Minuteman Press Printing Franchise in Ashton under Lyne Helps Safety Guide UK Deliver Powerful Educational Resources to Children

September 24, 2018

Children are benefiting from the partnership between Minuteman Press Ashton and Safety Guide (UK) Ltd and the world can expect the worthy mission to grow

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom, Sept. 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — October 2018 will mark five years since Graham Campbell and Ian Henderson made the decision to turn away from the common workforce after they were made redundant. They both had far too much to offer towards people in business and desired a more favorable lifestyle. “We started the business in October 2013. Ian was a Circulation Manager with a regional magazine and I was Managing Director of a security business. We were both made redundant earlier in the year and decided to try something different. We came across Minuteman Press at a franchise show in Manchester.”

Each man knew their greatest investment would come from making sure they signed a franchise agreement with a worthy brand, one that is respected widely and one that would become an ally for as long as entrepreneurship served them well.

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Minuteman Press International’s presence in the United Kingdom was firmly established, as it had been many decades earlier in the U.S., and the proven system of operations was enhanced by the dedication of Graham and Ian. Graham describes their mission statement, “To promote and grow our customer’s businesses through innovative marketing and design, supported by quality print products and first-class service delivery. You will never build a business based on price. I hate using the cliche ‘people buy from people they know, like and trust,’ but in our case, it’s certainly true. Our top customers are all looked after on a personal level. Relationships like that get you breathing space when things go wrong from time to time. We work on the premise that ‘relationship is margin.'”

The local support from Area Manager Mark Heath, coupled with their ability to connect their clients with the perfect audience, resulted in a healthy response from their bottom line. “We have grown year on year and have developed many loyal and worthwhile customers.”

Graham, Ian and their Graphic Designer, Jane Hart, continue to move everyone forward in partnership towards greater brand awareness through design, print and marketing that define the modern printing industry. Graham says, “We never over-promise and under-deliver because we fully understand each customer’s needs, deadlines and budget. We know a damaged reputation is rarely recovered quickly; we are proud to have customers who have marketed their start-up businesses with our help and ideas…and have gone on to be successful.”

“There is no better satisfaction than the delighted look on customers’ faces when they see their finished product.” – Graham Campbell

Mark Heath is the Area Manager for Minuteman Press International in the Central UK. He has been in a prime position to observe how Graham and Ian have taken Minuteman Press in Ashton under Lyne into the community as an advocate for brands from businesses to non-profits. In his role as a local support expert, Mark will always be at the side of his franchise owners, and as they gain respect and a bigger client base, he is delighted for them. “It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such driven individuals who wanted to be in control of their lives. They have embraced the business, followed the programs we set for them and are going from strength to strength, so much so they have just received their 7th award from Minuteman Press International in less than 5 years,” he says.

Safety Guide UK joined forces with Minuteman Press in Ashton under Lyne to design, print and promote all that is needed to help parents, relatives, and teachers provide educational resources to help protect children.

When a community has happy, healthy children, the adults responsible can be found at home, at school, in youth groups and through wonderful organizations like Safety Guide UK. The strongest Minuteman Press franchise owners lead the modern printing industry by investing their greatest talents right back into the community through special partnerships. As Graham and Ian develop deeper connections with clients in their area, the effects are evident in the youngest residents.

Graham has been a member of the local BNI chapter (Genesis) since he and Ian bought their franchise and says they have “enjoyed a large amount of business from our networking efforts.” He is currently the president of their BNI chapter. Matthew Ralphs, the Director from Safety Guide (UK) Ltd, went on to use the services of six other chapter members thanks to his relationship with Graham. “I know if you work hard on the networking element of marketing though business groups like BNI, the benefits come back to your own business. That Matthew would go on to use the services of other chapter members further enhances our credibility, for example.”

The actual design and print needed to promote the work of Safety Guide UK began through the simple but well-done printing of their certificates…and from there, more work was desired. Graham explains, “We initially started out by printing certificates for them in April 2017, but following further meetings we managed to secure all their printing products, such as T-shirts, certificates, flyers, self-inking stamps, presentation folders and most importantly, their booklets. In the last 12 months, we have provided 500,000 booklets and we anticipate in the next 12 months this will increase to 700,000. They are by far our largest customer and are a huge supporter of our business.”

Matthew Ralphs is the Director of Safety Guide (UK) Ltd, and he is enthusiastic about the future. “We have a great partnership with Graham and Minuteman Press Ashton. We are expanding our plans going forward and will be increasing production of booklets with their help.”

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He adds, “Thanks to our partnership with Graham, Ian and Jane at Minuteman Press, we have produced nearly half-a-million booklets to help promote our mission to protect and educate children. Our books help guide youth through critical themes such as road safety, internet safety, cyber-bullying and, of course, bullying in real life situations. We are providing means for mentors and parents to be tremendously impactful towards a healthier and happier tomorrow for our children. Just a few of the titles designed and printed through Minuteman Press in Ashton include ‘It Stops with You’, ‘Child Safeguarding’, ‘Drugs and Alcohol’ and ‘The Truth’.”

Matthew and Safety Guide (UK) are so encouraged by the quality production of their printed message through this partnership and the healthy response from all using their books that possibilities include international expansion.

He concludes, “Minuteman Press goes the extra mile, always, and we have built a great relationship together. I am interested in opening an American campaign, which I feel would be a great success. Plus, the quality of books and print we are able to distribute are brilliant, so there is reason to think about spreading our message further.”

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