Pizza chain Papa John’s looking to open new Hartlepool branch

July 6, 2020

Pizza takeaway giant Papa John’s is looking to open a new Hartlepool branch.

The firm, which has more than 450 outlets nationwide, is searching for premises in the town and is holding virtual meetings with potential franchisees.

Phil Gaffer, the company’s United Kingdom franchise sales and business development manager, said: “We are particularly looking for franchisees to develop businesses in the North West, North East, Nottinghamshire and the South West.”

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Papa John’s, which is also earmarking Stockton for a new branch, is continuing to expand despite the coronavirus pandemic and said successful candidates would receive help in identifying and opening suitable premises.

Mr Gaffer added: “Our franchisee recruitment process is the same, yet we have needed to become ‘virtual’ for some elements.

“I usually start by speaking to potential franchisees over the phone, then they attend a discovery day where we meet in-person.

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“Normally, I’m on the road twice a week holding discovery meetings across the UK. Now we’ve launched weekly ‘virtual’ discovery meetings online.

“These one-to-one sessions are the first step in getting to know the candidate and for them to get to know Papa John’s.

“Many have tried Papa John’s and love the product and now these remote sessions are the chance to learn how the tried and tested franchise concept works.

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“They are an opportunity for both parties to ask questions to see if there could be a good fit for the future.

“I am also planning virtual regional recruitment events which will start to be held early in the summer too.”

By Gavin Ledwith

Source: Hartlepool Mail

Papa John’s invests in the future with store refresh

December 27, 2019

Papa John’s reports that it is investing in the future by introducing a new store refresh for all new outlets with a rebrand and update that is designed to appeal to its growing customer base.

Phil Gaffer, Papa John’s franchise sales and business development manager, said: “Leading brands are constantly evolving. Papa John’s ‘Better Ingredients. Better Pizza’ concept means we only use the finest, freshest ingredients to create a better pizza.

“However, this attention to detail and focus on quality also runs throughout our business processes and so naturally we are always looking for ways to improve our customer experience.

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“Papa John’s exciting new in-store refresh reflects our commitment to providing the best quality service and pizza on the high street. The new format is welcoming and tailored to each location using improved layouts, a modern palette, keywords and updated branding to make customers feel right at home while ordering and collecting.

“Already we are receiving great feedback from customers as gradually the new look gets rolled-out more widely to stores across the UK. For our franchisees who are investing in Papa John’s for the next 10-15 years, this is an important step and demonstrates our ongoing support for their franchised businesses as we continue to expand,” added Gaffer.

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One of the first stores to benefit from the rebranding is located in Margate, Kent, which is run by a multi-unit franchisee Manga Miles, who has three further outlets in the region.

Franchisee’s comments

Miles commenting on the store refresh, said: “Striving for better, through constant improvement is my motivation to keep on delivering Papa John’s top quality pizza. It was exciting opening one of the first new look stores. We took over the old Burger King site and completely refurbished the premises.

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“The town attracts many tourists in the summer season and, as well as local deliveries, it will be interesting to see how much more walk-in trade we draw in too. We may even look at putting a few chairs and tables out, so holidaymakers can enjoy their pizza fresh from the oven,” enthused Miles.

Papa John’s has more than 400 stores across the UK and has further opportunities for franchisees that are helped with site location and full turnkey store opening.

Source: Franchise World

Papa John’s franchisee has the right ingredients for success

October 2, 2019

Nazim Vadiwala joined Papa John’s as a franchisee in October 2018. Initially, he took over the Leith Walk store in Edinburgh.

Nazim who worked for a rival pizza firm for 10 years, now manages Leith Walk plus the Papa John’s in Whitley Bay on the North East coast, with the help of operations director Syed Salman and teams of local staff.

Nazim explains: “Syed and I worked together for many years and we often discussed the possibility of running our own business but frustratingly there was simply nowhere to go within the company we were employed by.

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“From our regular competitor checks we knew Papa John’s had an exceptional product and the company’s ‘BETTER INGREDIENTS. BETTER PIZZA’ promise, which means only the finest ingredients and fresh dough – never frozen – are used to create the top-quality pizzas, really ‘goes down well’ with customers.

“We believed Papa John’s fantastic pizza combined with our industry experience plus our dedication and enthusiasm meant we had all the right ingredients to run our own successful pizza delivery store.

“We were delighted to gain funding from RBS last year, following the submission of a detailed business plan to buy a Papa John’s franchise. The Papa John’s team have been really supportive setting us up well to start and grow our business.

“I know, I can always phone Phil Gaffer, franchise sales and business development manager, at any time if I need any help and overall, the back-up and support provided has been second to none.

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“Since taking over Leith Walk, we have put our plans into action and worked hard to grow sales through marketing and providing the very best pizza and service to our customers. I’m delighted to report sales growth is right on target and up 20% in Leith Walk since takeover and 35% in Whitley Bay.

“With this summer tourist season well underway, Whitley Bay is beginning to show sales figures to rival some of the top selling stores in the UK!”

‘Hands-on’ in the business
Nazim continued: “I think it’s important to be ‘hands-on’ in the business, so I spend a lot of time in-store talking to customers and helping the staff. I might be creating a text promotional campaign one day, providing a helping hand to make pizzas or, delivering flyers if that’s what needs to be done. I love chatting to new customers and inviting them to come and try the best pizza in town!

“I’ve extended the opening hours of Whitley Bay which is paying dividends and in the busy summer season we will also open at lunch times too. To make a store successful it is important to follow Papa John’s guidelines and combine this with some great marketing and a team of well-trained, motivated staff to create a great customer experience overall.”

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Phil Gaffer, franchise sales and business development manager confirms: “We are often approached by employees from across the QSR industry exploring the possibility of running their own outlets.

“Since joining Papa John’s, Nazim has demonstrated the skills and drive to not only run a successful store but that he recognises the difference between operating a store and owning a business. Nazim has clearly shown that he has the foresight and passion to start building an asset of value and in doing so, create wealth for himself and his family, by investing in Papa John’s.

“I am always enthused by people like Nazim who have chosen the positive route to start building a successful business with Papa John’s and I look forward to supporting Nazim as he expands with more stores in the future. Where else other than Papa John’s in the QSR industry can a talented individual like Nazim realise his aspirations of owning his own business?”

Source: Franchise World

Pizza chain’s plans for new branch on Solihull shopping parade

September 3, 2019

Papa John’s Franchise UK. A major pizza chain has applied to open a new branch along Shirley’s main shopping parade.

Papa John’s has lodged an application with Solihull Council for a “change of use” to part of the retail unit at 122 Stratford Road, which is currently an off-licence.

The fast food outlet is also seeking approval for a number of changes to the premises, including the creation of a kitchen and new front desk area.

It is intended the takeaway would operate 10am-11pm from Sunday to Thursday, with opening hours stretching to midnight on a Friday and Saturday night.

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In paperwork submitted as part of the application, Papa John’s said that each of its outlets, most of which operated as part of a franchise agreement, could create up to 20 jobs.

At a licensing hearing earlier this year, some residents had raised concerns about the glut of takeaways based in Shirley town centre, which they claimed cause problems with litter.

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In response to wider fears about the number of eateries opening in some parts of the borough, several councillors have said they understand frustrations but argue that in the current climate it can be harder for more “traditional” businesses, such as greengrocers and florists.

The applicant argues that the unit is part of a row of 14 shops, of which only one other is currently used for hot food/takeaway.

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Papa John’s was originally set-up in the United States 35 years ago, but the chain has spread to other countries and it now has more than 300 stores across the UK.

The application will be considered by Solihull Council planners in the coming months.

By David Irwin

Source: Birmingham Mail

Papa John’s opens new franchise in Fife

April 25, 2019

Pizza restaurant giant Papa John’s has opened a new franchise in St Andrews.

The new restaurant can be found at Abbeyford Leisure’s St Andrews Holiday Park at Kinkell Braes, one of the most sought-after holiday locations on the east coast of Scotland.

They will also be delivering to residents in St Andrews.

One of the first people to sample one of the Papa John’s pizzas was local MSP Willie Rennie.

“The arrival of internationally renowned Papa John’s pizza in St Andrews is a fantastic addition to the town and will benefit local residents, students and visitors alike,” Mr Rennie said.

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“Abbeyford Leisure are transforming and modernising the park with the upgrade to their entertainment and food facilities and now Papa John’s.”

David J Evans, Abbeyford Leisure chairperson, said: “We were delighted when Papa John’s wanted to ‘play ball’. As big fans of the company’s top-quality fresh pizza, the result is a ‘hole in one’ and a combination which the whole family can enjoy.

“St Andrews is a busy town and we have plenty of parking so we will also be welcoming students and families in the region to drop by and pick up a takeaway while appreciating a view of the sea and perhaps musing about their golf score, while they wait for their pizza to be baked.”


Source: Fife Today

Papa John’s franchise is recruiting

February 4, 2019

Papa John’s is a leading pizza franchise with well over 400 stores in the UK and over 5,000 stores in more than 40 international markets and territories. Since 1984, when Papa John’s first started out in the U.S., the company has recruited and worked successfully with hundreds of franchisees.

Naturally, we look for the very best candidates to work with us as franchisees. They become custodians of our brand so need to be motivated, enthusiastic, hard-working and want to be part of a growing team. They should share our values and outlook on providing a superior product and customer service.

Our franchisees come from all cultures and walks of life and their levels of experience and backgrounds can vary hugely. Yet, with the right attitude and correct and thorough training, plus a world-class service and product, all the ingredients are in place to create a successful franchised business.

Interpersonal and people skills are important, as franchisees deal with customers as well as lead a team on a daily basis. In addition to excellent written and spoken communication skills, the best franchisees are organisers with a can-do attitude – they are people who get things done. Franchisees need to be as dedicated and passionate as us and also able to adapt to a proven way of working. The desire to roll-up sleeves and get stuck in, which means everything from making pizza through to managing staff, also goes a long way!

Recruitment process
Therefore, our franchisee recruitment process is detailed and very much a two-way evaluation. First, we meet face-to-face, then suitable candidates are invited to an in-store experience day. The agenda is carefully designed for them to observe and learn about the culture and values of Papa John’s and also experience how one of our stores is run.

We minimise the numbers of people we invite to HQ to ensure they receive individual attention and importantly we can get to know them. It means they get a real taste for what has made Papa John’s so successful and what it really takes to run a franchised store.

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At each stage of the recruitment process the franchisee and our team at Papa John’s ensure everyone is keen to move forwards. By the time we get to the business planning and franchisee approval panel interview, everyone should have a very clear idea of what’s expected.

This meeting is the chance for the franchisee to present their business plan and show they have completed their own due diligence and homework, particularly on the financial aspect of their business.

Although we provide a business planning template all the work and research that goes into this plan must come from the franchisee. It’s the chance to shine and there is no limit to the research the candidate can undertake.

We want to give everyone a chance and the opportunity to shine. We are looking for capable and enthusiastic individuals who will go-on to become successful multi-store owners and so they must show initiative but be willing to work with us and take advice too.

As one of the largest pizza companies in the world, Papa John’s has opportunities for franchisees throughout the UK. Help is provided with location selection and full turn-key opening of stores. As a franchise, the company supplies all the assistance needed to get your successful Papa John’s up and running.

Source: Franchise World

Papa John’s is launching a vegan pizza due to popular demand

January 25, 2019

Any vegan who craves a bit of cheesy goodness in the form of a pizza will be delighted to know then Papa John’s is finally offering a non-dairy alternative.

The decision from the American pizza giant comes after heavy petitioning from those who want options suitable to their lifestyles.

A petition from last year amassed 29,000 signatures plus campaigning from animal rights organisation Animal Aid and vegan news website Vegan Food UK also put the pressure on the franchise to go vegan.

Papa John’s is one of the only notable pizza joints not to offer a plant-based option as competitors Pizza Express have a three-course vegan range as well as frozen options, as do Pizza Hut.

‘At Papa John’s, we are completely committed to our customers, and ensuring that we deliver better pizza with better ingredients,’ said a Papa John’s spokesperson.

‘We were pleased to see the positive response to the recent vegan cheese alternative petition, as this is currently an area that we are developing, and hoping to roll out in the not-so-distant future.

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‘We are thrilled to see that Papa John’s has reacted positively to our petition, and that they are looking to introduce a vegan cheese alternative very soon, said Tod Bradbury, Animal Aid Campaign Manager in a statement to Plant Based News.

‘We thank them for taking our comments and those of almost 30,000 others on board. By adding vegan cheese to their menu, Papa John’s will be showing that they are up to date with the fast-growing vegan movement.

‘They will appeal to a much wider audience – be they vegans, those wanting to try vegan food or indeed those who have allergies to dairy products.

We hope that Papa John’s decision not only has a positive effect on their sales, but also encourages other pizza chains and restaurants who have not yet introduced a vegan cheese to do so.’

Source: Metro

Papa John’s Proves Popular in Peterborough

January 1, 2019

Leading pizza franchise, Papa John’s, has opened a second store in Peterborough.

Following unprecedented customer demand, Papa John’s has got the city covered with its extra site, now open on Whittlesey Road, Stanground.

Phil Gaffer QFP, franchise sales and business development manager comments: “Pizza is certainly proving popular in Peterborough! To meet demand our franchised store manager has opened his second regional outlet to ensure the team can deliver to local customers more easily and quickly, offering an even better all-round customer dining experience for our pizza loving fans!

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“Fifteen new recruits have been hired and trained already, to help create and supply our top-quality pizza. “BETTER INGREDIENTS. BETTER PIZZA.” is our famous concept which signifies we only use the freshest ingredients and dough – never frozen – for a better flavour. It means the very best pizza is always on the menu at Papa John’s.

“To mark the store opening and encourage new customers to drop-in, the Whittlesey Road store is running a buy-one-get-one-free special offer on collections for a limited time only,” confirms Gaffer. “With those cold nights drawing-in, why not treat yourself to a Papa John’s pizza night: it’s great fun for all the family!”

As one of the largest pizza companies in the world, Papa John’s has opportunities for franchisees throughout the UK. Help is provided with location selection and full turn-key opening of stores. As a franchise, the company supplies all the assistance needed to get your successful business up and running.

Source: Franchise Direct

Papa John’s pick out site for new Rotherham base

November 10, 2018

Leading pizza franchise, Papa John’s, has outlined proposals to take on an empty restaurant in Rotherham town centre that would deliver 20 new jobs.

As one of the largest pizza companies in the world, Kentucky-based Papa John’s has over 5,000 establishments, and operates a quality guarantee and commitment to making better pizza. With 400 units in the UK, where it has operated since 2001, the firm is expecting significant growth.

A planning application has been submitted that would enable the franchise to take on the premises at 16 Wellgate that have been empty since last year when it was used as the Taste of Madras restaurant. It was previously know as the Red Pepper Lounge.

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The plans, drawn up by agents at Sanderson Weatherall, are for a change of use from a restaurant (Use Class A3) to a hot food takeaway (Use Class A5) with internal and external alterations.

Internal alterations include installing a customer order and waiting area at the front of the premises, beyond which would be a kitchen, cold store, control hub (dispatch area), washing up area, WC and bin store area.

If approved, the new outlet could create 20 full time jobs.

Liz Williams, managing director of Papa John’s UK, said: “The UK offers the biggest market place for pizza sales outside the US and our region represents a huge opportunity for Papa John’s and our franchisees. Papa John’s stands out because the product is exceptional.”

Planning permission is sought for the takeaway to operate from 11:00am to 11:00pm Sunday to Thursday and Bank Holidays and from 11:00am to 01:00am on Fridays and Saturdays.

The plans state that: “As most orders are for home delivery and in view of the peak business hours, it is not expected that the proposed change of use would have an adverse impact on the operation of the local road network or highway safety.”

Source: Roth Biz

Papa John’s multi-unit franchise success

October 4, 2018

This summer Papa John’s celebrated opening its 400th UK store. Since Papa John’s was founded in the U.S. in 1984, over 5,000 stores in more than 40 international markets and territories have been set-up. Many of these are run by multi-unit franchisees.

The attraction of running more than one Papa John’s is clear: more stores offer franchisees the chance to develop an ever-growing income stream. Franchisees can draw revenue from several stores to produce a healthy profit while also re-investing, to build a portfolio of assets. For this reason, many of our franchisees have more than one outlet, some ambitious franchisees in the UK run up to 20 stores.

For several years, Papa John’s has encouraged successful franchisees to invest in multiple stores with incentives – for example franchisees only need to put in 30 per cent cash up-front. Then the income generated by the new store is used to fund the next outlet and the next, while the capital is maintained.

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The prospects I speak with get excited about running multiple stores. The financial return for having multi-stores can, along with the crucial ingredient of ‘hard work’, provide a six-figure income.

There are certain economies of scale to be gained when opening multiple stores too. Firstly, the learning curve becomes less steep with each outlet that opens, as processes are better understood and executed. Staff recruitment and training becomes more straightforward the more people who are taken on.

Advertising costs for personnel can be reduced by using less page inserts for multiple regionally based outlets. Similarly, experienced staff can move to a new store opening nearby to help new recruits hit the ground running, once the opening date is set.

Buying resources spread across multiple units can help minimise costs too. From stationery to toiletries, bulk buying can offer cost-savings across the board compared to running just one outlet.

Franchisee, Sukhbir Gill, worked at a rival pizza firm for eight years prior to joining Papa John’s. Along with his business partner Lakhwinder Singh, Sukhbir now runs five Papa John’s including Skegness, plus his most recent opening in Sunderland.

Opportunities for expansion
Sukhbir explains: “The Papa John’s franchise was attractive because it is growing so rapidly and so there are many opportunities for expansion. Papa John’s head office staff have been particularly supportive.

“The whole team is motivated and they have been able to provide some very good incentives to help us grow our portfolio of stores to five in a very short space of time. These incentives include royalty reductions and deals on equipment, plus help with marketing to ensure we tasted success quickly.

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“Over the holiday season our Skegness store really picked up in terms of sales, which is really exciting and is a great sign for the future of our business.

“For Sunderland, which is a big university town, we also anticipate a thriving enterprise. Our grand opening created a lot of interest and we aim to keep up the momentum with some very special offers to keep customers coming back for more.”

Demonstrating our commitment to working in partnership with our franchisees to help them grow, Papa John’s proactively supports franchisees financially, plus offers incentives to help expansion.

Papa John’s is one of the largest pizza companies in the world and has opportunities for franchisees throughout the UK. Help is provided with location selection and full turnkey opening of stores. As a franchise, the company supplies all the assistance needed to get your successful Papa John’s up and running.

Source: Franchise World