Caring couple shortlisted for franchise ‘Oscars’

October 7, 2021

Pet business franchisees David and Sallyann Gray have been shortlisted for the Local Focus award of the bfa HSBC British Franchise Awards.

PetPals is recognised across the UK for its pet care services, such as pet sitting – plus Darlington and Yarm franchisees David and Sallyann have hosted regular charity fundraising events over the years, raising thousands of pounds.

Known as the ‘Oscars’ of the franchising industry and set to take place in Birmingham on November 30, the bfa HSBC British Franchise Awards evening is the flagship event in the franchising calendar.

David and Sallyann will be battling it out against two other franchise brands to take home the coveted Local Focus accolade in November.

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Pip Wilkins, CEO of the British Franchising Association, said: “With a strong moral compass guiding both David and Sallyann, they are both clearly committed to giving back to their local community. In the 15 years that they have been operating, they have raised approximately £15,000 for worthwhile causes – a significant proportion of this (around £6,000) has been donated to UK-based Dogs For Good – a charity that trains assistance dogs for people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, children with autism and adults with dementia.

“To be nominated for this prestigious award is a huge achievement and they should be extremely proud of their achievements.”

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Andrew Brattesani, head of franchising, HSBC, said: “David and Sallyann should be incredibly proud of their nomination. Working with organisations like The Princes Trust, the business also provides work experience for local young people which gives them a vital first step on the career ladder.”

This year saw a record number of entries submitted across all categories, leading to an overall increase of nearly 30% compared with 2020. Despite what has been a challenging 18 months for most standalone businesses, the franchising sector has shown strength and resilience. As a result, many bfa members have reported their highest ever level of recruitment and one of their most successful years for profitability and business development.

By Justine Thompson

Source: Pet Business World

Pet Industry Growth

May 24, 2021

There has never been a better time to consider a franchise opportunity with OSCAR!

The pet industry is a vibrant growth market and provides an excellent business opportunity. It’s no surprise it attracts significant interest when there is a growing tendency for individuals wanting to work with pets.

Since the start of the pandemic, a total of 3.2 million households have acquired a pet, according to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association. With the boom in pet ownership, there are now 34 million pets in the UK including 12 million cats and 12 million dogs, 3.2 million small mammals such as guinea pigs and hamsters, 3 million birds and 1.5 million reptiles. There are also 5 million aquaria. This equates to 17 million households (59%) responsible for a pet’s welfare.

Companion animals have been driving industry sales, and that’s a trend that will continue for the foreseeable future.

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Our nationwide network of Local Nutritional Advisors delivers an exciting range of nutritious pet foods (including small animal, wild bird and fish food), tasty treats, boredom-busting toys, healthcare and pet accessories straight to your door.Oscar Pet Foods Franchise UK

The importance of your pet’s happiness and health drives us to deliver nutritional excellence. That’s why our dog and cat food range only contain scientifically proven ingredients to maximise vitality: tailored to reflect life’s changing nutritional needs. From Puppy & Kitten Care through to Adult & Senior Care our extensive range includes grain-free, gluten-free and weight control options.

Fortunately, with 25 years of successful franchising behind us, OSCAR understands that not all franchisees have the same needs. That’s why we offer bespoke franchise packages based on choice and flexibility: choice of financial investment, and flexible start-up packages that manage expanding knowledge and expertise at a comfortable pace.

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At OSCAR we look for honesty, positivity and enthusiasm. That’s because great franchising is all about the close franchisor and franchisee relationships. We work as a team because our success is your success. That’s why we’re keen to share a wealth of valuable tips and strategies from our nationwide network of franchisees to help you on your way.

As the demand for safe home-delivery of quality pet food increases, OSCAR is looking to expand its network of franchisees across the UK. If you are currently considering your career options, self-employment with OSCAR presents a fantastic opportunity to combine a successful business venture with much-needed community support. We’d love to hear from you.

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Pet taxi franchise is going places

March 8, 2021

A pet taxi service has been shortlisted for the Encouraging Women Into Franchising Awards 2021.

Pets 2 Places is the first pet taxi franchise to become a member of Encouraging Women Into Franchising (EWIF), whose awards are sponsored by Natwest and recognise both franchisors and franchisees.

The taxi service is a finalist in the New Woman Franchisor of the Year category.

Claire Harris, founder of Pets 2 Places, says she created the business model to prove there is a place in the business world for pet firms.

“I really feel that as a woman, running a pet business from home, people often dismiss what I do as a hobby business. This business is far from a hobby, it takes hard work and dedication and the rewards are fantastic – this is a career and deserves to be taken seriously.”

Pets 2 Places joined EWIF on a mission to see more women starting their own business and holding CEO, managing director and business owner positions.

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Claire said: “I started Pets 2 Places in my hometown of Milton Keynes in 2014 and it has become bigger than I ever imagined. It’s been so well received by both customers and other pet businesses, it’s really spurred me on to create this opportunity for other women.”

Pets 2 Places takes pets and their owners to places such as the vets, groomers, kennels and even on holiday. Wherever the customer wants to go and whatever support the owner needs themselves, nothing is too much trouble for Pets 2 Places.

“I love getting to know my customers, and seeing them all the time means we have built such a lovely rapport, they have become like my extended family,” said Claire. “Every day I am called an angel and told what a godsend I am. It is incredibly rewarding and humbling to receive such fantastic feedback from customers on a daily basis.”


Claire added that Pets 2 Place’s is the UK’s first pet taxi franchise and currently has very few competitors. When combined with evidence of one in two households owning a pet, she says the market is strong and the opportunity to build a robust customer base is easy to see.

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Clare said: ‘The franchise opportunities I have created aren’t for everyone. We are looking for people who have either worked in the animal community before, in a caring capacity, such as the NHS or with elderly or people with learning difficulties, and they MUST be animal lovers.

“As much as the customers are all different we understand the franchisees are all different. The level of training we offer incorporates the fundamentals of what they need to know with an adaptive style to ensure we are supporting the franchisee in a way that is meaningful and inclusive to them as an individual.

“I know that business growth comes from supporting the franchisees and that ongoing support is the foundation of our franchise ethos.”

By Justine Thompson

Source: Pet Business World

OSCAR Pet Foods will be waving their pet’s toothbrushes to help raise awareness for Pet Dental Health Month

February 22, 2021

Throughout February OSCAR Pet Foods will be waving their pet’s toothbrushes to help raise awareness for Pet Dental Health Month.

Approximately 80% of dogs and cats over 3 years old have a form of dental disease, so it is important we look after our pet’s oral health. There are many things we can do to look after our pet’s teeth but the most effective way of reducing plaque is through regular brushing and cleaning.

Veterinary Dental CareOSCAR Pet Foods

Dental problems aren’t usually noticed until an animal is in a lot of pain, which is why it is important to have regular checks with your veterinary practice. Once tartar has formed, professional scaling and polishing under general anaesthetic will be required through your veterinary practice. This will provide a full scale and polish, and any damaged teeth that may be causing pain and discomfort will be removed.

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If pets don’t receive early treatment dental disease can progress quickly, which can lead to irreversible damage. It can also lead to many other illnesses such as kidney, liver and heart conditions.

Early signs of dental disease may include:

  • Bad breath
  • Pain and difficulty eating
  • Excessive drooling and staining around the mouth
  • Buildup of plaque and tartar
  • Wobbly, missing or broken teeth

Teeth Brushing

The key to management of dental disease is prevention, and it is possible to brush your dog’s and cat’s teeth, especially if trained from a young age.

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Consider your pet’s temperament before attempting to brush their teeth in case they are uncomfortable with having their mouth handled.

  • Begin with gentle handling (if tolerated) around the mouth, teeth and gums. Reward with lots of fuss and praise for a positive experience.
  • Once comfortable with gentle handling, begin touching the teeth with your fingers and add dog and cat toothpaste for your pet to lick.
  • Do NOT use human toothpaste as this can be toxic to your pet.
  • Introduce a toothbrush with the paste on and allow your pet to lick the toothbrush. It takes a few days for them to get used to this.

Once your pet is feeling more comfortable you can begin to brush. Start with the side teeth first and then move to the rest of the teeth as they gain confidence. This may take several days.OSCAR Pet Foods

Use toothpaste designed for dogs and cats and NEVER use human toothpaste. Take your time to allow your pet to become accustomed to the paste, toothbrush and the handling. It can take a month to build up confidence.

Specific foods designed to support dental care

OSCAR Pet Foods offer two types of dental support in the range:

STAY-C® 50* is a specialist source of Vitamin C that dissolves in the saliva and is coated onto our kibble to help support healthy gums and manage plaque and tartar buildup. It is found within our Wheat Gluten Free range in Maize, Lamb & Rice and Maize, Chicken & Rice.

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Bitter Orange Extract offers dental support with an antibacterial effect that helps to limit the buildup of bacteria on teeth to support healthy gums and this is found throughout the OSCAR cat range.

Alternatives to brushing your pets teeth

If you are unable to brush your pet’s teeth there are other alternatives available for you to try such as:

  • Oral gels for neutralising plaque and bad breath
  • Dental chews to help prevent plaque buildup
  • Oral such as rinses for reducing plaque and freshening breath
  • Dental diets formulated to help prevent plaque buildup

Do you need further dental advice for you dog or cat?

If you need any further advice on dental care for your pets or would like to find out more about the dental care in our dog and cat foods, call us on freephone: 0800 195 8000 or email:

Somerset dog walking and pet care company named one of UK’s top franchise opportunities

January 4, 2021

A dog walking and pet care company has been recognised in the Elite Franchise top 100 list for 2021.

Friends For Pets has been chosen from hundreds of entries across every sector and the company has also been made a finalist of the pet care services of the year category in the Pet Industry Federation awards.

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Brand director of Elite Franchise, Scott English, said: “We feel that Friends for Pets has well and truly earned their place in the Elite Franchise top 100 list.

“Each year, the ranking becomes more competitive and this year has been no exception for our panel of industry-leading judges.”

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Friends for Pets founder, Becca Wilson, said to be included in the list this year is a ‘huge honour’.

She said: “All of our franchisees and pet carers have worked so hard, especially this year, and they deserve to be up there with the best brands in the UK.”

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By Lily Newton-Browne

Source: The Weston Mercury

Bridgwater pet company named as one of the UK’s top 100 franchise opportunities

December 22, 2020

A BRIDGWATER based pet care company is celebrating after being named as one of the UK’s top franchise opportunities.

Friends for Pets has been placed in the Elite Franchise Top 100 list and named as a finalist in the Pet Care Services of the Year Category in The Pet Industry Federation Awards.

The dog walking and pet care company was established in 2008 by Becca Wilson and the firm has continued to grow.

“Friends for Pets are so proud to have been listed in the Elite Franchise Top 100 for 2021 and be listed amongst some of the UK’s most prestigious brands,” Becca said.

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“All of our franchisees and pet carers have worked so hard, especially this year, and they deserve to be up there with the best brands in the UK.

“Our head office team and franchisees have all worked together to support each other and navigate our brand through what has been a very tricky year for small businesses and the pet care industry. To be included in the EF100 list this year is a huge honour.”

Becca said the team at Friends for Pets is ‘proud’ to not only provide exemplary pet care services but be named as an award-winning business opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs and new franchisees joining their team.

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Scott English, brand director of Elite Franchise, said Friends for Pets has ‘well and truly earned’ their place in the top 100 and congratulated them on their achievements.

He said: “This definitive league table of the Top 100 Franchisors shows just what Britain has to offer. Each year, the ranking becomes more competitive and this year has been no exception for our panel of industry-leading judges.

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“At EF100 we take into account entrants’ sales and growth figures as well as the training and support systems in place for their network of franchisees. This year, brands were also judged on any measures they initiated to survive the challenges of 2020, along with ambitions and growth targets for the next financial year. Achieving this position is a testament to all that Friends for Pets has achieved – they have consistently demonstrated a gold-standard level of franchising.”

By Alice Simmons

Source: Bridgwater Mercury

Happy 20th OSCAR Anniversary

November 25, 2020

Neil and Shelley Harvey, OSCAR Pet Foods Market Drayton

In the twenty years since Neil and I started our business times have changed. Especially, when it comes to meeting customer’s needs. And 2020 is proving to be no exception! Pre Covid, our customers enjoyed the benefits of good ingredients and the personalised nutritional advice for their pets, as well as the luxury of having heavy bags of dog food delivered straight to their door.

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Post Covid, our customers enjoy all the same benefits but our socially distanced home delivery has come into its own: allowing them to shield or self-isolate safely, work from home (if necessary) or have pet food delivered securely whilst they get on with their busy lives.. Not to mention a guaranteed supply of quality foods – we never run out! We love meeting and looking after our customers and are always happy to give them one less thing to worry about when their worlds are turning upside down.

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Naturally, pet owners want the best for their pets and our love of animals, combined with twenty years of experience, means helping customers solve pet problems with advice and expert tips on healthcare is an increasingly valuable part of our friendly service.

“It’s true that the OSCAR business model offers inherent flexibility and for those of us who have chosen franchising with lifestyle consideration in mind the quality of work life balance is a definite plus.”

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“I can honestly say, hand on heart, that even after 20 years I still get just as excited about going to meet a new pet as I did 20 years ago”

Would you like to find out more about business opportunities with OSCAR?

Call: 0800 068 1106

OSCAR Pet Foods and Leading the Way Pet Care join together in offering top tips for pet safety during firework season

October 12, 2020

Bonfire night can be a worrying and stressful time for cats, dogs and rabbits. Loud, screeching fizzles and snaps, blinding flashes of light and noisy whoops of delight can be terrifying for pets who have truly sensitive hearing – even at the quietest of times.

OSCAR Pet Foods, one of the UK’s top pet food home delivery services, is only too familiar with the problem. Thanks to close customer relationships with pet-owning clients, their Local Nutritional Advisors are well placed to support pets who suffer from fear of fireworks. Caring customers are always keen to learn how they can prevent their pets being traumatised and so, this year, OSCAR Pet Foods have teamed up with their sister company – Leading the Way Pet Care – to strengthen their ability to help. Delivering quality nutrition alongside essential pet care lies at the heart of these franchises, and their combined commitment to pet welfare strikes a chord as bonfire night approaches.OSCAR Pet Foods and Leading the Way Pet Care

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Fireworks at this time of year can go on for several weeks before (and after) November 5th and this stress can have serious implications for pets; affecting their health and behaviour – especially if experienced over long periods of time. Even though many organised firework displays will not be going ahead this year, due to Covid, many people will be planning fireworks at home in their small family bubbles.

Recognising stress is the very first step towards helping your pet:

Is your rabbit stamping its feet, staying motionless, trying to escape, or losing its appetite? Is your cat hiding in high places, house soiling or refusing to eat? Is your dog panting, pacing or being clingy?

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These, and many more signs of stress, together with top tips to help keep your pets safe and settled during fireworks, can be found here.

OSCAR Pet Foods and Leading the Way Pet Care


Offering helpful advice and expert tips to keep pets calm and safe during bonfire season is just one of many sought after services that Leading the Way Pet Care offers to caring pet owners. Alongside OSCAR’s stand out reputation for nutritional excellence, Leading the Way delivers an exciting business opportunity providing professional dog walking and friendly pet care throughout the year for caring pet owners who juggle busy lives with responsible pet care.

If living with Covid for the last six months has taught us anything, it’s that our pets are playing an increasingly important role in our lives: offering us much-needed comfort and company as we face uncertain restrictions and changes.

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With pet ownership hitting an all-time high, bright franchising opportunities now exist for pet loving business seekers.

If you fancy the freedom of being your own boss, a healthy change in lifestyle and the joy of helping to look after much-loved pets, this could be a perfect opportunity for you.

OSCAR Pet Foods deliver exceptional support to franchisees with industry-first Pet Welfare Academy

October 1, 2020

OSCAR Pet Foods are launching the pet industry’s first ever Academy of Pet Welfare. In a largely unregulated sector, highly skilled professionals hold the key to OSCAR’s successful franchise business model and this exciting new venture is an obvious move to secure, if not boost, that success.

Simon Bartholomew, Franchise Director at OSCAR Pet Foods, explains:

“Following the positive impact on sales of many of our franchisees taking the Level 3 Companion Animal Nutrition qualification, and the many great comments from our customers who value the expert advice they now receive, it seemed logical to become a registered training centre in our own right.”

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Discerning pet owners want the best for their pets, and, with its nationwide network of Local Nutritional Advisors, OSCAR Pet Foods is perfectly placed to deliver the nutritional evidence that is essential for a confident sale.

According to Michael Bellingham, Chief Executive of the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, “Health and nutrition is a key trend. Consumers are increasingly focusing on high quality, premium pet foods for their dogs, cats and other small pets.”

To award specific qualifications in pet nutrition, OSCAR have partnered with ABC Awards because they unite educational and skills-orientated organisations that share similar values and objectives. OSCAR Pet Foods know that the circle of success begins and ends with detailed knowledge and education and this new academy demonstrates a clear desire to help hard-working franchisees grow their businesses with credibility and confidence. It’s all about support.

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The first course on offer is a Level 3 Certificate in Companion Animal Nutrition tutored by OSCAR’S in-house veterinary, nutritional and behaviour experts Shelley Holden RVN CertSAN CertCFVHNut and Shelley Audis-Riddell CertNut (QCF L3) BSc (Hons) MSc. The qualification explores the vital effects of nutrition on dogs and cats and covers individual diets and feeding regimes, enabling franchisees to offer the best individual advice for pets. It also studies the anatomy and physiology of pet digestion and UK pet food legislation.

Nic Kinch from OSCAR Pet Foods Herefordshire says:

“Studying for my Companion Animal Nutritional Qualification with OSCAR Pet Foods has certainly provided me with a greater insight into the role of nutrition and the effects it has on the health and welfare of pets, specifically cats and dogs. It will provide me with greater credibility with existing and potential customers and has provided me with more confidence in providing advice to pet owners when recommending an appropriate food.”

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In time, the Pet Academy of Welfare will be able to offer other modules and other qualifications in many areas of pet care helping franchisees to build confidence and expert knowledge so they can continue to help customers care for their pets with leading industry standards.

Richard Hebden, franchise owner of OSCAR Pet Foods Flintshire, also explains:

“Knowledge is one of the things you need to take into a conversation with a customer. Being able to offer good advice to customers is a great comfort to them and is a valuable way to establish trust and enable the relationship to continue. We can save customers time and help them make the right decisions, thereby keeping their pets safe and healthy for longer.”

We’ve all become accustomed to dealing with uncertainty in 2020, but when it comes to pet welfare OSCAR believe uncertainty is unacceptable. Keeping pet welfare at the forefront of our business model reassures customers that high standards underpin everything we do. Our newly launched Academy of Pet Welfare is aimed at satisfying customers’ needs to give the very best pet care they can to their pets and securing confidence for new franchisees whose future business success depends on delivering honest, expert advice.

OSCAR Pet Foods offer hope to workers facing or fearing redundancy.

August 26, 2020

The furlough scheme ends in October, and if you are one of the nine million workers furloughed as a direct result of Covid, the prospect of redundancy must be real.

Facing an uncertain future means that finding a stable income will be high on your agenda and OSCAR Pet Foods know that exciting opportunities in pet care may well hold the key to your success.

Franchising tends to perform well in a recession thanks to tried and tested business models, trusted brand names, shared marketing potential and competitive trading opportunities –and the pet care sector is a shining example. Globally, pet care is one of the largest and fastest growing e-commerce categories and being awarded essential business status throughout this pandemic means its resilience continues.

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Pet care is always a popular choice. No matter how long this recession lasts, dogs still need walking and much-loved pets still need loving and feeding. In fact, with recent figures* from the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) confirming 9 million dogs, 7.5 million cats and 400,000 guinea pigs are owned throughout the UK, demand is at an all-time high!OSCAR Pet Foods

Great news for those of you who may well be re-evaluating your life work balance after Covid and have the desire and the energy to work your way out of a recession.

If making an investment during a recession seems daunting, it’s important to remember that franchising is seen by banks as a low-risk investment, and many UK banks have dedicated franchise units. Andy Brattesani, UK Head of Franchising for HSBC reports, “At the HSBC franchise unit last year we lent 400 million in the franchising sector … and this year we will do half a billion.”

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With investment security at your fingertips, finding the perfect franchise to fit your skills and lifestyle is also key.

OSCAR is much more than a franchise. We’re a business format franchise – just like some of the most famous brands you know – which means we provide outstanding ongoing support, advice and training so that you can grow your business with a safety net of expertise stretched out beneath you.

At OSCAR we look for honesty, positivity and enthusiasm. That’s because great franchising is all about close franchisor and franchisee relationships.

We work as a team because our success is your success. That’s why we’re keen to share a wealth of valuable tips and strategies from our nationwide network of franchisees to help you on your way.

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OSCAR Franchisee, Richard Hebden, found security in OSCAR when planning his future, “… my enthusiasm, shared with fellow franchisees, helps me to grow my business quicker, with better ways to achieve results. The products are easy to talk about and by supporting a local pet rescue charity I have found yet another avenue that produces follow ups.”

We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join our network and our experienced franchise team would love to help you too. Please give us a call.