Leading the Way … to exceptionally safe pettransport

June 19, 2019

Exemplary safety standards for pet transportation lie at the heart of Leading the Way’s business model as they expand their successful pet care and dog walking franchise.

Not surprisingly, the company is delighted to see the importance of safe pet transportation being tackled ‘head-on’ by the RSPCA in the recently published ‘Professional Dog Walker’s Guidelines’. The sixteen-page guide not only adds weight and credibility to the company’s core values of professional care and pet safety, but also justifies their investment in a specialised transport system; allowing franchisees to offer pet owners a service that is leaps and bounds ahead of their competitors.

Every dog walker, lead in hand, appreciates the joyful anticipation of wagging tails and excited paws that greet the prospect of a walk.

But transporting precious pets to exciting places where they can run free, let off steam and stimulate their primary sense of smell takes responsibility and careful consideration.

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Leading the Way Pet Care know that keeping pets safe from physical harm (and drivers safe from distraction) during transit is paramount.

That’s why they’ve invested in the services of a company whose specialist animal transportation solutions are supplied to the Police and Emergency services. Built to DEFRA and RSPCA standards regarding kennel size, materials, ventilation, non-slip flooring and temperature monitoring, their bespoke vehicle conversions provide franchisees with the ability to transport pets with complete confidence.

Leading the Way Pet Care are dedicated to raising standards within a vastly unregulated industry, making valuable contributions to pet owner’s lives with trustworthy, professional dog walking, home care and pet taxi services, offering comfort and reassurance to much-loved pets in their owner’s absence.

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With the UK franchise sector enjoying its greatest turnover (newly released figures from the 2018 bfa NatWest Survey reveal £17.2bn – up 2.1 billion since 2015) there’s never been a better time to pick a successful franchise business.

Leading the Way Pet Care not only delight customers by prioritising the safety and happiness of their pets, but also go out of their way to secure business success for their franchisees.

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Michelle and Andy – Case Study

May 19, 2019


A surprise phone call following a chance meeting with OSCAR Pet Foods’ behaviourist, Shelley Audis-Riddell, BSc (Hons) MSc, turned Andy and Michelle’s lives around. After attending “by far the best puppy classes you could ever imagine” Michelle’s love of animals and Shelley’s inspirational knowledge of pet behaviour sowed the seeds for a pioneering new franchise opportunity.

‘OSCAR Pet Foods, the UK’s largest pet food home delivery franchise were launching a new business to support pet ownership – would I be interested in running their pilot franchise?

‘Fed up with exhausting and financially unrewarding jobs, my husband and I were properly stuck in a bubble of negativity.

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‘Here was an opportunity to work flexibly, at my own pace, around precious family commitments, whilst indulging my life-long love of animals and enjoying a steady income from the rapidly expanding pet industry.

‘As my Leading the Way business picked up I asked my husband, Andy, to step in to help with some of the dog walking. As a trained dog groomer in his spare time, I had an inkling that he would turn out to be a great asset to the business. In fact, Andy’s naturally high standards and calm temperament turned out to be perfect. So much so, that before long he decided to leave his previous employment and join the business full time. He’s never looked back.

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‘It’s great being out every day experiencing the changing seasons. We’ve learned to listen out for the beautiful call of a buzzard and enjoy seeing the countryside at its very best; with the added benefit of staying incredibly fit!

‘Shelley’s knowledge has given our business not only the expertise it requires but also the edge of professionalism that it deserves.

‘The CERTA Accreditation delivers certainty when it comes to knowing that we offer the highest standards in the industry – nothing is left to chance.

‘One of the greatest joys we have each day is looking back with happiness at how far this franchise opportunity has turned our lives around.

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‘We could not be happier with our new-found life/work balance.’

“Leading the Way support has been outstanding, going above and beyond. We have never experienced this kind of commitment, helping us through the early challenges of starting a new business with no previous experience.”

Andy and Michelle Corrigan, Leading the Way Chorley