Ovenu sponsors a guide dog puppy named Selsey

February 26, 2021

The oven valeting franchise Ovenu is supporting the Guide Dogs charity by gifting it £10,000 to sponsor a black Labrador puppy named Selsey. The company says that more than 100 of its franchisees across the UK have contributed to the initiative over the past couple of years, together with staff at its Wokingham headquarters.

In addition to the initial contribution, Ovenu founder and managing director Rik Hellewell, has pledged that the franchise will donate a further £5,000 to the charity over the next year or so to fund Selsey’s upkeep and guide dog training.

Hellewell said: “We know charities’ incomes have been hit hard by the pandemic and everyone at Ovenu wanted to do something positive to make a difference.”

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Having suggested the Guide Dogs charity and its puppy sponsorship scheme, which helps those living in the UK with sight loss, Hellewell chose to name the puppy Selsey, in tribute to his late father-in-law who had strong ties to the seaside town.

Hellewell continued: “My love and support for the Guide Dogs dates to my late teens, when I worked in a pub opposite the charity’s headquarters in Wokingham. I used to see a lot of the handlers and trainers with the dogs, and sometimes they brought them into the pub to familiarise them with groups of people and the noise. Everyone here at Ovenu is eager to see Selsey progress and look forward to the moment she is able to transform someone’s life.”

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Victoria Noyce-Guthrie of Guide Dogs, said: “We rely on donations and this kind support will allow us to make a life changing difference to someone with sight loss by providing a guide dog. We hope that during these difficult times the news of Selsey being born and the ‘pupdates’ about her training journey will be something positive that Ovenu and its clients throughout the UK can look forward to.”

Commenting on current business trading during the pandemic, Hellewell said: “Our franchisees have been reporting brisk business as more people are staying at home and are spending more time cooking and baking – so their services are in demand.

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“We have also recruited 11 new franchisees and four sub-contractors over the past few months, establishing new territories or replacing previous franchisees who have retired. I have confidence in the product and the business model and believe the arrival of the vaccines signal that better times lie ahead.”

Ovenu franchisees plan to share the regular ‘pupdates’ on Selsey with clients to raise further awareness of the charity and has also set up its own Just Giving page where people can make their own donations: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ovenuforguidedogs

Source: Franchise World

Realising an ambition as Ovenu Petersfield launches

January 28, 2021

Reassessing life following five days in hospital on oxygen therapy battling Covid-19, Rob Cunningham a former development baker, decided the time was right to realise his ambition of running his own business and has launched Ovenu Petersfield.

Cunningham, 52, along with his wife Claire and daughter Charlotte, moved to Hampshire 18 years after Cunningham joined a bakery company where he was head of innovation developing sweet bakery treats for high street names such as Costa, Pret a Manger, Starbucks and Waitrose. Prior to that he was a baker for Greggs and Bakers Oven rising to the position of production area manager.

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Commenting on his decision, Cunningham said: “Thankfully, I’ve made a full recovery, but lying in a hospital bed was the impetus I needed to take stock of my life and to think about what is important for myself and my family. I’ve been a baker for 37 years and always had an ambition to be my own boss, but never seemed to have time to take things further.”

By taking voluntary redundancy whilst planning his new career, Cunningham saw an opportunity with Ovenu and chose the franchise because of the amount of training and support it provided, together with its proven business model.

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Cunningham added: “It’s a little daunting to be launching a business during lockdown but I’m determined to succeed, and I have Covid-secure procedures in place to keep myself and my clients safe.”

Ovenu Petersfield, which covers Petersfield and surrounding areas, including The Meon Valley, Liss, Waterlooville, Denmead and Clanfield, will accept bookings at its discretion, with the strict stipulation that both parties observe the two-metres social distancing rule, along with guidelines on hygiene and cleanliness.

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Rik Hellewell, founder and managing director of Ovenu, commented: “Rob has a great attention to detail, together with fantastic people skills and certainly knows his way around an oven. Despite these challenging times, he has the necessary drive and determination to create a real recipe for success.”

The Ovenu valeting process involves dismantling key components of an oven such as the door, interior panels, fan, and shelves and placing them into design-registered tank equipment, which uses safe, non-caustic and biodegradable products to clean the oven parts.

Source: Franchise World

Rare business opportunity to take on your own oven valeting business in South Notts

September 2, 2020

A rare opportunity has arisen to take on a successful oven cleaning business in the Nottingham South area following the retirement of its previous owner.

It offers the ideal prospect for those facing uncertain employment prospects, looking to defer their retirement, or simply searching for a change of career.

Ovenu Nottingham South combines a tried and tested product with a respected brand – together with the added reassurance of a comprehensive training programme and ongoing business support.

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Rik Hellewell, the founder and managing director of the Ovenu franchise, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to invest in an established franchise with a thriving and loyal customer base.

“Our franchise package is built on more than 25 years of experience and contains everything needed to operate a profitable business.

“An Ovenu franchise is designed to set people up for success compared to the very real challenges of establishing a start-up business in what are uncertain times.

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“It provides a valuable learning experience in how to run and grow a business. For others it is the ideal opportunity to take control of their lives and find that perfect work-life balance.”

The market-leading domestic oven cleaning franchise – which operates more than 100 franchises across the UK – was named a ‘Rising Star’ of the UK’s franchise sector by industry bible Elite Franchise earlier this year.

Ovenu stood out from many similar companies in the sector for the outstanding knowledge, help, support, and practical guidance available to franchisees

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It was also praised for its realistic and straightforward fee structure along with its client management system for generating significant leads.

Added Rik: “Ovenu Nottingham South is already well established in the area and the retirement of its previous owner provides an excellent opportunity for someone to further build on that hard-earned reputation and success.”

Source: WB Wire

Oven cleaning business Ovenu Cheshunt celebrates return to full order book with maximum five star reviews

July 27, 2020

The owner of Ovenu Cheshunt is celebrating after achieving a clean sweep of more than 100 five-star customer reviews weeks after reopening the oven cleaning business.

Paul Bernard, who took over the franchise in March 2019 after spending 20 years working in managerial positions in the motor trade, received the maximum rating from every client posting feedback on respected review platform TRUSTist.

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The coronavirus outbreak led to the temporary closure of the business, just as Paul was seeking to expand by adding extra vans and subcontractors. However, since reopening, he’s been delighted at the positive response of his clients and a swift return to a full order book.

He said: “I spent the downtime preparing to reopen and ensuring I had the right safety procedures in place to keep both myself and my clients safe and I’m really pleased that, since reopening, things have ramped back up so quickly.”

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“The phone has been ringing non-stop, with both new and existing clients and bookings are exceeding the lead up to Christmas which is always one of our busiest periods.

“I pride myself on delivering the highest standards, so I’m thrilled to have received the highest possible five-star reviews from every one of my clients posting on TRUSTist.”

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Rik Hellewell, founder and managing director of the Ovenu franchise, said: “Paul has already shown he is a hardworking and successful Ovenu franchisee and I am delighted he has been rewarded with these maximum reviews.

“It is so important that clients rebook and recommend Ovenu services in order to grow the business, so I look forward to seeing his continued achievements and expansion over the coming months and years.”

Ovenu Cheshunt serves homes and businesses across Cheshunt, Waltham Cross, Potters Bar and surrounding areas.

By Paul Bernard

Source: BDaily

Telford oven cleaning business to donate 10 per cent of takings to Severn Hospice

May 29, 2020

Ovenu Franchise UK – A Shropshire-based businessman who has just reopened his oven valeting business will donate 10 per cent of his first three months’ takings to Severn Hospice.

Andrew Bowcott, 40, from Doseley, the owner of Ovenu Telford South, had been trading for just over three months when he was forced to temporally close his new business following the coronavirus outbreak.

He has now returned to work and is determined to support the independent charity which helps families across Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin and Mid Wales living with incurable illness.

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“Both my wife and I were widowed young, so we know what an important role hospices play in families and they need all the support they can get,” he said.

“I’ve been inspired by the many stories to emerge in recent months that highlight the dedication of health care workers and wanted to show my appreciation for a charity that supports many thousands of people every year.

“As a result, I’m donating 10 per cent of all my takings until August 31 to help contribute towards the hospice’s fundraising appeal.”

He decided to reopen the business on May 18, once the government guidance had been published to allow people to work inside people’s homes, and immediately received more than a dozen new bookings as well as with rebooked appointments that had been cancelled.

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Andrew is accepting bookings at his discretion, with the strict stipulation that both parties observe the two-metre social distancing rule, along with following guidelines on hygiene and cleanliness. Payment can be accepted electronically, and it is possible to complete the whole valeting process with minimal or zero customer contact.

He added: “I, along with many other tradespeople across the area, had to temporarily close my business – a very difficult thing to do when it is your livelihood.

“Since then, I’ve been preparing to reopen at the appropriate time with the correct measures in place. It feels great to get back to work but my priority is to keep myself and my customers safe.”

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Previously, Andrew spent more than 20 years as his own boss, with business interests including a seafront ice cream kiosk, a newsagents in Aberystwyth, and more recently a refrigerated transport company.

Rik Hellewell, founder and managing director of the Ovenu franchise, said: “Andrew has taken a very responsible approach to reopening his business and has clear guidelines in place which I hope will reassure his clients.”

The Ovenu valeting process involves dismantling key components of an oven and placing them into a design-registered tank, using non-caustic cleaning products.

By Rob Smith

Source: Shropshire Star

Ovenu founder Rik Hellewell urges Business Secretary to adopt Australian COVID-19 initiative to get tradespeople back to work

April 26, 2020

Rik Hellewell, the founder and managing director of oven valeting franchise Ovenu, has written to Business Secretary Alok Sharma urging him to examine an Australian initiative that is already helping tradespeople return to work responsibly and safely.

As part of a phased reduction to lockdown restrictions in the UK, he is calling on him to introduce an online training module to cover the fundamentals of COVID-19 infection prevention and control to help more small and medium-sized businesses make a gradual return to work.

However, he insists the initiative should support rather than replace the strict social distancing measures and be used in conjunction with government advice on avoiding the spread of infection.

The Australian government is allowing the owners of small and medium businesses to access an online training course which was designed for medical staff and those working in the healthcare sector.

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Having passed the course, tradespeople are able to display their certificate which encourages public confidence in their ability to remain safe while working.

In the letter, Mr Hellwell said: “The lockdown appears to be having its desired effect and it may be time to turn our thoughts to the gradual easing of restrictions.

“This initiative is an additional measure that would give people the necessary confidence to invite reliable, professional and certified tradespeople into their homes.

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“I urge you to recognise the value of this easily accessible training tool and ask you to support its introduction in this country. Encouraging more people back to work will surely mitigate the worst effects of the recession that surely awaits us.”

Ovenu operates more than 100 franchises across the UK, the majority of whom are owner operators, currently unable to earn a living and contribute to the nation’s economy – despite a demand for their oven cleaning services.

However, the company’s franchisees in Australia are already returning to work having completed and passed its government’s online COVID-19 training programme.

There, they are displaying their certificates on their vans as a way of highlighting to both the public and their clients that they are taking every measure possible to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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Rik said: “Our franchisees in this country are prudent tradespeople who, prior to the lockdown, were already following social distancing measures as well as cleaning down equipment, work surfaces and their vans.

“I believe the introduction of a similar online training programme here would add a further layer of protection that could enable all tradespeople to return to work in a responsible and safe manner and resume delivering the services people require – in most cases with minimal or zero human contact.

“It may have to be phased in over a period of time or might initially apply to certain service sectors or client groups, but the government must think about the best way it can get more people back to work and begin to refuel our drained economy.”

Source: BDaily

Ovenu company in Wokingham wins ‘Rising Star’ category

January 18, 2020

Ovenu Franchise UK – AN OVEN cleaning company has been recognised as a ‘rising star’ for being an ‘outstanding’ franchise in the UK.

Ovenu in Wokingham was founded by Rik Hellewell in 1994 and has since gone on to attract and recruit hundreds of successful franchisees throughout the country.

The valeting specialists has been named as a ‘Rising Star’ in the UK’s franchise sector by industry bible Elite Franchise.

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As well as being awarded the accolade, Ovenu increased its standing in the publications Top 100 Franchises in 52nd place.

Rik said: “To improve on last year’s standing and be named a Rising Star of the industry is a real accomplishment and an acknowledgement of the many years of hard work that has gone into making this a leading brand with more than 100,000 satisfied customers every year.

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“There are more than 1,300 franchises operating in the UK, so to even make it into Elite Franchise’s Top 100 is a huge achievement, especially considering some of the household names we are up against.”

A panel of expert judges recognised the Wokingham based company for providing customers a good service with support and outstanding knowledge.

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Andrew Brattesani, HSBC head of UK franchising, described Ovenu and said: “What differentiates Ovenu from the many similar companies in the sector is the outstanding knowledge, help, support and practical guidance on offer to franchisees through every stage of their business development.

By Isabella Perrin

Source: Bracknell News

Stability and adaptability helps bring surety for Ovenu franchisees – 25 years on

October 3, 2019

In a rapidly and regularly changing business environment, stability and adaptability are just two of the major factors that have seen Ovenu, one of the UK’s favourite oven cleaning specialists, reach the notable milestone of 25 years trading earlier this year.

Ovenu is still managed today by its owner and founder Rik Hellewell, who ran an Ovenu territory himself for five years, putting together a robust pilot scheme. The principles used then are still implemented as the foundation of its profit and loss forecasts presented to prospective franchisees.

Hellewell explains: “Much of the advice coming from the franchise sector 25 years ago suggested that pilot schemes could be run for significantly shorter periods of perhaps a year or so, but I didn’t feel this was anywhere near long enough to demonstrate sustainability or longevity.

“I wanted to rely on 100 per cent accurate data to share with prospect franchisees, hence the five year harvesting of information.

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“Our franchisees have always benefitted from our ability as a brand to move with the times and stay well ahead of any competitive activity. It didn’t take us long to establish an extremely robust internet presence along with associated e-commerce activity.

“Our strong, positive cash-flow has enabled us to retain various experts in their respective fields for all of our marketing, and this strategy has paved the way for many franchisees to generate significant turnover and profit.

“In more recent times we’ve widened our visibility and further enhanced our market standing by using some of the viable social media platforms.”

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Client reviews and testimonials

Hellewell continued: “Our reputation in the eyes of consumers is sky-high with over 23,000 reviews and testimonials from delighted clients who have used our service and have been sufficiently impressed to comment.

“Whenever things change in the business environment we’re able to act quickly and positively. Our franchisees like our style (to the main part) and that is possibly why our retention rates are so high. We currently work with well over 60 franchisees who are now into either their third or even fourth five-year term, and that in my book speaks volumes!

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“We’ll continue way into the future to offer the very best training and ongoing support to all of our current and future franchisees. We’ll maintain our extremely high moral and ethical standards within the franchise sector, and strive to maintain the gulf of superior quality, value and service to our ever-growing client database in the UK and further afield.”

There are now approaching 150 franchisees trading under the Ovenu brand across the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and this figure is set to rise substantially over the coming years.

Source: Franchise World

Ovenu celebrates 25 years of successful trading at AGM

July 30, 2019

Ovenu, a UK leading oven valeting franchise, celebrated 25 years of successful business at its recent annual general meeting (AGM) with its 100-strong network of UK franchisees in attendance.

Established by Rik Hellewell in 1994 from an initial pilot scheme, Ovenu has grown to become an international franchise company that operates territories throughout the UK, Australia, New Zealand as well as in Europe.

It was five years later in 1999 when Hellewell implemented the franchise model and Ovenu began taking on its first franchisees, which included Paul McCormack (Ovenu Basildon) and Adam Penniston (Ovenu Wokingham).

During the AGM, 39 of the 51 franchisees who have been with the company for more than 10 years, were celebrated and presented with a commemorative pin to mark their dedicated service. Between the cohort of franchisees, they have a combined 500 plus years of service.

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Ovenu now plans to expand further in the UK and across its global operations with new franchise territories.

Hellewell said: “I am incredibly proud of how Ovenu has grown and developed over the last quarter of a century from an initial concept to the international brand it is today.

“Our business model has been tried and tested over the last 25 years. It has provided our franchisees with tremendous value for money, excellent returns on their investments and allowed them to establish their own small businesses.

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“Nothing gives me more joy than when I hear that a franchisee has enjoyed the level of success that they wanted when I first sat down with them at the start of their franchising and Ovenu journey.”

‘Very humbling’

Hellewell added: “To have such a large percentage of our franchisees, who have been with the company for at least 10 years, is very humbling and demonstrates the sustainability and confidence in the brand and business model.

“We are now expecting to carry on this positivity, expanding into new areas – in the UK and abroad – and will hopefully celebrate even more milestones in the future.”

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The Ovenu valeting process involves dismantling key components of an oven such as the door, interior panels, fan and shelves and placing them into design-registered tank equipment, which uses safe, non-caustic products to clean the oven parts.

The whole process takes around three to four hours and leaves the oven, hob and exterior in immaculate condition.

Source: Franchise World

Clean break in store for Chorley salesman with franchise

July 15, 2019

A SALESMAN who swapped pneumatics and hydraulics for oven cleaning is hoping to reap his own rewards.

Peter Truesdale, 39, has launched Chorley-based Ovenu, after more han a decade with Preston’s Tom Parker Ltd.

And he already has plans to widen his valeting franchise, once he has a firm hold on demand in Chorley and Leyland.

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He said: “After a long time in sales I wanted to improve my work-life balance and be my own boss.

“I believe working directly face-to-face with homeowners and providing excellent service will bring greater job satisfaction.”

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The process Ovenu uses sees individual components cleaned in patented tank system.

By Peter Magill

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Source: Lancashire Telegraph