Minuteman Press Printing Franchise in Manchester City Centre Grows Through Product Expansion and Customer Service

January 13, 2020

Working as a graphic designer and photographer with a commercial photography studio, Russ Cowper reached a crossroads and was ready to become his own boss. He has taken over the established Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise in Manchester City Centre and has a simple yet effective message for his numerous B2B clients: “We print anything. If you can print it, we can do it.”

Russ further explains why now was the time to transition to business ownership as well as why the Minuteman Press franchise system was right for him. He says, “The commercial photography industry was becoming more competitive and slowing down. With social media and everyone having camera phones, there wasn’t enough trade. I’ve always loved printing and design and I came across the Minuteman Press franchise for sale in Manchester City Centre. It was obvious to me that joining an established and reputable franchise was better than opening a fresh business on my own.”

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One of the biggest benefits of franchising especially with Minuteman Press is the ongoing local support that is provided to franchisees. Russ says, “The support from Minuteman Press International here in the United Kingdom has been great. My Area Manager Mark Heath and the local support team help us out quite a lot with recruiting, marketing, and overall printing knowledge and capabilities.”

Russ continues by outlining two additional key reasons why he specifically chose to buy his Minuteman Press franchise. “First, Minuteman Press offers their own comprehensive FLEX software for quoting and marketing. Software is essential for any small business and FLEX keeps me up to date with the workflow and financial accounts. Second, Minuteman Press provided a ‘ready-made’ business model with over 40 years of industry experience backing me up. That’s an incredible asset to have.”

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Since taking over the business, Russ has found to experience several rewards as well as sales growth. He says, “There is never a dull moment, and customer satisfaction is paramount to everything we do at Minuteman Press Manchester City Centre. We keep our clients happy and our philosophy is to never let a job sit. You just never know what is going to come next and so we are always ready. That philosophy has helped us grow our business.”

In addition to personalised customer service, Russ and his team have really made it a point to market the business and expand their product lines.

“It’s all about production and customer service. We do all kinds of printing and finishing, posters, signage, banners, and promotional items. We are so busy with printing and most of our customers expect fast turnaround and we deliver. Same-day, next-day, we can do that for them. We are right in the centre of Manchester and our marketing efforts are working. We also do Minuteman Press International’s internet marketing program and we keep getting leads from that as well.”

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Mark Heath adds, “Russ is doing a fantastic job since joining the Minuteman Press franchise family. I am excited to see him expand and grow and look forward to continuing to support him with his printing business.”

When asked what he loves most about his business, Russ answers, “I enjoy running my own business and that every client and every job is different. I have developed different skills that enable me to take a customer’s brief and requirements and then actually produce the finished product. I take great satisfaction in completing those jobs and exceeding expectations.”

As for his future plans, Russ exclaims, “Once my plans for this centre are near complete, I will be looking to open another branch locally and continue to build my business.”

Source: Globe News Wire

Minuteman Press Printing Franchise in Epsom Nominated for Best New Business and Customer Service Awards

November 11, 2019

The Minuteman Press marketing and printing franchise in Epsom has been nominated for Best New Business and Best Business for Customer Service for the Epsom & Ewell Business Awards. These awards recognise excellence for local businesses across all different industries.

For Best New Business, the criteria for this award is being a new business that demonstrates potential for future significant growth. Other factors are innovation, filling a gap in the market, or offering an established product with a twist. Minuteman Press Epsom is one of three businesses nominated.

For Best Business in Customer Service, the criteria here is the ability to go above and beyond to attract and retain customers as well as demonstrating how customer service has benefited the business. Minuteman Press Epsom is also one of three nominees shortlisted for this award.

Minuteman Press Epsom is an independently owned and operated local design, marketing, and printing franchise. Products and services offered include customised printing essentials, promotional products, apparel, graphic design, wide format printing, and more.

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Owners Jonnie Conibeer and Margaux Evans are seasoned business professionals who pride themselves on helping other businesses grow. Together, along with their Designer and Production Manager Lili Hernandez, they bring stellar customer service to their B2B clients. Margaux says, “We are friendly, respectful, honest and always offering a fair deal. We treat every customer (no matter how big or small) and every order they place as if they are our most important customer. We want to see them back in our centre.”

Because they care about their community, non-for-profit organisations feel at home trusting Minuteman Press in Epsom. They design and print quarterly booklets, newsletters, workbooks and flyers for one in particular. “Our current top clients are non-for-profit organisations – we work with our local Residents Association, the local branch of The Samaritans, and a neighbouring Parish Council.”

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There is depth to the statements Jonnie and Margaux make about customer care and leading with the truth is their first rule. Margaux says, “We’ll always be upfront and honest about managing expectations, but once we’ve committed to a job we do whatever it takes to get it over the line, to meet deadlines and quoted cost, no matter what.” Jonnie adds, “It can’t always be about profit, if it’s just about the bottom line our customers go shop online. What they’re looking for is a local business, the personal support, advice and quality they get at a price suited to their budget.”

Prior to partnering up together with Minuteman Press in Epsom, Jonnie earned his degree in Graphic Design and Video at Farnham University for the Creative Arts and worked for the BBC in post-production for six years. Margaux came to the UK from South Africa fifteen years ago and worked for a FTSE 60 property developer in Central London as an HR Business Partner for ten years.

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“The beauty of running a Minuteman Press franchise is that you have all the support and structure you need whilst being able to make the business suit you and your style of working,” according to Jonnie. Margaux adds, “There is a lot of flexibility to work within the structure of a franchise and still feel like my store is unique from every other Minuteman Press even though it has the same integral building blocks and commitment to quality.”

“I’d like to congratulate Margaux and Jonnie as well as Lili for being nominated for Best New Business and Best Business for Customer Service,” says Mark Jones, Minuteman Press International Area Manager, UK North. He adds, “They form a great partnership with skill sets that really complement each other.”

Source: Globe Newswire

Signarama partners with Sign Association of Canada

July 27, 2019

Signarama Canada has joined forces with the Sign Association of Canada.

“This was a natural progression for us as one of the leading sign franchises in Canada,” said Signarama’s U.K. and Canada master franchisor and chief operating officer Anas Saltaji. “Our goal is to ensure our sign companies are one of the most successful and professional franchisees in Canada. Sign Association membership adds value to our large portfolio franchise.”

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The Sign Association of Canada’s chief staff officer Erin Roberts added: “We are delighted to welcome Signarama Canada companies into our membership, and we value Signarama’s leadership in taking this step. The industry is evolving rapidly and our members are one of many to lead the evolution.”

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Source: Sign Media

New Kall Kwik franchisee restores brand to the City

June 11, 2019

Kall Kwik has its youngest centre director, 29-year-old George Rumball, who has become the new franchisee restoring the brand to businesses in the City of London.

Rumball’s one-stop shop for design, print and online services, Kall Kwik City, has already seen an investment of over £10,000 in signage and digital equipment for the premises that previously operated as an unbranded stationery store for the territory of Bishopsgate.

Kall Kwik said that Rumball knew about the commercial potential of the brand after working as account manager for Kall Kwik St James almost 10 years ago, after beginning his career on the production side with JP Morgan. From there his career progressed with experience in print sales, marketing and communications.

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Having kept in touch with the St. James’ centre, he learnt that the Bishopsgate outlet was for sale and seeing the store’s potential he decided to buy the franchise. The outlet was subsequently renamed Kall Kwik City with Rumball’s father, Simon, joining the business as print manager.

George said: “I have always been ambitious and love selling. Print is in my blood from the early days of working in the JP Morgan print room to trailblazing personalisation of print at Inc Direct. I have always hit my targets and enjoy networking so setting up my own business was the logical next step.

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“It is such a great location with premises just around the corner from Liverpool Street. It’s a fantastic opportunity for me to be able to inject a new lease of life into the centre and bring the full range of Kall Kwik services to local businesses.”

New generation of owners
Nigel Toplis, Kall Kwik’s managing director, commented: “Kall Kwik has reached an exciting phase in its 40-year life as a new generation of owners begin to join the network. George was an outstanding member of the St James’ team and I am sure he will be an outstanding centre owner as he follows his ambitious business plan. We wish him every success and welcome him to the family.”

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Kall Kwik is part of The Bardon Group (TBG), a specialist franchise operator with multiple franchise brands within its portfolio. Starting life as Recognition Express over 30 years ago, TBG now also includes ComputerXplorers and Techclean.

Source: Franchise World

New owner of Signarama UK targets 100 units

June 8, 2019

Signarama UK has been acquired by Anas Saltaji, the master licensee for Signarama Canada, where he has grown the network to 49 locations since 2012.

The signs and graphics company says that whilst its existing UK franchisees have been trading successfully, the company has had a slow few years in recruiting franchisees but this is about to change as Saltaji is planning to replicate his overseas success here in the UK.

Saltaji, who also owns the master licence for a co-working franchise, Venture-X, explains his intensions for Signarama in the UK: “Initially, my plan is to focus on the current network. I want to reinvigorate them, help them to grow and remind them why they became franchisees. I want to get them excited about their businesses again.

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“Excitement is contagious. It’s not difficult to generate leads but if you can then take people to a store and they see excitement, positivity and all that wonderful stuff, that’s when they start wanting to be part of it.”

The Canadian entrepreneur is aiming to build the UK network to 100 units and says that this acquisition is a long-term commitment, which involves, amongst other things, a planned relocation of his young family.

Saltaji said: “In the long-run, I plan to split my time between both countries. My wife and children will come too, and we’ll build a life here, as we have in Canada. It’s important to demonstrate my commitment to the UK franchise and all those who choose to join us. I want franchisees to know me, to trust me and feel that I’m passionate about their success. I can’t do that remotely.”

The company says its existing 10 Signarama franchisees that operate stores across the UK are cautiously optimistic about their new leader and are grateful for his candid approach to business and his ‘back to basics’ strategy for growth.

Positive impact
Mark Squires, the Harrogate franchisee, said: “We had a national meeting recently, and I think we all came away feeling positive afterwards. Anas shared his intentions and his goals for the UK.

“He made it clear that he wants to build up our confidence and satisfaction, before launching into any recruitment activity. He wants to replicate his success in Canada, here in the UK and, having shared his first five-year plan with us, I certainly feel more confident.”

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Tracy Clark, the Milton Keynes franchisee, added: “I’ve been a franchisee since 2005 and since then, I’ve built a business of which I’m extremely proud. I welcome the entry of someone like Anas to the brand; there’s no denying the positive impact that his experience, both in franchising and the signage industry, will bring to the network. He knows the model, understands the business and has a proven history of growth and success.”

Saltaji comments: “The beauty of having Signarama in Canada is the resources that I can utilise here in the UK. I have an internal team dedicated to marketing, finance, product and business development. And their roles now encompass the UK franchise. I also have a strong network, some of whom turnover multi-million dollars a year and they are all incredibly excited to welcome the UK franchisees into the family.”

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Signarama was established in the U.S. in 1986 and has more than 900 franchisees in 60 countries. The company offers customers custom-made outdoor and indoor signage including window graphics, banners, illuminated signs and vehicle graphics.

Source: Franchise World

Minuteman Press Printing Franchise in Oxford, England Thrives By Working with Clients and Making a Positive Impact on the Community

May 24, 2019

With nearly ten years under his belt, Minuteman Press franchise owner Amad Hassan knows the value of his design, marketing, and printing business for his clients. He explains, “Basically, we can design and print everything for them. I have received phone calls from new customers asking for one of our products such as printed banners. I ask how they heard about us and they say either positive Google reviews or direct referrals from another customer. That makes me feel like our customer service sets us apart. Strong word of mouth builds your brand.”

Another element of his printing business that makes Amad and his team stand out is that Minuteman Press provides a wide variety of customised products and services. Amad says, “We do more than printing. We do custom designs, promotional products, branded apparel. When we pack any order, we include brochures about banners, signage, promotional products. We let our clients know what we can do and they tend to respond well to that.”

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Being part of the Minuteman Press International franchise system, Amad’s business is independently owned and operated. Like any business owner, he prides himself on being active in the community and making a positive difference. Amad says, “I strongly believe that working in the community is the backbone of our business. If there is a community event, we support it. People know us and we generate a lot of business doing this. I do a lot of charity work, work with schools, anything I can to help.”

One of the best aspects of working in the printing industry is that print is universal, meaning that clients come from all different industries. Amad says, “When we started, we noticed a lot of restaurants coming to us. We also work with charities, schools and colleges, training companies, and many small businesses around us. We have a lot of variety and that’s how we’ve built the business.”

Prior to franchising with Minuteman Press, Amad Hassan worked in the automotive industry. He says, “I worked in the BMW mini plant in Oxford for 10 years. I also drove a taxi part-time as well. I didn’t know the printing industry when I started, and Minuteman Press gave me the training and support I needed for this transition.”

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In addition to the training and ongoing local support that he receives right here in Oxford, Amad saw a few other benefits of franchising with Minuteman Press. He explains, “The first benefit that was huge is that Minuteman Press has a royalty incentive program. Having a cap on royalties is a big deal. Also, when I inquired online about owning a Minuteman Press franchise, they contacted me right away and were very efficient. They took me to the different centres and the whole process was very straightforward.”

Amad adds, “Minuteman Press works for me. When I started I didn’t know anything and they taught me everything. They gave me the support and my local Area Manager Mark Jones has been a huge help. My own initiative and their support is a winning combination. Minuteman Press shows you the door but you have to go through it and execute. They also offer an Internet marketing program and that helps as well in expanding our online presence and giving a platform to get Google Reviews from our customers.”

Ultimately, after nine years, Amad truly appreciates the rewards of this venture. He states, “I appreciate being profitable and the time and flexibility I have with my life.”

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His advice for others who are thinking of owning a business or franchise is this: “Invest in the business at the right time. Get the best staff and the right equipment. Be loyal with the customer. Don’t upset the customer, and do right by them every time.”

Lastly, Amad says, “Make sure you market the business. That’s the key to everything.”

Source: Globe News Wire

Signarama Hosts Global Franchisee Convention in Las Vegas

May 4, 2019

Franchisees from around the world gathered recently at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas to participate in the annual Signarama convention. For the fourth consecutive year, the brand partnered with the International Sign Association (ISA) to co-locate its annual convention with ISA International Sign Expo 2019 – the largest sign, graphics, print, and visual communications convention in the world.

More than 300 attended the brand’s biggest event of the year from the U.S. as well as Australia, India, Canada, Africa, the Bahamas, and the U.K. With an agenda full of activities, franchisees learned about the latest updates in technology, product development, marketing strategies, and vendor partnerships. In breakout sessions, select speakers addressed important strategic topics on how to make franchises even stronger. Signarama is a brand of the United Franchise Group (UFG), and is the world’s largest sign franchise with more than 800 locations in 60 countries.

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“It was a remarkable event because franchisees met and networked with their peers, and connected and strategized with vendors,” said Signarama President A.J. Titus. “We were the only franchise to receive after-hours access to the ISA tradeshow floor. It was a wonderful opportunity for our franchisees to network, as well as learn more about products and convention-only offerings.”

“ISA International Sign Expo 2019 was a rousing success for sign, graphics, and visual communications companies who were able to see the latest in cutting-edge technology and to access business-building ideas,” said Lori Anderson, ISA President and CEO. “We are excited to mark the fourth year of Signarama’s co-location, a relationship that has proven beneficial to both of us – but most importantly to our members, franchise owners, and exhibitors.”

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Awards were presented to Signarama franchisees in 11 sign-related categories as well as the following:

*President’s Award

  • John & Ashly Robbins (Redding, CA)

*Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Aaron Friedman (Santa Rosa, CA)
  • Jason “JB” Brown & Cynthia Brown (Louisville Dixie, KY)
  • Francois Schoeman (Pretoria, South Africa)


  • Bob Chapa (Troy, MI)

*Honorary Inductee as Member of Hall of Fame

  • “JT” Jim Tatem (UFG President)

*Mentors of the Year

  • Aaron Friedman (Santa Rosa, CA)
  • Gary and Nancy Rosenberg (Buford & Duluth, GA)

*Bill Schwaljie Humanitarian of the Year

  • Maggie & Brian Harlow, Louisville (Downtown), KY

*Most Improved

  • George Ballane (Central Calgary, Alberta)
  • Robbie Jacobs (Stuart, FL)
  • Zern & Dani Vess (Springfield, MO)

*Rookie of the Year

  • Amanjot & Amandeep Olma (Etobicoke, Ontario)
  • Spencer Coleman (Midway, Utah)

*Team Player

  • Morgan & Debbie Smith (Peterborough, Ontario)
  • Todd & Stephanie Cunningham (Frisco, TX)
  • Steve Danko (Kenosha, WI)

The brand also announced the 2019 Franchisee Advisory Council (FAC) at the convention. “The FAC serves as a sounding board that helps us plan for the brand’s future, including conventions,” said Titus. “Being selected for the FAC is an honor in any franchise system. This board is integral for planning our yearly events in addition to moving many brand initiatives forward.” The 2019 FAC members are Bob Chapa (Troy, MI); Maggie Harlow (Louisville Downtown, KY); Ric Anderson (Salt Lake City, UT); Dawn Tiritter-Bent (Huntington Station, NY); Anthony Bashorun (Herndon, VA); Alex Fong (Redmond, WA); Jerry Pappalardo (Murrieta, CA); Gary Rosenberg (Buford, GA); Stephanie Cunningham (Frisco, TX); and Steve Danko (Kenosha, WI).

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“This event is a critical piece of how we develop ourselves as a franchisee and as entrepreneurs, said Maggie Harlow of Signarama Louisville (Downtown), KY. “The training, networking and access to product and tools is invaluable. Our team counts on this event to prepare for the future of our industry. This year’s event was the best one yet and we are already making changes to our business as a result, including new equipment and product offerings.”

Source: Franchising

New Signarama UK owner talks up major growth plans

April 30, 2019

The new owner of Signarama UK has spoken of his ambitious growth plans for the brand, which he hopes to put back on the map “by getting back to basics”.

Canadian entrepreneur Anas Saltaji, master licensee for Signarama Canada, acquired the signs and graphics franchise last summer and has started work on boosting the company’s fortunes after “a slow few years in the UK”.

“The opportunity to acquire the business came up last year. I bought the business directly from the brand owner, Signarama Incorporated,” said Saltaji.

“The previous franchise owner in the UK wanted to focus on her family. She had a new-born and that was her priority.

“We thought it would be exciting to help the franchisees in the UK to regain their confidence and to rebuild the brand to what it once was.”

Saltaji has nearly doubled the Canadian Signarama network from 25 to 49 locations since he took over the reins in 2012.

He believes the UK, which at its peak had more than 40 Signarama locations, still holds massive potential and said his plan to replicate his success overseas will centre initially around the 10 remaining UK franchisees, whose sales he hopes to help double over the next five years.

“My intention is to get our existing franchisees to want to expand into new territories,” he said.

“They will be the most successful because they’ve done it, they know the ups and downs and they know the business really well. So I’m going to make it extremely easy for them to expand into new markets.”

Saltaji is ultimately aiming to build the Signarama UK network to 100 units within the next 10 years.

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“Given the market size in the UK, we would potentially have successful locations anywhere we put them.

“The Signarama brand makes money. It’s also a really engaging industry; every job is unique. Technologies, materials and their application are constantly evolving. It’s very exciting.”

On a personal level, long-term Saltaji is planning to relocate his family to split his time between both Canada and the UK.

“My wife and children will come too, and we’ll build a life here, as we have in Canada. It’s important to demonstrate my commitment to the UK franchise and all those who choose to join us.

“I’m not interested in quick fixes or making a quick buck. I want franchisees to know me, to trust me and feel that I’m passionate about their success; I can’t do that remotely.”

The UK’s existing Signarama franchisees typically employ four to five staff each and run HP Latex printers “due to their excellent quality, brilliant colour and eco-friendliness”, according to Saltaji, who said the franchisees are supportive of his growth strategy.

“We had a national meeting a few weeks ago, and I think we all came away feeling positive afterwards. Anas shared his intentions and his goals for the UK and, having shared his first five-year plan with us, I certainly feel confident,” said Harrogate franchisee Mark Squires.

Milton Keynes franchisee Tracy Clark added: “I welcome the entry of someone like Anas to the brand; there’s no denying the positive impact that his experience, both in franchising and the signage industry, will bring to the network. He knows the model, understands the business and has a proven history of growth and success.”

A seven-strong team of Canadian-based support staff, dedicated to marketing, finance, product and business development, will also work with and support the UK franchisees, alongside two support staff based in the UK.

Signarama was established in 1986 and currently has 900 franchisees in 60 countries.

By Richard Stuart-Turner

Source: Print Week

Printing Franchise UK – Should You Invest In UK Printing Franchises?

March 25, 2019

Printing Franchise UK – the TOP 10 MUST KNOWS about finding and running successful UK Printing Franchises.

Even as digital marketing has taken the world by a storm, traditional ways are still relevant. Buying a printing franchise UK can be a good way of generating additional income for yourself.

There aren’t many industries and sectors that franchising hasn’t been able to touch. While retail and food sectors have been completely disrupted by the franchising business model, others have managed to answer the scalability problems with their unique adaptations of franchising.

If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity that doesn’t require a great deal of capital to get off the ground and provides steady, predictable returns in the short run, UK printing franchises are just the right fit for you.

While discussing various franchise businesses across industry and sectors in the UK, we have always maintained that defining a ‘good’ franchise opportunity solely depends on what the franchisee is looking for. Most franchisees simply want to find a way to park their capital, hire staff for daily operations and let the business run itself. There are others who prefer a more hands-on approach and are involved thoroughly in the business. The ideal franchise opportunities for these two ends of the franchisee spectrum will vary based on the initial investment required, projected break-even period and resale value.

On that front, a printing franchise UK could be a good pick for someone who’s comfortable with not being involved heavily in the day to day operations of the business, and isn’t eyeing meteoric returns. Moreover, most printing franchises UK aim to recover their initial investment (and the interest thereon) through resale, making sure that they end up with handsome profits at the endgame.

In this article, we’ll briefly discuss what print and sign franchises UK are, what they do, how much they cost and what franchisees need to know before getting into a franchise agreement.

A Brief Overview Of The UK Printing And Signage Market

Every printing franchise UK has the advantage of operating in a stable, well-aged and diverse industry. Here’s our overview of the industry to give our readers an idea about its size, scope and potential:

  • The UK printing and signage industry has evolved to become incredibly robust. Some experts go so far as to assert that this industry has now attained an ‘essential’ status for its customers.
  • Printing businesses have long moved on from being consumer oriented (B2C) to business oriented (B2B). As a franchisee, it’s advisable for you to prefer B2B print and signage franchises UK over their B2C counterparts. Operating a high-street print centre makes little sense when that segment of the industry has shifted to an ecommerce-only mode.
  • The quick print industry (of which many SMEs are patrons) has grown larger each year over the past two decades. Presently, this industry generates annual revenues in excess of £1 bn.
  • The overall printing and signage in the industry (B2B) is thought to be much larger in size, generating revenues upwards of £5 bn.

Source: British Printing Industries Federation

What Does A Printing Franchise UK Do?

Printing franchises UK can be categorised comfortably as service-based product providers.

Every business out there – regardless of its size – requires printed materials in various forms. From the most basic, across the board necessities like letterheads and business cards to advanced requirements like billboards and sign posts, printing businesses offer a wide range of services to their customers.

The daily operation of a typical printing franchise UK revolves around two main aspects:

The Creative Side Of Things

If a business already has a set template for what they want done, there’s little need for UK printing franchises to perform in terms of creative inputs. On the other hand, if the business commissions an end-to-end project, the franchise will need to brainstorm ideas, submit prototypes/suggestions, have them approved by the customer and then optimise the final deliverables.

If your printing franchise UK does provide creative services, you will need to hire a team of talented, qualified graphic designer(s), artists and IT professionals.

The Delivery Side Of Things

Once the creative side of things is taken care of, the franchise can move on to producing the deliverables.

Depending upon the nature of the project and the franchisor, the production will either be done in-house at the unit level or be exported to the franchisor’s better-equipped production/printing facilities.

Examples Of Services Provided By Print And Sign Franchises UK

Here are some common services printing franchises UK offer for their clients and customers:

  • Office Stationary: Letterheads, envelopes, business cards, leaflets, greeting cards, manuals, diaries etc.
  • Product Labels: Product labels, disclaimers, information sheets, menu cards etc.
  • Advertising Materials: Billboards, flyers, handouts, mailouts etc.
  • Signage: Office signs, agency signs, marquee signs, directions, safety warnings etc.

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How Much Does A Printing Franchise UK Cost?

Quite surprisingly, despite being a relatively niche industry, printing franchises UK have quite a few varieties for franchisees to choose from.

Naturally, the minimum initial investment required varies from one type to another, depending on the nature of the services, the equipment required, franchisor’s brand value and your location.

“Our survey of multiple print and sign franchises UK reveals that you need to invest £8,000 to £35,000 in minimum initial investment to get a franchise off the ground. The resale opportunities tend to lie in a similar range, as well.”

The revenue model for UK printing franchises is slightly more convoluted than other businesses.

The most common model is straightforward – the franchisees are responsible for acquiring their own customers and the franchisor offers ongoing support, while taking a fixed percentage of monthly sales in royalties.

Another model sees franchisees handling only the lead generation and creative side of things, while outsourcing the actual production to the franchisor. In such a model, it’s franchisees who get paid by the franchisor.

The last – and the least common – model requires franchisees to act as mere lead generators in the given territory. All the leads are forwarded straight back to the franchisor, and the franchisees are paid commissions per lead/per sale basis. This model is similar to that adopted successfully by estate agent franchises.

How Long Does It Take For A Printing Franchise UK To Break Even?

There’s no set formula for success – a printing franchise UK with something unique to offer, operating in a busy business district can break even in as few as 6 months.

In general, we have observed that UK print and sign franchises tend to break even within 12-15 months of trading.

The Importance Of Digital Marketing And Online Presence For Printing Franchises UK

As we discussed earlier, the B2C segment of printing and signage businesses has now moved into the ecommerce sector. Custom printed accessories, clothing items and stationary are great examples of this phenomenon.

Even if your franchise operates in a B2B sphere, digital marketing is incredibly important as far as lead generation is concerned. Most franchisors do offer marketing support that includes setting up your own website, PPC ads, social media promotions and search engine optimisation.

Marketing support should be an important part of the equation when you shortlist franchise opportunities.

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Should You Buy A Printing Franchise UK?

Every franchise opportunity requires a unique set of skills on the franchisees’ part. Any imbalance in this equation puts your investments at a higher risk.

Here are some points in this regard:

  1. You do not need to possess any creative experience to be able to buy and run a printing franchise UK. Most franchisors prefer to work with franchisees who avoid meddling in the creative processes of the business.
  2. The most desirable qualities that franchisors look for are business management, sales and marketing.
  3. If you have any previous experience of running a business, franchisors are going to count that in your favour.

Top UK Printing And Signage Franchises

Here’s our roundup of some of the most popular printing and signage franchises UK.

1. Countrywide Signs

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £9,995 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Customised agency sign boards
  • Proven business model
  • Flexible investment options
  • Ongoing support
  • Finance assistance may be available
  • Full BFA Member

2. Minuteman Press

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £40,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Design, print and marketing solutions for businesses
  • Unique business model that combines printing with marketing
  • Ongoing support
  • Highly scalable
  • Exclusive territories may be available

3. Signs Express

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £40,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: B2B signs company
  • Reputed brand name
  • 25+ years in business
  • 60+ franchise units in operation
  • No previous experience in the industry required
  • Fair returns on resale
  • Ongoing support
  • Full BFA Member


  • Minimum Initial Investment: £36,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Full range of signage, banner and graphics services for businesses
  • Valuable brand name
  • 700+ franchise units in operations around the world, 20+ in the UK
  • Full training and support
  • Pre-opening marketing support
  • Mentoring programme for franchisees
  • Outside sales support
  • Full BFA Member

5. Agency Express

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £24,500 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Real estate signage design and production
  • Recognisable brand name
  • Affordable franchising opportunity
  • No industry experience required
  • Centralised invoicing and payments system
  • Benefit from an extensive network of clients
  • Stress-free working hours
  • Full BFA Member

UK Printing Franchises – The Takeaways

  • You don’t need to possess any industry experience to buy and run a printing franchise UK.
  • Print and signage franchises in the B2B sector tend to perform better.
  • Define your market accurately to cut down on marketing expenses.
  • Hire an efficient sales team.
  • Choose your franchisor with care.
  • Know how to raise franchise finance and prepare an in-depth business plan.

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If you run a print and signage franchise UK, we’d be happy to hear from you. Write to us here and we’ll try our best to put you in front of thousands of readers who regularly visit the franchise4u website.

Minuteman Press Franchise in Norwich, England Helps Lead the Modern Printing Industry in the United Kingdom

February 12, 2019

Philip Milburn has assumed ownership of a firmly established Minuteman Press franchise in Norwich, England. After twenty years under the previous owner, Philip’s desire for growth and tireless dedication to every project is introducing new life to the business.  In fact, since Philip bought his Minuteman Press franchise in June of 2018, he and his team have received 32 positive Google Reviews… and every single one gave Minuteman Press 5 stars!

Over the years, Philip has started many businesses from scratch and some of them ended up being national leaders in their fields. His most successful venture is one he describes as, “ending up with just under 1,000 staff and annual sales of £70m.” That sounds brilliant but the sacrifice of quality of life can be too great.  According to Philip, “The problem with running national companies and living in east Norfolk is that I was always a long way from our key markets and customers. That meant spending a huge amount of time in my car and endless nights in hotels, which I hated.  Going back to running a small company based only in Norwich, with a great team around me was probably not what I envisioned 10 years ago but I absolutely love it!”

Philip has employed literally thousands of staff over the last 30 years but describes today’s atmosphere as “the best one I have experienced.”  He continues “We have 2 of the existing staff and 4 new staff.  What a great team we are! They get the job done and still have a great time together. I’m sure this helps with our customers’ experience and explains why all our reviews so far are 5 stars.”

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Minuteman Press in Norwich is honest about the reality of project demands vs. deadlines and in this way, few clients are left disappointed.  “Firstly, we do make sure we can hit the customer’s deadlines before we take a job on. You must give an expectation on delivery you know you can meet. However, not every job goes to plan.” So how exactly does Philip take charge of inevitable “surprises” that threaten victory as deadlines approach?  “If things don’t go as we hoped, we talk about it as a team and agree who is going to do what to get the job done and then we do it!  Our standard shop hours are 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. However, if a customer is running out of time because of heavy traffic, one of us will always keep the shop open for them,” he explains.

Philip has a clear vision for his digital print, design and marketing services centre that he always tries to share with his team.  “We are positioning ourselves to be not just the print shop in Ber Street that offers quality copying, printing and finishing. We also want our customers to see us as being able to help them across all aspects of sales and marketing to include categories like SEO/PPC.”  Minuteman Press Norwich has a close relationship with a Google partner company in the UK and they can offer our customers the best ROI on Google marketing and there is a track record that proves this. Philip adds, “We research the best ad words to use across all sectors, as well as really look at Google analytics on behalf of our customers.  Without doubt, a company can only have a successful marketing package if they really understand and use SEO/PPC to the full.”

Social Media strategies are frequently assumed to be self-sustaining but this is often not the case in the real world.  He says, “We have significant expertise in all aspects of social media marketing, in particular Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We can offer advice and training to our customers’ own staffs or we also have an option to completely run their complete strategy.”

As well as with social media, email marketing campaigns are part of the digital marketing advantage his clients receive. Philip continues, “We fully understand GDPR issues in the UK and have our own legal advisors to ensure we comply across every aspect of these new regulations. We help customers build up accurate data bases containing customers that can properly receive marketing emails going forward. We then help the customer create vibrant and effective emails to promote their products in key areas.”

Loyal client Gemma Hyde, Marketing Manager at Castle Mall Management, has this to say in appreciation for the partnership with Philip and his team: “Minuteman Press Norwich is a fantastic local printing company within the city centre.  As the name suggests, they are super quick at getting printing but the quality doesn’t suffer. They have printed our posters for years and we would recommend them to everyone.”

Too many studies continue to prove that marketing campaigns are lackluster without printed collateral to compliment the entire strategy, so two elements Philip uses to help is appropriate, targeted leaflet distribution and branded promotional products that are produced on premises. “We have a partner firm in Norfolk that can assist in leaflet distribution on a very specific basis. For example, all restaurants in Norwich, or all retail outlets in Norfolk etc.  We also have our own equipment in the shop to print on T shirts, polo shirts etc. as well as print any logo on a coffee mug.  We are also now really looking at other promotional items such as pens, mouse mats, key rings, eco-friendly tote bags etc.”

He acknowledges the prime objective, which is “covering all of the marketing requirements one might have with our customers, from one point of sale.” With any purchase, money is always important but it is only one factor in the equation. Philip says, “We all know that companies are offering online print services such as 500 business cards at very low prices but, and a big but, you don’t get the level of personal service. We find a lot of our customers want to actually come into our shop and then speak to friendly and knowledgeable people. This is a key factor for us and the relationship with our wide range of customers. We get told every day that talking to our team face to face is really, really important.”

Minuteman Press International provides a franchise family superior to others and, as Philip has been on the other side, selling franchises during his career, he is pleased with his choice.
  “I have been involved with franchising across the UK for over 30 years but as a Franchisor not a Franchisee. I guess I have personally sold well over 100 franchises all over Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  What I have found with Minuteman Press is that they have a great brand, an excellent software system and good relationships with suppliers like Xerox. What I don’t get is people trying to micro manage me which just wouldn’t work at all.”

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“I am always looking ahead, a visionary really,” Philip admits. “It is not always easy to keep reminding myself that I have to keep my team updated and keep re-stating our goals for the future.”  Fortunately, his franchisor is adept at staying ahead of the technology curve and providing options from which Minuteman Press in Norwich can utilize for the benefit of their own growth and that of their clients.

“We have our shop in a fantastic location,” he continues. “We are only a few hundred yards away from Norwich City centre, so people can easily walk to us while they are shopping or working. It is also easy to get parking for an hour very close to our shop and if it is just a drop off or pick up a customer can park right outside the store.  We see this as being key. Customers can come in the shop, look at paper samples, get ideas for flyers and booklets, perhaps to see if they want a photo cropped or not (and so on). They appreciate that our staff know them and fully understand their needs.”

Philip embodies the Minuteman Press of the 21st Century. He delivers the traditional and vital mainstay products and services of printing, promotional products, large format signage and custom branded apparel but he is also embracing new initiatives including PPC/SEO and social media to help his clients better market their businesses. He offers a composite solution in an effective, compliant and cost-effective way and never forgets the strong emphasis on customer service.

Source: Globe News Wire