s most operationally efficient

January 16, 2019

Splendid Restaurants Colonel has been awarded the ‘World Class Operations’ title at the KFC Franchise Awards for the UK and Ireland, just a year after it began working with the brand.

The award is the ultimate accolade of the annual event, recognising Splendid Restaurants Colonel – part of the Splendid Hospitality group – as the leading regional franchise.

The company, which became a franchise partner of KFC UK and Ireland in 2017, was measured on a number of components in order to claim the accolade including leadership structure, vision and investment in current assets.

It was also benchmarked on its appetite for new restaurant openings and people development, while an ‘Operations Capability Assessment’ saw it rack up a score of 89%.

Prabu Narayana, managing director of Splendid Restaurant Colonel, said: ‘‘From winning the Newcomer of the Year in 2017 to taking home the title of World Class Operations a year later is a testimony to the diligence and commitment of the Splendid Restaurants Colonel team. Customer service and our people are at the heart of our brand and I am devoted to support and lead a passionate team who share the same robust vision for success.”

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Stuart Bailey, CEO of Splendid Hospitality Group, said: ‘‘The award is evidence of the proficient strategic business planning by the dedicated team, who have been paramount to the brand’s success since becoming a KFC franchise partner 19 months ago. The team are undoubtedly committed to the KFC culture and continue to deliver world class business acumen, so we are delighted to be awarded with such a momentous title at this year’s Franchise Awards.’’

KFC operates around 900 stores in the UK, the majority of which are franchise owned.

Source: Foodservice Equipment Journal