Magazine Franchise UK – Should You Buy UK Magazine Franchises?

April 12, 2019

Magazine Franchise UK – the TOP 10 MUST KNOWS about finding and running successful UK Magazine Franchises.

Should you invest in a magazine franchise UK? Where should your search for a profitable franchise begin? Here’s our take on the issue.

Buying a franchise can be a daunting task – especially for the first-time franchisees. Things aren’t always straightforward, the markets aren’t always favourable and the competition is rarely lax or lenient. Add to it the present-day Brexit impact franchising, and you begin to understand why there’s more confusion among franchisees than there ever has been.

We built franchise4u with the sole aim of educating franchisees and bridging the gap between them and franchisors. This post about magazine franchises UK is another attempt at tackling the questions that most franchisees looking to invest in a magazine franchise UK have.

While we concede that magazine franchises UK aren’t the first-choice investment option for many franchisees, it’s important to note here that a well-run and proven franchisor can certainly create opportunities worth watching out for in this space. The returns aren’t going to be as handsome as, say, retail franchises – but for the level of investment, commitment and work required, a magazine business UK can just be the alternative you need to generate an additional, reliable stream of income.

Understanding The Market For A Magazine Franchise UK

All UK magazine franchises operate in a close-knit sector. Many dub this as a ‘readership economy’ – a sector that’s dominated largely by three segments: news/entertainment, fiction/non-fiction and academics.

An average magazine business UK can ‘float’ freely in all these segments, depending upon the niche chosen by the franchisor.

Thankfully, UK readers are known to be of the ‘voracious’ variety, and there’s always a great demand for print magazine subscriptions throughout the country. This, despite the fluctuating influence of e-readers and tablets , is a certain positive for every franchisee looking to buy a magazine franchise UK.

  • The UK publishing market is among the largest in the world. At over £10 bn per year, the publishing market not only generates a good deal of money for the investors, it also creates thousands of employment opportunities.
  • The circulation numbers and readership volume have both been in decline in recent years for print magazines published natively in the UK.
  • In 2011, the UK magazine readers purchased close to 800 million magazine copies. The same number dropped drastically to 373 million in 2018 – a more than 50% downward move.
  • As a magazine franchise UK, you cannot afford to ignore these numbers.
  • Health, current affairs, politics, sports, lifestyle and entertainment continue to dominate the print magazine sector in the UK.

Sources: Statista, Press Gazette

While investing in UK magazine franchises may not look like the best alternative from a purely market-facing point of view, it must be said that magazine businesses UK do have a good track record of providing consistent and predictable returns for their owners.

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What Does A Magazine Franchise UK Really Do?

This is a fair question – all franchisees looking to get on board the franchising vehicle have it. (Answers to most other franchising questions can be found in the franchising FAQ section of our website).

There exist three major types of magazine franchises UK. These are:

1. Magazine Publishing Businesses

We don’t usually come across magazine publishing franchises because it takes a great deal of capital investment to get started with one. As you can guess, such franchises publish magazines for their clients as and when the need be.

2. Magazine Distribution Businesses

This is by far the most common type of UK magazine franchises. As a magazine distributor, your task will be to onboard regular subscribers for a variety of magazines that the franchisor publishes. Such businesses mainly revolve around your ability to market and sell, and no prior experience in publishing, editing or design is required. Magazine distribution franchises can also be run from home.

3. B2B Magazine Businesses

We have already discussed in great details how UK B2B franchises work. The B2B segment of magazine franchises UK isn’t much different from these. However, since such opportunities rarely come up (and are often cost prohibitive for new investors), we will keep the discussion around them limited only to an introductory level.

A B2B magazine business UK typically operates in the leasing, selling and buying of print equipment, while also providing custom print services to large businesses.

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 How Much Does A Magazine Franchise UK Cost?

The next logical question is: “How much does it really cost in initial investment to run a magazine franchise UK?”

While we will, as is our practice, keep ourselves from quoting an average figure, we are glad to say that most magazine franchises UK don’t require a large capital outlay right off the bat.

Typically, you buy and start trading with £5,000 to £15,000 in initial investment.

We do not usually come across UK magazine business opportunities that are outside the sales/subscription segment. So, quite naturally, franchisees don’t need to worry much about investing in designers, machinery and technology.

The typical operational expenses include outreach expenses, staff salaries (if applicable), office rent (not applicable if you run a home office), utilities, franchisor fees, marketing expenses, taxes, insurance and so forth. As can be noticed, an average UK magazine franchise does NOT need a dedicated location to run the business from.

If work-from-home opportunities interest you, do take a look at our review of home-based franchises UK.

The incomings for a magazine franchise UK come from the commissions paid out by the franchisor. These commissions are based on the business model set up by the franchisor (and agreed upon by the franchisee in the franchise agreement). Most UK magazine businesses are based on a per sale/subscription model, subject to conditions.

Top Magazine Franchises UK

Here’s our review of some of the most popular UK magazine business opportunities. (The list is updated regularly).

Magazine Makers Ltd

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £3,000
  • USP: Community magazines
  • A great opportunity for franchisees with sales/management background
  • No need to have any prior experience in the industry
  • Technical, technological and business support
  • 25+ years in the publishing business
  • Full training provided
  • Home-based franchising opportunity

Magazine Franchises UK – The Takeaways

  • UK magazine franchise opportunities don’t come up very often.
  • Carry out a thorough franchise market research before you invest.
  • A magazine franchise UK can be turned into an excellent home-based, part-time way of generating additional income for your family.
  • Moderate investment levels mean that you can get started even without external funding.

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If you run a magazine franchise UK, we’d love to hear from you. Do write to us here, and stand a chance to get your business featured on our widely followed franchise success stories page.