Pet taxi franchise is going places

March 8, 2021

A pet taxi service has been shortlisted for the Encouraging Women Into Franchising Awards 2021.

Pets 2 Places is the first pet taxi franchise to become a member of Encouraging Women Into Franchising (EWIF), whose awards are sponsored by Natwest and recognise both franchisors and franchisees.

The taxi service is a finalist in the New Woman Franchisor of the Year category.

Claire Harris, founder of Pets 2 Places, says she created the business model to prove there is a place in the business world for pet firms.

“I really feel that as a woman, running a pet business from home, people often dismiss what I do as a hobby business. This business is far from a hobby, it takes hard work and dedication and the rewards are fantastic – this is a career and deserves to be taken seriously.”

Pets 2 Places joined EWIF on a mission to see more women starting their own business and holding CEO, managing director and business owner positions.

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Claire said: “I started Pets 2 Places in my hometown of Milton Keynes in 2014 and it has become bigger than I ever imagined. It’s been so well received by both customers and other pet businesses, it’s really spurred me on to create this opportunity for other women.”

Pets 2 Places takes pets and their owners to places such as the vets, groomers, kennels and even on holiday. Wherever the customer wants to go and whatever support the owner needs themselves, nothing is too much trouble for Pets 2 Places.

“I love getting to know my customers, and seeing them all the time means we have built such a lovely rapport, they have become like my extended family,” said Claire. “Every day I am called an angel and told what a godsend I am. It is incredibly rewarding and humbling to receive such fantastic feedback from customers on a daily basis.”


Claire added that Pets 2 Place’s is the UK’s first pet taxi franchise and currently has very few competitors. When combined with evidence of one in two households owning a pet, she says the market is strong and the opportunity to build a robust customer base is easy to see.

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Clare said: ‘The franchise opportunities I have created aren’t for everyone. We are looking for people who have either worked in the animal community before, in a caring capacity, such as the NHS or with elderly or people with learning difficulties, and they MUST be animal lovers.

“As much as the customers are all different we understand the franchisees are all different. The level of training we offer incorporates the fundamentals of what they need to know with an adaptive style to ensure we are supporting the franchisee in a way that is meaningful and inclusive to them as an individual.

“I know that business growth comes from supporting the franchisees and that ongoing support is the foundation of our franchise ethos.”

By Justine Thompson

Source: Pet Business World

Pet taxi service looks to expand

July 13, 2020

An award-winning pet taxi service is looking to develop across the UK following its home-grown success. The Pets 2 Places pet taxi service was established by Claire Harris in 2014, following a personal tragedy that forced her to rethink her life goals.

Building the business up slowly in Milton Keynes, she soon discovered a huge demand for services to transport people and their pets around the city. The service supports many people who are unable to drive and has even been contacted by the community policing team for help.

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She said: “Initially I set up the business to help transport pets for vet appointments as I knew so many people struggled in this area.

“As I saw more clients and we discussed their needs, it was clear that the service needed to expand to include the groomers, visits to friends with the dog and even on holiday! It was also the customers that gave me the idea to franchise, as they had friends in other areas that could benefit so much from this service but there was just nothing available.”

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Last year Pets 2 Places won Best Pet Business at the Animal Star Awards in recognition of the service it offers to the community. Claire was also one of the f-entrepreneur top 100 in 2019 and won Industry Leader at the Women Leaders Award.

She adds that there are a lot of laws, codes of conduct and training regulations to abide by, but the satisfaction and personal rewards of running a pet taxi service are tremendous.

“On a daily basis I have customers tell me what a godsend the service is, and asking where they would be without me. Knowing the difference we make to the lives of our customers is so humbling, and of course getting to work with animals every day is incredible,” said Claire.

By Justine Thompson

Source: Pet Business World